Wednesday, June 15, 2011

POS: Presentation Framework for Monday

Create a Word document and respond to the following questions. Your responses should serve as your "note card" for your blog presentation on Monday.

1. What is your theme-genre? How did you arrive at this decision? What inspired you?

2. Describe your research, work time, and progression in terms of sources, artists, subject matter, and logistics.

3. Describe how your writing has evolved or progressed over the semester. What writing tools or habits, learned in this course, will you carry forth in your academic career? How might writing about music aid you in other areas of written expression?*

4. Describe the experience of focusing on one (theme-genre) project for a period of 5 months. How can this long-term experience translate to other aspects of your life?

5. How would you describe your knowledge of music world before this course? What artists or songs have impacted you?

6. Which piece of writing do you identify as being your strongest? Why? What elements of this successful piece might transfer to your future writing? Paste an excerpt from this piece to read to the class.

7. Which piece of writing do you identify as being your weakest? Why? how might you change your approach to enhance your future writing?

8. Did you like the experience of using a blog to store and present your work? Or would you prefer another method of presentation?

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