Sunday, March 9, 2014

G Block English I: Class-work for Monday, 3-10

Locate your To Kill a Mockingbird notes and book. Today, I am asking you to focus on the distinctions that exist within the range of a particular device. In other words, how can we subdivide Lee's use of a given device? Shakespeare, for example, conjured celestial and fatalistic imagery in order to achieve varying effects on his audience. 

1. Select 2 prominent devices employed by Lee (imagery, characterization, colloquialism, etc.)

2. Using quote integration techniques with textual excerpts, pinpoint the distinctions within device types in paragraph form. You should compose 2 paragraphs in all, with each paragraph dissecting at least 2 variations (2 modifiers) of the given term. Consider what derivation is used, how it is used, and why it is used. If you would like to see a model, click on the comments below (from D block). Obviously, I don't want you to mimic someone else's work, but looking at these should help you understand what the final product should look like. 

I have jury duty today- if you have any questions or get stuck, you can email me- I may or may not be able to use my phone to respond. 


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Dramatizing the setting and sense of realism in To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee uses vivid characterization, rich imagery, and intricate symbolism to weave an original novel characteristic of Harper Lee’s writing styles.

In many different fashions, Lee molds the characters with both direct and indirect characterizations. She creates people that are tangible and three-dimesnional despite the boundaries of the written page. Scout is characterized as the typical tom-boy with multiple facets of generosity battling with selfishness; girliness clashing with the overwhelming urge to fit in with Jem and Dill. Meanwhile, Jem is a dynamic character, fluid and changing, playing both the role of concerned older brother and reckless child.

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