Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Writing and Visual Imagination

You are now completing your concept-folios. Please respond to the following questions:

1. What is your name? What grade are you in? What concept will you be presenting?
2. In hindsight, did you choose a strong concept? Did it hold your attention for the entire semester? If not, how might you alter it to make it more engaging?
3. What concept-related advice can you offer my incoming students? What have you learned from the process that may help them?
4. Have you discovered any valuable resources, links, or books? Please list at least three resources here.
5. I am considering a requirement for future Writing and Visual Imagination students: concept-folios will be posted, as students progress, on student-created blogs. This will allow for teacher and peer interaction throughout the course. It will also provide another realm in which work may be saved, linked, shared, and developed. What are you feelings regarding this new requirement? If this new requirement were to replace another component, which component might you choose? Why?
6. Visit at least two other teacher or administrator blogs and offer a comment on a post of your choice.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1.My name is Maddie Davern, I'm a sophmore, and my concept is passion.
2. The concept I chose is strong, and it has held my attention.
3. Incoming students shouldn't procrastonate because if they do then they'll end up being overwhelmed with things to do.
4. I've found most of my images by doing a Google Image Search, so that's probably a pretty good resource.
5. I'd replace the community interaction with the blog because the blog could be counted as their community interaction.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Forman.
12th grade
Concept: The Dichotomy of Romance

2.In hindsight, I chose a very strong concept. I think that my concept held my attention for the entire semester because it was very interesting to research about and it would also draw attention to many people that are looking at my concept folio.
3.Doing the concept folio made people go in depth in learning about a specific concept and will know everything about it.
4.Resources such as Elibrary, and many types of literature books about romance helped me look and find out an abundance of information about Romance.
5.I think the new idea is really good regarding peer interaction. It will help the incoming students to have a feel about writing and visual inspiration class.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Olivia and I am a Senior here at NHS. The concept I am presenting to my Visual Class is Fashion.

2. I think I could have honestly found something that had more to it, but in the beginning it is what I wanted to do my concept folio on. Towards the end of the semester, I started to lose interest in my topic and didn't do much research up until before it was due. Pick something you LOVE!

3. Some of my advice to working successfully on your concept would be to first choose a topic that interests you and you can find alot of information about. Secondly, follow the due dates to your narratives and critiques so that you are ahead of the game and won't be lagging behind. Also, do not put this project off till the last minute!! I did a little bit, but not as bad as others that I have heard about; I gradually did things piece by piece to get them finished in time for the big due date. Your folio will look better if you give it attention and buy certain materials to make it look acceptable and nice(: Although it's not required, it's just a tip if you are crafty and like to get into that kind of stuff. Have fun with your c.folio.

4. The most valuable resources that I had found during my research would have to be the internet websites only because my concept is so out there now and all over the web.

5. I feel that you should have the choice to create a blog or a forum because some people like those type of things and some don't. I think it should be helpful to make a blog so that your classmates can check out your concept easier and fast. It is just one way to demonstrate the hard work you put into your concept during the semester.


Anonymous said...

1- Vanessa Corkery gr.12 concept change
2- I think that I chose a strong concept that held my interest and attention throughout the semester.
3- It is good to not procrastinate so you don’t have all of the work piled on in the end, you have a whole semester to do the concept folio and there’s no need that it shouldn’t be done on time, there is more than enough time to complete it and get a good grade for the semester. It may be easier to of course save all of your work but save some on the school server so you’ll have something to work with or edit incase you happen to forget something at home during a class time so you’ll at least have something to work with during class and get something done for your concept folio rather than nothing.
4- www.wikipedia.org , google images
5- I think that is a good idea since as your work progresses throughout the semester you get advice to improve your concept folio and you may even get a better grade than if the concept folios were not blogged by each student. There may be in the end a result of better grades and happier students that passed with a higher grade for the semester than they expected.

Anonymous said...

