Friday, April 15, 2011

G Block: Classwork for 4-15-11

Today, you will use the COW to complete a 3-2-1 reflection. Please read the directions carefully. This is due at 1:57. Have a restful April break.

Push your cow to the limit. It can do more than you think.

3: Search the Internet to find 3 pieces of fine art that relate to your concept. Avoid searching via your concept name; the results of this search will be severely limited. Instead, search via artists you admire or through museum websites. Add each image to the sidebar of your blog, citing each with title, artist and date. To do this, click on "Add New Page Element"; "Add Picture".

2: Find 2 concept-related images that contain a "dynamic" or "ribbon-based" compositions (like the ones I showed you during the "Composition" slide lecture). Post them to your blog and write a succinct paragraph identifying the compositional elements that exist beneath the surface.

1: Visit your classmates' blogs. Select one that is deserving of the "blog of the week" award. This blog should be completely up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing. Vote for the best as a comment to this post- be sure to sign your post, and- no- you cannot vote for yourself. The winning blog will receive an extra-credit quiz grade of 100.


Tyler R said...

Sean Mathews

Vicky Miller said...

I believe Katie Platt's blog deserves "blog of the week"

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Carlos' blog

This is beacause his blog is easy to follow, as well as the fact that his theme is extremley evident [there were some where I wasn't so sure of their theme unless it was outfright presented in words]

PS: I'm anonymous because I think it's easy to vote this way

Tori D. said...

I believe Jesse M. Had the blog of the week.


Kerrin Hughes said...

I vote for Isabella Varela
-Kerrin Hughes

Kim Lynch said...

I vote for Susan Meyer for "blog of the week".

Merri West said...

Brianna Blye

Jesse MacLEAN said...

Brianna Blye