Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creative Writing: Class Work for 2-26

1. Access “The Plot Sickens” document posted to our Edline page. Read the document and reflect on a) the author’s criticisms of young contemporary writers and b) how your free-write either substantiates, or deviates from, her claim. 

2. Submit your final free-write as a new post to your blog. Below your free-write, offer a paragraph reflection in response to the prompt:  how does your free-write product either substantiate or deviate from the author’s claim regarding the tendencies and flaws of young writers? Include quotes from the Edline piece to assert that you've read and thought carefully. Please title the post: “The Plot Sickens: Free-write & Reflection.” 

3. Please use the remainder of your time to link your peers to your blog if you have not yet done so. Then, visit your peers’ blogs and offer feedback (via comment) to their Self-Deprecation pieces. 

HW: be sure that today’s submission is posted to your blog for grading.

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