My name is Andrea Giglio, I’m in ninth grade and I chose beauty as my concept.
When I chose beauty I thought it would be a good concept because there’s plenty of artwork and critiques about beauty, so it wouldn’t be that hard to find images and writing for my concept folio. However, once I started working on my concept I realized that beauty was too broad. If I wanted to make my concept more engaging I would’ve chose a more specific concept, rather than beauty in whole.
To any incoming students, I would suggest that you work on your concept folio periodically and regularly so you don’t rush at the last minute trying to put everything together. I wish now that I had done that, because I still have a lot of things left to finish.
Most all of my images, existing critiques, and personal critiques have benefited from books in the library.
I think having a blog as part of the concept folio would be a good idea because that way, students can keep track of when things are due, so they won’t fall behind. If the blog was to replace one of the components on the concept folio, I think it should replace the assignment regarding Plato and Tolstoy.

Kayla said...

1. Kayla Hindle, grade 11, The Art of Nature
2. Yes, I did choose a strong concept because there is a plethora of art related to nature and I never tired of looking for beautiful pictures.
3. This may sound cliché, but DON’T wait until the last minute to shove it all together. I am the world’s worst procrastinator and after Mr. Kefor’s stopped designated periodic due dates for specific assignments, I kind of let the concept-folio fade into the background, and focused more on homework and projects for other classes. Definitely look at the whole assignment ahead of time and set your own due dates, in addition to the teacher’s.
4. I used The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich to find one of my existing critiques. Good websites: http://moma.org/, http://www.metmuseum.org/, http://www.mfa.org/.
5. My initial reaction to this requirement was that it might be overkill or ineffective. However, if the students are conscientious about updating their own blogs and checking each other’s, it could turn out to a valuable resource. One component I would suggest replacing would be the examinations. It’s extra writing (we were assigned 10 images and 12 writing pieces), and it’s probably the most difficult one.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jordan
11th Grade
Concept: The Perception of Fear

2.I am very pleased with my concept. It was nice stepping out of my ordinary writing style and taking of different approach.
3.If I were to offer any advice to incoming students it would be to take advantage of library/computer lab time. A lot of work is involved in the process of making the concept folio throughout the semester and going to the library time is given so that work decreases. Do work in the library and computer lab.
4.I found that amazon.com works well for citing literature sources that are needed for your concept folio.
5.I feel the new requirement of having to post the concept folio on a blog would be a lot easier than keeping all your papers together in a binder. If this were to replace a component I would want it to be the art examination with quotes from Tolstoy and Plato. I feel this would be best removed because we received the What is art? packet during the first few classes and I no longer have it so I feel other students would not be able to hold onto it for a semester.

Anonymous said...

1.) Hey! My name is Lauren Southworth, I am a senior at NHS, and my concept for my folio is The Sands of Time. My overall concept encompasses the passage of time, modes of keeping track of time and the fact that time is infinitive.

2.) I believe I did pick a concept that I really enjoy and it has held my attention throughout the semester. I started thinking of songs and lyrics that I really loved and then tried to find a theme relating to the lyrics.

3.) My only advice would be not to wait to the last minute to build your concept folio, even though I am a hypocrite in saying that. Also, write down your ideas as they come to you, because in three weeks you will not remember the name of the artist or where you found that painting online.

4.) I think museum websites such as MoMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, mfa Boston, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum are very helpful.

5.) I think that creating a blog would be a good aspect for a project like this. I would however eliminate the community involvement requirement since I think this part of the folio is forced and no true community involvement is actually taking place.

6.) I posted on Stuco’s blog and Mrs. Lafayette’s blog about Amir’s character.

Lauren Southworth

Anonymous said...

Brandon Bessette

My name is Brandon Bessette, I am a senior, and my concept is Mind Body and Soul.
 I think that my concept can be strong in many different ways, It did hold my attention for the semester but I should have done more earlier.
 For the incoming students do not wait to do it you wont have enough time and it won’t be as good as you want it to be. Also get the hard stuff out of the way like the start with you table of contents and make it organized and the community interaction; get it done early it’s a pain. What I learned was that be creative and make it your own way this way it keeps you interested in the concept.
 A good resource is the books especially if your looking for pictures.
 I think that the blog is a good idea and it is a little easier but you probably wont always have the computer lab in school to work on it so when you do work hard.

