Monday, June 15, 2015

Creative Writing: Picture Perfect Winners

1. Brooklynn Porter's "That Looks Dope"
2. Kerri Weber's "August in NewYork"
3. Nicholas Joyce's "Wispy Fog"
4. Hannah Patalano's "Walk Through the Mountains"
5. Kaylin McMahon's "Her Words"
6. Alison Whitman's "A Shriveled Toothless Creature"

Monday, June 8, 2015

Film as Literature: Alien Film List

If an alien asked you to compile a list of films that represent the breadth and depth of human experience, which movies would you include? Why would you select those movies?

Objective: Students will compose an annotated list (10+) of landmark films. Students should include at least one film from our Film as Literature offerings.

Consider: How does each film selection reflect an essential aspect of the human experience? How can you justify each selection? What thematic elements reinforce their value? Your annotations should defend your selection and articulate the themes and nuances that make your film so valuable.

Assessment: You will submit your annotated list as a blog comment to this post. Your teacher will focus on how you defend and articulate your selections and the depth of your reasoning. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Film as Literature: Dystopias Part 2

1. Consider The Truman Show as compared to our previous Dystopian films. Which is more representative of a true dystopia- a visible totalitarian force or an invisible orchestration of control? In other words, which is scarier- a force you can see or a force you cannot? Defend your claim.

2. Do you think that the level and extent of invasiveness exemplified in The Truman Show is possible? Is there evidence of this type of fixation in media today?