Monday, October 7, 2013

Journalism: 10-7 Class Work

1. Before you leave class today, Mr. Kefor needs to confirm that you have developed a data collection design (interview questions, survey forms, etc.) for your data-driven journalism piece.

2. As a comment here, describe your current understanding of the global achievement gap. Do you think that America is behind? Why/why not?

3. As a comment here, offer Ripley's thesis (after reading).


Matt's Journalism Blog said...

2) I do not think that America is actually behind in education. The reason for this is because Students in China, for example, only have to go to school until they are 15, so the average of their upper echelon of high school students is compared to a wide variety of students in America.

Sean Mathews said...

I understand that there is a current fear that America is "losing" the battle when it comes to student intelligence. Based on standardized tests, high intelligence jobs, and our education system, it's clear that other countries have surpassed the US, but I do not believe we are "behind" as a society just based off of test scores.

Levi Kahn said...

a) The global education gap is growing greater every year as American students fall further and further behind international students. Simply put, more time is put in by Chinese and Indian students to their studies than is put in by American students. Also, more money is put into American high school sports than is put in to the education of its students, compounding the lack of time spent studying by American students and creating a huge gap between the international students and the American students.

b) The Atlantic article entitled 'How Sports are Ruining High School' shows how much more money is spent on athletics at the high school level than is spent on education. This decision not to spend as much money as possible on its students is what the author considers as "ruining high school".

Matt's Journalism Blog said...

3) Ripley's Thesis: The author believes that students in America spend far too much time on sports compared to other countries, and that this is responsible for the education gap with foreign nations.

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