Anonymous said...

1. I am Emily Medeiros, I am in the 12th grade. My concept is fantasy and imagination.

2. I really do not think that I chose a really strong concept because there aren’t many legitimate works of art that support it. However, I chose a concept that interests me, so I am happy I chose it. It did, as a matter of fact, hold my interest for the semester because I came across new pieces of art that I found to be quite interesting.

3. For starters, do a little research before you choose a concept. I thought there would be a plethora of images to support fantasy and imagination, but I was misguided. I should have looked ahead of time to see if my concept would be strong. If I have learned one thing, it is that I shouldn’t have been so lazy when it comes to this class because as much as it is fun, it is a lot of work at the same time.

4. Google was my best friend for this project. All’s you have to do is type in your concept followed by artwork or paintings and up come some valuable images. Also, the Norton high school library had some valuable books that helped me to gather some ideas.

5. Personally, I am not a big fan of technology, so I think this requirement would be bothersome to your incoming class, epically seniors. Many people will complain that it is too much work, or they don’t understand; I would. However, if this requirement were to replace another, it would probably have to replace the two page reflection outlining the concept-folio conception, process and results. Because it counts as a final exam, the reflection could be eliminated, and the blog, rather, could count as the final.

Anonymous said...

1. My name is Samantha Varney. I am currently a junior. I will be presenting my concept on nature.
2. I struggled throughout the semester to find a strong concept. I feel that the one I have committed to is very strong and managed to hold my attention.
3. I would advise the incoming students to keep up with their work and not fall behind, that way they don’t have to squeeze everything in last minute. I have learned that by choosing a concept that I am interested in, it has helped me to do my work and made it a lot easier and less boring.
4. Most of my resources were from books in the school library and websites.
5. Regarding the new requirement, I think it is a good idea. Along with all of the positive things listed, I believe that it will also help to keep students on track. If this new requirement were to replace another component, I would choose the examinations. I found this part of the concept-folio challenging and time-consuming.

Anonymous said...

 My name is Brandon Bessette, I am a senior, and my concept is Mind Body and Soul.
 I think that my concept can be strong in many different ways, It did hold my attention for the semester but I should have done more earlier.
 For the incoming students do not wait to do it you wont have enough time and it won’t be as good as you want it to be. Also get the hard stuff out of the way like the start with you table of contents and make it organized and the community interaction; get it done early it’s a pain. What I learned was that be creative and make it your own way this way it keeps you interested in the concept.
 A good resource is the books especially if your looking for pictures.
 I think that the blog is a good idea and it is a little easier but you probably wont always have the computer lab in school to work on it so when you do work hard.
Brandon Bessette

Anonymous said...

Aliya N Little

Goodbye. I have been trying to get up the courage to say it and finally I did. It hurt so much letting go but I didn’t let go of a person, I let go of all the wishes and dreams I had. I gave up on believing that one day they’d wake up from where ever they were and come home and tell me they love me. I gave up on setting the table for five again, so we could just be a family. I gave up on them and finally I gave myself a chance just to finally be happy.
I’ll never forget that night. I was lying in my bed and I heard a crash. I got up went to the door and peeked in through the key whole. You were their mommy was their and memories died their. All at the same time everything was gone.
Bang. Mommy hits the floor, a loud yell, some screams. You called her a slut and whore and then said it was all her fault. After that you left her their; walk into the closet and got your stuff. I watched as my mommy’s blood hit the bottom of my sleeper. I watched as the lonely tear that had been sitting on my cheek had fallen. I also knew nothing would ever be the same. You then came out said some more mean things, and walk out on her. You didn’t realize that you were walking out on me too. I saw you get into your car and watched as you drove away. I sat in that window every night hoping that one day you would return to me daddy. I knew in my heart you would save me. When you left that night I went in the room and mommy wasn’t there. All that lied their was a pool of blood. Mommy saw me snapped at me to go to bed, and then I heard her car leave. Nick came into the room and told me everything would be okay but even at five I knew it wouldn’t. I had just lost my parents in one fellow swoop and it killed me inside.
It killed me inside to know my parents didn’t love me. I would lie awake and cry all night and think about what could I have done to make them love me. I hated my mother at first then my father. Mostly I hated myself. I hated the fact that I knew even if they came back which they would never do, I would open my arms and embrace them like nothing happen, like they never broke my heart to the core. I would’ve given everything to have them back. Truthfully I didn’t want my mom back. I knew my mom blamed me for everything but my dad I knew he love me or least I thought he did. My dad will never know the pain of sitting in the window and hoping and praying with all that is you that you would come home. Years went by and still I sat in that window. I missed out on so much just waiting for him.
I dug the whole and put the shoebox of all the memories of that night in it. I buried my memories, I buried my pain, I buried my daddy.

