Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comic Spirit: Senioritis Proposals


Scott Coleman said...

I would like to do either a powerpoint explaining the dangers and physiological effects of senioritis. Or i might do an inspirational story about a recovering senior after graduating, reflecting on the dangers of senioritris. I maight even combine the ideas into a powerpoint/motivational speech.

tdo12 said...

pamphlet using template on microsoft word

Kendyl Cutler said...

I like the idea of an article. I started mine already and it came out pretty funny. I made it sound realistic and obviously that's whats funny about it is that it's really not as serious as I made it sound. The video idea I feel like is a bad idea though. I feel like people would get off track. Blogs, powerpoints, and speeches are all good ideas for this project, too. I feel like they all can come out pretty funny.

Peter L. said...

I was thinking of two ideas. One would be a movie, and one would be a sort of journalism piece/diary. For the movie, I was thinking of a “Cloverfield-esque” type movie that consisted of amateur footage documenting the epidemic of Senioritis (the equivalent of a zombie infection). Any number of main characters may be used, from 1-4. For the diary piece (more conducive to solo work), I would take the stance of a lone survivor or journalist chronicling my struggle for survival and ultimate fall to Senioritis.

acm2012 said...

Amelia Maloney

Seniortis ideas:
-Power Point

I ended up doing an informational blog on senioritis.

cmb24 said...

1.) Medical Brochure that you could find in a doctor's office

2.) Satirical essay

3.) Motivational Speech

acm2012 said...

I'm actually going to power point
Amelia Maloney

Ali H Comic Spirit said...

Ashley and I are planning on doing a pamphlet that describes the different symptomsor senioritis, as well short term and long term effects, how to avoid it, what to say to a doctor, etc.
We are going to try to make it look as professional as possible.

Cassie H. said...

I've already made a pamphlet for the project. I am thinking about also doing a blog, just to make the pamphlet seem more legitamate and reliable.