Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walden: Jigsaw Assignments

1. Economy (Anderson, Clark, Woodworth, DaSilva)
2. Where I Lived, & What I Lived for (Barrette, Wry)
3. Reading (Brown, Cardone)

4. Sounds (Fairbairn)
5. Solitude (Germano)
6. Visitors (Goldberg)
7. The Bean-Field (Hynes)
8. The Village (Kennedy)
9. The Ponds: Parts A - B (Keough)
10. Baker Farm (Kiley)
11. Higher Laws (Korona)
12. Brute Neighbors (Lynch)
13. House-Warming (MacGray)
14. Former Inhabitants; & Winter Visitors (Maia)
15. Winter Animals (Morse)
16. The Pond in Winter (Ready, Ready)
17. Spring (Silva, Silver)
18. Conclusion (Travers, Weaver)

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