Friday, April 30, 2010

POS: Poetry Contest

The NEED organization is requesting submissions for a "Thank a Teacher" poem to appear on its annual card.

-the subject is to thank teachers (in general) and how they impact your life
-it should be approximately 12 lines of text
-it need not rhyme
-it must include your name, my name and your phone number


suzanne. said...

It’s teachers t like you hat
guide us with their thoughts
and share their achievements
and advise their faults

They inspire us with a love
Of knowledge and truth
Which leads us through our youth

Its our future that is enlightened
with each lesson you teach
Each smile that is brightened
Each goal you help us reach

For the guidance of each student
Begins with a teacher
And the wisdom they bring

David A. said...

Showing the path, leading the way
Giving a hand so you don't go astray
Like Guardian Angels, or the stars above
Lighting the way so you never get lost
Around every bend, around every curve
Getting you to be right where you deserve
Helping to find the potential within...
After years of traveling through the path, you look back and it is gone.
But, the journey through the path stays with you...forever.

Kristen Tenglin said...

We arrive to you as simply a seed,
vacant of knowledge and fully in need.
You water us daily,
your direction you share.
Guiding us for the future,
for which we need to prepare.
Throughout the years you help us to blossom,
teaching us vital information and rules of thumb.
Thank for the many ways you shape our lives,
And the kindness you show for which all of us strives!

Anonymous said...

A teacher is a guiding light
When we are in our youth
Someone who can mold our minds
And always speaks the truth

A teacher is a helping hand
When things just don’t seem right
Someone who always reaches out
With a smile warm and bright

A teacher is a special person
Even though not always expressed,
I’d like to thank you for the job you do
And being better than the best
-Erica Callahan

vittoriabravetti said...

Teachers help us grow in knowledge,
they inspire us to secceeed,
they help us through all the years
and teach us to always try our best
and even sometimes in the end, they become our friend.