Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Advisory: "I Am" Poems

1. Click here. Complete a poem. Print it. Make it good- you will share it with your fellow ENS members on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I Am

I am who I am
I wonder what it is like having parents that don't say or do random things
I hear computers sing
I see the blue screen of death
I want to be able to understand what people say or mean
I am the one who doesn't want to be seen

I pretend to get along with people I work with
I feel depressed about not being able to do what I need to do
I touch things to make them work
I worry I can't improve my-self
I cry when I can't help or get help
I am who I am

I understand I don't know everything
I say nobody knows everything when they say they do
I dream about having a chance to be famous
I try to understand problems brought to me
I hope I will get a career in my field
I am who I am

-Lauren Wefers