Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freshmen: What is the What Supplements

Over the next 2 weeks, per your syllabus, you will complete several supplemental assignments related to your reading of What is the What. All of your work for this assignment should be completed, proofread and posted here as a comment. Make sure to include your name (first name last initial). Your collective responses will be graded as a quest.

Assignment A: Eggers/Deng Interview. Click here to visit the Valentino Achack Deng Foundation. Under "Book", select "Interview with Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng". Read the interview and respond to the following questions (include direct quotations): 1. Describe the unique approach to the development of the book. 2. Do you agree with the choice of format and point of view? If not, do you think the book would be more successful as a work of non-fiction?

Assignment B: CBS Interactive: Click here to visit the CBS page. Click on and explore the Interactive Icon "Struggle in Sudan" and respond to the following: 1. Identify the State Representatives from the photographs under "Darfur Outrage". 2. What is the per capita income of Sudan? How does this compare to the U.S.'s per capita income? 3. What is Sudan's population? How does this compare to the U.S. population? 4. What is the life expectancy in Sudan? How does this compare to an American's life expectancy? 5. Which countries share a border with Sudan? 6. Under "Millions Displaced", identify a photograph which captures your attention. Describe the image in detail. What is depicted? Why do you find it moving?

Assignment C: Click here to visit the Valentino Achack Deng Foundation. Click "Take Action". Read numbers 1 and 2. Click on On the top left of the page, enter your zip code to view ratings of how our state representatives have responded to the situation in Darfur. I will award a "100" quiz grade to those students who write a letter to a state representative as described on this page.

Assignment D: Visit the following sites. Each site contains photography of Sudan. Write a paragraph, citing specific examples, of how the photographs help to shape your view and understanding of Sudan.

J. Carrier (click on "Sudan")

The Big Picture

Irene Abdou

Assignment E: Time Magazine Article: Include direct quotations in your answers the following questions: 1. What do you think of Colin Powell's response to the situation in Sudan? How about Condoleeza Rice's response? How about the President's response? 2. Describe how the geological and geographical makeup of Sudan complicates the current situation. 3. Relate some of the horrifying anecdotes (particularly those of Melkha Musa Haroun), to content from What is the What.

Time Magazine Article

Assignment F: Click here to read President Obama's speech regarding Sudan. Quote at least 3 significant statements from the speech and explain your selections.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Advisory: "I Am" Poems

1. Click here. Complete a poem. Print it. Make it good- you will share it with your fellow ENS members on Friday.

2. Click here. Take the test. Have fun.

3. Click here. Check out today's best photography.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Writing and Visual Imagination: Short Stories

1. Click here to read the 5 rules of short story writing. Note each rule and describe (specifically) how you intend to abide by (or break) each rule.

2. Click here to read a different set of rules. Note each rule and describe (specifically) how you intend to abide by (or break) each rule.