Monday, February 4, 2008

Seniors: Research Paper Topics

Per your syllabus, please post your research topic and primary source book here.


Rachael Maggiani said...

My topic is either going to be politics in Afghanistan, as portrayed in "A Thousand Splendid Suns", or poverty in Middle Eastern countries as portrayed in "The Kite Runner"/ "A Thousand Splendid Suns". I would like to do the second one, but I don't think the books focus enough on poverty to be able to have a sufficient amount of information.

Anonymous said...

My topic will consist of researching the topic of privacy, or the lack there of in America. My topic will also include a comparison to George Orwell's "1984", and how we as a country are becoming more and more like the people of Oceania, and are surrendering our rights to the government.

~John Ricca
Period E

Anonymous said...

My topic is going to be how the poverty in middle eastern affects the stability in there mind setting. As portrayed in "The Kite Runner".

Alicia Scanlan
Block D

Anonymous said...

My topic will be very much the same as John Ricca's and the very same book as well.

~Brian Bettencourt

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Bryant
Period D

I'm thinking of doing my research paper on Redemption as shown through the novel, "The Kite Runner".

John Cunniff said...

My topic is life under the Taliban regime, and I will relate it to "The Kite Runner."

Anonymous said...

My topic encompasses researching modern day propoganda, and anti-government propoganda, then comparing it to the world that Orwell has painted for us. Showing how this fantasy civilization is really not that far off.

Ryan Kok

J BLISS said...

My topic will relate to politics in the kite runner and how they relate to politics in the U.S.

Justin Bliss

Anonymous said...

My topic is going to be, Manipulation of Masses of People: Orwell's Vision Becomes a Reality. I'm going to make comparisons between Nazi Germany, Aryan civilization and Communism.

Jordan Penney
Period: D

Courtney Gallagher said...

For my Senior research paper, I plan on using redemption, and the idea of having to make ethical decisions in tough situations, which is exemplified in "The Kite Runner."

Pipes said...

My topic for my reserach paper will involve "Romeo and Juliet" and erranged marriages, and how difficult it can be to go through with something that serious, but yet out of your owns hands.

Anonymous said...

My topic will be the depiction of afghan culture and governent to the ideas portrayed within the Kite Runner

Eric Olson
Class E

Melissa Graham Block: D said...

My Research paper Topic: "How the Aftermath of physiological exploitation in a young child; like Shorab, a physically, mentally, and emotionally abused child of Afghanistan’s crooked regime, can effects their psychosomatic health years after the brutality is broken off. In the novel "The Kite Runner" this Physiological corruption is portrayed in this young Afghan child.”

Anonymous said...

My research paper will focus on: How the U.S. Forest Service’s true nature is not to save the forests, but is a front to extract minerals and resources from the land to benefit the mining and logging companies. As portrayed in Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods.

Lauren Southworth

Anonymous said...

My topic is going to regard the Kite Runner and the Taliban. I want to learn more about the Taliban and compare it to what I learned in the book.

Alyssa Ruta
Period D

Anonymous said...

My research topic is private schools compared to public schools. this will be compared by using the book the season of life.

Jeff Moore
Block D

Anonymous said...

My topic is going to be about an older book from back in freshman year " Lord of the flies" its going to be about how society holds thigs together and without it in tact our ideals,values and the basics of right and wrong are lost.

Josh Spilewski
Class: E

Anonymous said...

i might do either suicide today with romeo and juliet or if any one has a better suggestion.

$ Heather

Anonymous said...

My topic is going to be about athletes having more determination and inner strength when overcoming obstacles and personal problems as portrayed in "It's Not About the Bike."

Britt Costa
Block E

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of doing my research paper on The Kite Runner and the health care issues such as infant moratlity in Afghanistan.
Kellie Hansen E

JT said...


Topic: How books can change a person's perspective on a certain race, religion, or ethnicity.

Glassman said...

Class E

George Orwell's novel 1984 emphasizes to Americans that the government is in total control through the use of fear.

Anonymous said...

My topic is about the Talibans impact on the Afghani government and why they are to blame for what Afghanistan is today. The book The Kite Runner can help explain this.

James Kellogg
Period E

Anonymous said...

My Topic will be The Conditions and laws under the taliban regime in Afghanistan are accurately portrayed in Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner.

-Nadya Kaltsunas
Period D

Anonymous said...

My topic is going to be on The Kite Runner. I am going to research the Taliban, and see if the are as dangerous as The Kite Runner says they are.

Zack Schleicher

Katherine Amara said...

My topic is going to be about the way that music has changed, and how much of it is processed in a computer. I will relate this to 1984 and how George Orwell predicted this with his versificator.

Anonymous said...

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