Thursday, May 28, 2009

Writing and Visual Imagination: Final Blog Quest

Visit the artist sites and respond to the questions below by June 5.

Nick Veasey
1. Read the “About” and “Process” sections of the site. Describe the artist’s philosophy and process in a well-developed paragraph.

Chet Zar
1. Explore his work and comment on his: subject matter; media; style.

1. Click here to link to a short video on this child prodigy. What do you think?

Alex Grey
1.View all (40 or so) of his paintings.
2. If you are a fan of his work, check out this video.


TOOL is one of my favorite bands. Their videos are amazing. As a result of their tendency to create rather long compositions and/or concern themselves with bizzare subject matter, these videos are rarely seen via mainstream media. Two of the artists you have researched above collaborated with TOOL on a video for their songs "Parabol/Parabola"(click here). Strange, huh? Click here for the "Schism" video. See if you can identify the correct artists and their contributions to the video.


liz said...

1.Nick Veasey’s philosophy is that everything is superficial, and he wants his viewers to see things behind what they really are. Inner beauty is different than outer beauty and outer beauty will be better respected after seeing things in a different view. His process is different than other artists. He has x-rays machines in a black box. The subjects that are going to be “examined” are put on the floor or wall. Once the x-ray is taken then he uses different exposures, collects his films, and scans it to make the detail as sharp as it can be.

Sarah N said...

In the video Parabola, I noticed works from Chet Zar and Nick Veasey. I noticed Chet Zar from when the deformed group of people was standing around the table looking at the cut open apple and basically throwing up a circle on the table. I noticed hid 3D art in the gray man with the bouncing face. The man with the antennas on the back of his head may have come from his effects makeup. Nearing the end of the video the x-rayed man is work of Nick Veasey, In many of his works people are x-rayed right down to the veins, it is unmistakably his work.

Schism contains art work from Chet Zar, and the makeup effects in the beginning looks like it would come from him, the 3D figure towards the middle with the many colors looks like the 3D art from his gallery. The little mouth people also look like they would come from his gallery, his artwork is very dominant in this video.

Sarah N said...

Actually, in the Porabola video, where I aid the art looked like Nick Veasy, It actually looks like it came from Alex Gray.

Kady F. said...

1. Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey has a peculiar style of creating artwork that goes hand and hand with his thoughts and ideas. His idea of generating images from an x-ray machine springs from the basis that inner beauty is what should be examined instead of the world's views of external beauty. X-rays have a way of seeking the hidden lines behind the surface; the general reason in why Veasey uses this particular technique. By revealing the inside one understands that manufactured quality can never replace the natural beauty inside a being.
The process of producing x-ray images is a difficult task due to the extreme safety precautions that are required to be taken. Radiation is produced from each image, creating Nick Veasey to wear a suit that will protect him from the harmful rays. The studio that he designed is often referred to as the 'black box'; which was special designed to accustom his needs in terms of safety and quality. Many artists would not procure this ingenious method of revealing what truly lies behind the surface; a technique that Veasey is praised for.

2. Chet Zar
Chet Zar is an extremely disturbed artist who creates mutilated human figures that appear to be in great discomfort. He also creates dark and deep images of certain unidentifiable creatures that makes every eye squinch. All of his work appears to be embodied in fluids, and not have a clear background. Most of his works include digital images, along with few oils on canvas. His ingenious ways incorporated the use of simple sculptures that capture the same obscene emotions as his paintings. The unique style that Zar encompasses consists of formal portraits combined with distorted fantasy and science fiction. Many of his paintings are consumed in horror and disturbance, along with individuality and cleverness. Chet Zar differentiates between most artists in a way that creates people to decide whether they find his interpretations symbolic, or plain disturbing.

3. Akiane
"I teach and they run away. I listen and they come. My strength is my silence." -Akiane age 9.
I believe this young child prodigy harnesses a lot of inner thought and wisdom that she cleverly adds to her works. Her strength and inspiration is derived from religious means empowered by her belief in God. She believes in possessing the power that God talks to her, and tells her what to paint. It is important to distinguish between reality and dreams, and Akaine is on the verge of entering a dream state. Her values and morals are strong due to her believes, however, her views come off as being slightly frightening to the ones who do not contain the same views and beliefs about God.

4.Alex Grey (Is there an actual question?)
Alex Grey creates a lot of unique works that contain inner meanings. His early paintings consist of numerous self-portraits from as early as age 10. His use of bold, striking colors create dramatic emotions that follow his perfectly straight lines. Some of his work may be considered abstract works, but others are mainly portraits. Alex Grey is a unique artist with powerful messages.

Kady F.
June 1, 2009
Visual A


marier said...

Nick Veasy:
1. Nick Veasy describes our world as a world obsessed with image, what we look like, the clothes we wear and the cars we drive. This obsession with superficial appearance is what he goes against in his art; he strives to strip back the layers of appearance and show the inner beauty which adds intrigue to the familiar. By showing that beauty is more than skin deep and revealing the inside, the "quintessential element" of his art speculates upon what the natural and manufactured world really consists of. Nick uses X-rays in order to create his art, using precautions to maintain safety. He places his subjects on a lead floor or wall, then film is placed under or beside the subject; the X-rays then pass through the subject to create an image on the film which is exactly the same size as the object.

Chet Zar:
1. subject matter: encorporates dissimilar characteristics/traits into one subject/image; very gloomy/mystical/dark; very dark subject matter
media: interesting how he sketches/doodles images, then scans them and uses photoshop to paint them; very unique and inventive
style: very dark and gloomy, intriguing yet somewhat disturbing depending on the image, has a different view of art than I would have expected

1. It's skeptical for most to believe that God spoke to her regarding ideas and objects to paint. It is very intriguing, however, that she such an amazing gift in creating such masterpieces for being so young, especially when she began painting around 3 or 4 years old.

Alex Grey

Extra Credit:
Alex Grey, Chet Zar