Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reflections: Concept-folios

You are now completing your concept-folios. Please respond to the following questions:

1. What is your name? What grade are you in? What concept did you focus on?
2. In hindsight, did you choose a strong concept? Did it hold your attention for the entire semester? If not, how might you alter it to make it more engaging?
3. What concept-related advice can you offer my incoming students? What have you learned from the process that may help them?
4. Have you discovered any valuable resources, links, or books? Please list at least three resources here.
5. In regard to the blog requirement for Writing and Visual Imagination students (concept-folios are posted, as students progress, on student-created blogs, allowing for teacher and peer interaction throughout the course and providing another realm in which work may be saved, linked, shared, and developed), what are you feelings regarding this new component?
6. Visit at least two other teacher or administrator blogs and offer a comment on a post of your choice.


Jess L. said...

1. Jess/10/determination
2. I believe my concept was very broad, but that made it strong and it definately held my attention and I did pretty different cool things with it.
3. You have to choose a concept that you are really interested in and most importantly can relate to. Also, make sure it is broad enough to do different things with. For example, I choose determination which seems like it would be positive, but I used it in negative ways too. Such as my last narrative which I recommend reading!
4. For resources, I just used the internet. Google images and Ask images were the biggest help. I am not a big book person.
5. I think it is definitely great to get feedback from your own peers and it gives you confidence when they like your narratives and such.


A Blye said...

Well, lets see, my name is Aron Blye and I’m in 10th grade. I absolutely chose the right concept; I love music and I play drums and guitar so it kept my attention the whole semester. Alright so if I could give any advice to anyone else it would be pick a concept you like and DON’T PROCRASTONATE. I did and I was up until three in the morning for three days doing it. Well I do have one link if you’re into photography the site It’s a site for photographers and 100% free; you can upload your photography and check out others. Anyways I like the whole Blogger thing but some people don’t upload that often (guilty) and don’t comment others. So there you have it. My view on Visual class.

Nicole N. said...

Hey, I'm Nicole Nelson and I loved Visual class! I am a junior and my concept was dance. You wouldn't think that dance would be a vast and easy topic to choose, but it was. Dance is something that I am very interested in; I have been dancing for ten years. I thought I might actually get sick of any one concept, but I didn't. I was surprised how many pictures and information I could find on my concept. So it all worked out for the better. I know I will sound like a broken record from all the kids who came before me but, DON'T PROCRASATINATE. If nothing else, make sure you get all of the writing done on time and before the night before it's due. If you stay on top of the writing it will make things a little easier on you. The assembling takes more time than you think. Ha this might sound kind of lame, but was actually a valuable resource for me. I ended up researching performances like Swan Lake and the Nutcracker so I got more into it. I personally did not like the blog aspect of Visual class. I never felt that it helped me stay organized, I always felt that it was just another thing I had to stay on top of. But hey, that's just me. Good Luck following classes!! =)

k-rods said...

1) My name is Kim Roderick. I’m a sophomore soon to be junior. My concept was Fantasy.

2) Looking back I thought in the beginning that Fantasy would be a hard concept to do. After experiencing the works of art and things that I have done I realize that it was, in reality, an extremely strong concept. The concept held my attention the ENTIRE semester. Not once did I regret choosing Fantasy.

3) Advice I’d like to offer to your students, and this is directed towards you, incoming Visual students
(1) Pick a concept that will hold your interest, even if it’s already been done, find a synonym for the word that is, your concept. If you don’t chose a concept that will hold your attention then the next 5 months will be extremely boring, and chances are you’ll give up before you even have a chance to turn in the final product.
(2)Don’t slack off during class. There will be times when Kefor does an activity that you think has nothing to do with your folio, when in reality you could find some way to make it work, within your concept. When you go to the library take the time to at least look up artist’s and paintings. I’m not going to be hypocritical and tell you “Don’t talk to your friends, stare at the computer screen and do the tedious work of shuffling through painting after painting after painting.” I didn’t do that. I sat and talked to friends, however I did manage to at least find some artist’s that I could write down and search when I got home, where I would have nothing to distract me, except Myspace.
And finally, (3) Do not wait until the last night before it’s due to do it. I know procrastination is a big thing these days, but in all seriousness, don’t do it. End of story. You might think Kefor won’t be able to tell, but trust me, you CAN tell who’s been working on theirs for weeks, and who…haven’t.

4) To find usable resources go to the Library and just flip through the pages of any some what interesting book of art. There’s probably a 98% chance you’ll find something worth using. So that makes the Library one source. Two: Use the encyclopedia’s to search an artist or painting. They’re extremely useful when it comes time to find a critique from another party. And three: Google works wonders also.

5) I liked this new component better than if we just wrote down our work logs. I found the blog saved me from losing any of my work. Not only could Kefor keep up with what his students were doing, but the students could also keep track of everything they’ve done. It was kind of a pain at some points when it took to long to load a picture onto the blog, but looking back, the blog was only a positive component within the class.

Meg! said...

1. My name is Megan Khubchandani and I am in 10th grade. The concept I chose to focus on was The Seven Deadly Sins.
2. I don’t think I chose a strong topic. At first I thought it would hold my attention a lot, but then I started to lose interest in it quickly.
3. Some advice that I would give to the upcoming students would be to work hard and don’t procrastinate like I did because there’s a lot of work involved in this class and if you put it off then it will be hard to get it done in time. Also you should choose a concept that will hold your interest. By taking this class I have learned that it’s probably not a good idea to take a class that you have no interest in.
4. I haven’t really discovered any valuable resources, books or links by taking this class.
5. I think that having the blog was a grand idea. Its is a grand idea because you can share ideas and work with your teacher and peers via interweb. You can also save all your work so it will be easier to find and wont get lost, unless you accidentally delete it.

Sara. said...

1. My name is Sara Meadows; I’m a freshman and my concept was Symbolism.

2. I did choose a strong concept because it was something I was very interested in and it let me have a broad variety of writing ideas, pictures, and additional examples. Symbolism did hold my attention for the entire semester, but there were a few times when I wanted to think of a new one because I didn’t know what to do with at first. My first concept idea was a tie between perception, surprise and perfection but now that I think about it those ideas would’ve been too succinct and I would not have been able to think of anything supporting.

3. Basically, just do a concept on an idea that will let you be very flexible with. If you are doing a concept folio on, for example, pink hair dye or some such thing, you will be very limited on what you will be able to do. I learned that your concept has to be flexible, but at the same time has a little bit of structure.

4. Yes, but only two. and are very good websites for images to support your concept. I used those a lot.

5. I think it really helped me. I could just post something on the blog and I wouldn’t lose it on my computer because it would be set in stone on the blog.