Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blog Work: Interdisciplinary Arts 2-28

Please complete the following tasks by the end of today’s lab session. Submit your responses as a comment here. It is wise to complete and save this work in Word in case you encounter technical glitches when posting your work.

1. In a short paragraph, reflect upon your paper bag block-in thus far. What do you need to do to perfect today’s block-in and move toward building value?

2. Visit Mr. Kefor’s art blog and view the “Edging” YouTube link (10 minutes). Comment on: a) instruction that echoes content from our course; b) new take-aways from the clip.

3. On Mr. Kefor’s art blog and view the “Richard Morris” link (5 minutes). Comment on: a) demonstration that echoes content from our course; b) new take-aways from the clip.

4. Use your favorite search engine to peruse the internet for images of paper bag drawings. Choose one that displays exemplary block-in technique, well-developed values, and proper edging. Copy and paste this image into Word and print a non-pixellated copy to tape to your drawing board as reference/inspiration. Paste the image’s url here as confirmation of your work.

If you have extra time, visit some of the other art links on Mr. Kefor’s blog.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

G Block: Scavenger Hunt

1. Visit Edline and sort your vocabulary list so that only list 10 is visible. Choose a word from words 5-7. Compose a sentence that conveys your understanding of the word.

2. On Edline, locate the list of poetic and literary devices for freshmen. Select a term that we have not covered yet this year. Make a connection (one sentence) between this term and a piece of literature we have read. Be speciifc.

Click here to view a quick interview with Jeanette Walls. Describe Rosemary's paintings to verify your viewing.

4. Visit Locate The Glass Castle. Read through the customer reviews and locate one highly favorable and 1 scathing review. Copy the reviews, correct them for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and paste them as your fourth response.

5. Review the rubric attached to your Poetry Test. Find your average response score and read the language that corresponds with your score. Then, look at the language in the category directly above your average score. Compose a paragraph that addresses the criteria that you need to focus on in order to improve your writing on future assessments. Use direct quotations from the rubric.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

English 3-H: Young Goodman Brown

Allegories are stories in which all superficial representations are operating as symbols. Analyze Hawthorne's use of allegory, symbolism and motif(s) within the story. Be sure to identify all of the notable instances of symbolism and motif, exploring the relationships among them while critiquing their effectiveness.

Produce a sharp, point-dense paragraph.