Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hello, students. Here you will find an amalgam of assignments, prompts, questions, thoughts, ramblings, links, and related images. I would like to use this site as an extension of both edline and our classroom. Your syllabus will be your guide; if it leads you here, remember several things: 1. Never trust a computer. Save all of your work. Save it again. Back it up. 2. Always be respectful and appropriate. 3. Avoid "webspeak"- if we continue to abbreviate everything, our language will dwindle and our individuality will suffer. 4. Extra credit for those of you who identify my linguistic errors first. 5. Label and title all of your work clearly, formally and fully (name, block, date, etc.).

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Kefore,

i just wanted to respond to #3, the "webspeak", i have found that i never use "webspeak." when ever i talk to my BFFLs online im like "NTY" to webspeak, i mean who in their right mind uses WS when they are writing an essay for HW. i have to go to the bathromm, BRB.
k, bac. well i GTG post more comments. ill TTYL Mr.Kefor CYA, lol

-Brian Bettencourt