Monday, October 28, 2013

Journalism: Magazine Analysis

Complete the following tasks and include the following information in a post (to your blog) entitled "Magazine Analysis."

1. Select a 100 word passage and use the Fry's readability formula to evaluate the grade level of your magazine's language. Put the results in context.

2. Tabulate the ratio of content pages to advertising pages. What does this ratio say about your magazine?

3. Compare your results with those of other students at your table. What does this comparison say about your magazine? Put its level in context.

4. Create a profile of this magazine's prototypical target reader. Consider age, gender, reading level, interests, values, socioeconomic status, etc..

Monday, October 7, 2013

Journalism: 10-7 Class Work

1. Before you leave class today, Mr. Kefor needs to confirm that you have developed a data collection design (interview questions, survey forms, etc.) for your data-driven journalism piece.

2. As a comment here, describe your current understanding of the global achievement gap. Do you think that America is behind? Why/why not?

3. As a comment here, offer Ripley's thesis (after reading).

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Keenan's Article

Congratulations to Keenan Coffey for being published in The Sun Chronicle. Click here to visit.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journalism: 10-1

Before you start: please be sure that you have an active, current email tied to your Edline account.


Copy and paste the following data collection methodologies into Word. Begin by constructing a research question for each of the following topics. Discuss, with specificity, how each research question might be framed and approached as a qualitative quantitative endeavor. Paste the results in your final comment posted here. Below is a sample answer in italics.


1.       Teachers’ correcting workloads

2.       Student attitudes concerning Edline

3.       Attitudes concerning the school renovations

4.       Students’ political affiliations

5.       How students choose electives

6.       How seating charts affect academic performance

7.     Try it for your topic!

Favorite NHS athletic team to root for: Research question: What autumn athletic team draws the most fan attendance? A qualitative approach may include interviews with students not currently involved in seasonal athletics (to avoid bias), and determine conclusions based upon the reasoning provided by the sample population; a quantitative approach may include the researcher’s effort to count the number of fans for a game of each sport for several weeks, ultimately examining the ratio between the number of athletic participants and the number of fans.


There were no complete responses to Friday’s class work. Revisit the directions and submit any components that you missed on Friday.
PART C: Develop your research question and find sources for Thursday's class work.