Aliya N Little's Story

Jacqueline said...

Dear Vis/Im students!
Keef-uh asked me as sort of a class alum to advise you on the creations of concept-foliage. He also asked me to look at/comment his blog. I'd say I just killed a whole flock with one stone.

I've just taken a slight peek at all of your concepts, and some of them I've seen done 92487 times, others are really quite original, Lauren, I especially like your concept: the passage of time.

Although it's been beaten into your heads with this assignment, and with others, and though you know it because you're born to know it: don't procrastinate.

My conceptfolio, if I remember correctly, took me about 100 actual hours to do. I barely ever worked on it in class, and I didn't really get serious about it until March. (I took it last semester) GRANTED: I kind of went above and beyond. The list called for 30 images, only ten had to be shown, 20 listed, but I actually showed all 30 images. Plus, if you've seen my cover (I did vanity), then you'll also know it took some extra work in the hardware department. (That, ps. Was so much better in theory)
But also, I had at least 5 drafts of check lists. What you really should do, is make a list on a piece of paper, title it whatever your concept is, and go down the list: "Page one, page two, etc" then label what each page was. For example, mine was like
Page One: Image 1
Page Two: Table of Contents
Page three: Image 2
Page for: Narrative 1
And so on and so fourth. Then, I made another list of all my images and where I found them.
Believe it or not, the school library has some really great books from different places. I forget what they're called, but there's a big pink book and a matching big orange one. There's also a lot of great Asian and Italian art. Just because the cover doesn't seem like it will have anything, doesn't mean the book won't. Search through each page. That's something great to do while socializing in class.

You don't have to make the formal log at first, that should be last. But you should try and just jot down how much time that day you spent working on it, just for reference later.

The lists change. They get longer, better, and things get switched around.

My advice as far as narratives go:
Sometimes, they're really tough to do. What I suggest for some of you that can't think of a story from seeing an image, do it backwards. Type up a story that could be relevent for your concept. For example, if my concept was time, like Lauren's..I would just write about whatever I wanted, like "One day 5 watches went outside together, unfortunately it was too hot and they all melted, oh no." And then, if my story was cool enough, I would find a picture to go with it. You don't know how amazing google can be until you get specific. (Kudos to anyone who knows what picture I was referencing just then btw)

Also, the thing I found hardest was the critiquing. I ended up doing those in study. What I suggest, if you find you don't exactly know HOW to do it..go back to that list of vocab words he should have given you, and borrow a couple of his art magazines. In the back, there should be some critiques. Who knows, you may be able to find one that's relevent to your concept, and if you copy it, Keef might let you count it as one of your critiques. Just notice how they're writing. Talk about the technicality of the art. What it looks like they did, then in the next paragraph write what it does to you emotionally. What do you think the artist meant to say when he painted it?

