Wednesday, October 20, 2010

POS: Legend and Myth in Music

Read all of my directions before asking for assistance. Submit your work (as a comment) here.

PART ONE: Below you will find a list of some of the more noteworthy legends and myths of modern music history. For Part One of this assignment, you should research and summarize each incident in a well-developed paragraph. (6 paragraphs total).

Myth/Legend #1: Robert Johnson sells his soul to the devil

Myth/Legend #2: Ozzy Osbourne's taste for doves and bats

Myth/Legend #3: The mythology surrounding the Abbey Road cover

Myth/Legend #4: Bob Dylan goes electric

Myth/Legend #5: Research on your own and choose your favorite

Myth/Legend #6: The mythology presented in the Sgt. Pepper cover (click here). Identify and summarize the notariety of 3 individuals whom you recognize and 3 individuals of whom you are ignorant.

Make sure that your sources are legitimate. Remember- any information that you gain from any source is not yours. You must cite your sources using MLA format. Use the links on this blog to assist in your citations. Keep in mind that the 30 other students in your class will uncover much of the same information, so in order to separate yourself from the pack you must focus on authoritative sources, excellent writing, detail, and proper citations.

For MLA documentation assistance, click here.

PART TWO: Use 3 different Website Evaluation Guides (linked below) to validate 3 of the web pages cited in your work above. Complete and print these guides and turn them in.

Schrock's Evaluation

University of Maryland Evaluation

University of California at Berkeley Evaluation

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seniors: The Kite Runner Frontloading

Part A (quiz): Click here to visit the CIA's World Fact Book. Peruse the site and respond to the following questions 
(due as a comment to this post by midnight October 29).

1. What are the top eight agricultural products? What product is #1? 
2. What is the life expectancy rate? What is the infant mortality rate? What deeper issues are typically reflected in these statistics?
3. How many kilometers of coastline does Afghanistan possess? How might this number have contributed to the country's history?
4. Identify the transnational issues that Afghanistan faces. 
5. Construct a thesis statement that encapsulates the essence of the Afghan nation (both its assets and its challenges). 

Part B (quiz): Click her to visit The Boston Globe's "The Big Picture: Afghanistan". View each photograph (use your judgement for the objectionable pieces) and read the corresponding footnotes. Choose the most powerful image to prompt a piece of fiction. Write a descriptive passage that embodies the "show vs. tell" technique we have discussed in class (due as a comment to this post by midnight Halloween).

Part C (quiz): Article: "Hazaras: Afghanistan's Outsiders" (9 pages). Produce a thesis statement that encapsulates the author's message and illuminates the deeper meaning of the text (due as a comment to this post by midnight Halloween).

Part D (quiz): Click here to view the Frontline Program: "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan". Take notes and prepare for a Discussion Facilitation regarding this topic.

Extra Credit: A quiz grade of 100 will be awarded for comprehensive notes for the Frontline Program: "The War Briefing"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shakespeare and Predestination

As we study William Shakespeare and read Romeo and Juliet in class, consider the following prompt: The concept of predestination is reflected in the work of Shakespeare. The lives of men and women are "mapped out in the stars", and attempts to transcend or disrupt this order, or chain of being, only lead to tragedy. Does belief in predestination exist in some form today? Do we subscribe to a similar or different philosophy? How does predestination relate to, or conflict with, the "American Dream"? How might you categorize the belief systems of our world today? Do you believe that your destiny is mapped out for you, or do you think that you control your own fate? (3-5 paragraphs; due via post and hard copy Thursday, 10-21).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

POS: Reflections of Popular Culture in Music

"As the music is, so are the people of the country." Turkish Proverb

Type your response to the following prompt as a Word document and be sure to proofread and edit before you paste and post. You will be assessed using the Short Essay Response Rubric.

Check either Billboard or Rolling Stone for the current list of America's top 50 songs. Choose at least 3 songs; avoid any songs you are very familiar with. Listen/study the lyrics to the selected songs. Consider the subject matter, content and point of view of today's top songs and identify lines which contain poetic merit. What do these songs, as a whole, say about our modern American culture? In particular, what do these songs say about your generation as the greatest consumers of music media? How are gender roles represented in popular music? How is success measured?