Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zombieland: Film as Literature

Compose a 4 paragraph response (introduction; parody; satire; conclusion) to the following prompt:

Is Zombieland a satire and/or a parody? What elements of the film qualify as such?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Film as Literature: "Life is Beautiful" & The Walking Dead

How does the film (“Life is Beautiful”) either live up to or fall short of its title? Explain.

Select 3 moments or scenes from the film that scaffold up to the emotional impact of its resolution. How do these scenes contribute to the audience’s emotional response?

Would the impact of the film have changed if Guido Orifice had survived? Would you have preferred this? Why or why not?

Click here to read 2 articles regarding zombie economics: ARTICLE 1; ARTICLE 2. Do you buy (pun fully intended) the link between economics and zombies? Defend your claim, which should include integrated quotations from the articles.

How does the expositional treatment of The Walking Dead pilot differ from the foundation of many other forms of storytelling? How is it the same?

The allure of horror- with its gore and violence- only lasts so long. What storytelling features do you think maintain The Walking Dead's profound and widespread following? Explain.