Your conceptfolio is not meant to be a burden, it's like scrapbooking. Hardcore. Scrapbooking isn't about a bunch of pictures, that's a photo album. Scrapbooking is centered around a main idea, and you pluck every kind of art you possibly can related to it and put it together in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Like I said, I didn't start until almost three months into the class, and what I was forced to produce during classtime, I never ended up using.
What you need to do is find a way to make your project unique, and once you do that..get some interest. I remember going up to the public library with a friend, and sitting on the floor for hours just looking at art. It's a relaxing time.
What I realized was that the conceptfolio was not a project, but it became like a hobby. And I honestly miss it. Because when I pick up hobbies, I tend to drop them, but this one, I wasn't allowed to.

If you're not a creative person, find SOMETHING that you like, and incorporate that into whatever you're doing.

For those of you who can't seem to get working, or know you're going to save it all until the last minute, let me suggest to you what you SHOULD save.
Save either the decoration of the cover until last minute (because it's not as important), or your list of 20 images (they're easy to find). Tackle whatever's hard.
What I did was I walked around with a 60 cent folder with plastic sheets inside every day. And as time went on, I would print something out and put it in the folder, and I didn't end up putting it all in the actual binder until the night before. Whatever you can do..just always be thinking about what you're gonna do next.

I know this was long, but I'm sorry. I actually really miss doing my concept-folio.

OH, and ps. Because I know this question comes up a lot:
Should you REALLY do two folios?

Well, Kefor's REALLY adament about it, because there ARE in fact students that try VERY hard to get their conceptfolios back.

I, of course, did not do two. Although, it doesn't matter because HALF of the stuff I did was saved onto my computer (though my parents were mad because they wanted to see it), but I obviously spent so much time making the perfect one, why would I want to waste my time, money, and ink on creating one exactly like it only to take up space in my home?
If that's what YOU'RE thinking as well? Then I suggest not doing it (sorry Keef). I know myself. Granted, right now, and maybe at the beginning of school, and a couple of times during the summer, I wanted it back (I think I'll pay it a visit on Monday), I'm not really emotional about it (though I don't know how I'll do once I leave high school, if I'll forget all about it, or if I'll actually need it).
Though, for those of you who save projects that they're proud of after you get them back, for those of you who are very sentimental; you take a lot of pictures, you enjoy scrapbooking, or collecting tickets to events you went to..things like that, I suggest if you have enough time to definitely make a second one.
If all of your work (most of mine was) is on the computer, then I really really wouldn't worry too much about it.

If any of you have any more questions or any thoughts on the conceptfolio, the class itself, Mr. Kefor as an accredited teacher..feel free to comment back, or even come up and ask me at school or something, I really won't mind helping even if I don't know you.

I hope I DID help some of you though, those of you who have yet to take the class,
and those of you who seriously need kicks in the butt right now.

D-Mart said...

1. D-Mart, gr. 11, The Evolution of the Art of War.

2. My concept was great, and it provided me with plenty of useful subject matter over the course.

3. Procrastination is fine in this course. That's a joke. Laugh. Seriously though, spread this out over the whole semester. Trust me.

4. Google image search was helpful, as was Wikipedia. Amazon can be great for finding references as well.

5. This new requirement is wayyyyyy better than the Plato / Tolstoy one. Not a fan of that one.

lenny said...

1. My name is Christopher Jay Lenihan and am in 10th grade. I have chose the concept of identity.

2. I do not feel that I choose a very strong concept. I feel that if I took more time to research a concept I could of found a better one. It did not hold my attention for the entire semester. I have switched my concept a couple times. If I could of altered this I would of choose one concept the for the whole semester.

3. To incoming students taking this course I would recommend that you start this project as soon as you get it and not wait until the last minute to start it like me. Two weeks before this project was due I remembered I had a lot to do and decided to start on putting everything together then and really did a lot of work on a snow day.

4. One website I would recommend is art.com. It helped me find lots of pictures that I have used for my concept folio.

5. I feel that the blog has been a lot of help for me and would be a lot better as a requirement. I am using my blog for my community interaction. I would remove the Tolstoy and Plato critiques that you are making use write. They are very hard to do.

cam said...

Mr. Kefor spread the word on my blog, its called senioritus but has nothing to do with it. Its merely a blog... but i still want comments on things so i am asking for an advertisement in your blog which is of course one of the originals.

Cam M.