Thursday, November 7, 2013

Journalism: The Evolving Lexicon

Each year, journalists publish and evaluate the new additions to major English dictionaries. These additions represent the pulse of our evolving tongue, for better or for worse. Read the articles below and assess the new waves of vocabulary. Then, develop your own journalistic proposal: suggest 5 words to be added next year, and invent 5 words (in the spirit of schadenfreude and culacino) that pinpoint meanings for which single terms do not exist.

Oxford's Additions

The Guardian


Nicole LaCouture said...

"kotd"- kicks of the day, adj.
"for real" - agreement
"oomf"- one of my followers
"frenemy"- friends but enemies
"wangsta"- white gangster

"teep" -teen sleep
"neccefood" food is always necessary
" instagood" - instagram worthy
"twitpic"- Twitter picture
"hashtag"- trenging topic on social media websites

Christine Remick said...

"Persiev" (Noun)- Basin to store one’s thoughts in
"Niffler"-(Noun) creature to sniff out treasure
"Omniocular"-(Noun) Binoculars that can replay action and slow it down to re-see the action
"Portkey"-(Noun) Object to transport wizards from one place to another destination. They are transported by the touch of an object.
"Time Turner"-(Noun) Turns back the time from the future.

The habit of accusing ones teacher for doing weird things (Verb)- "Awkwarsation"
The habit of filling out hall passes with false information (Verb)- "Halkepass"
"Muker"-(Noun)A person who deliberately presses down harder than necessary on the Expo-Marker tips so they retreat back into the marker.
"Couplock"-(Noun)Couples who stand together in the hallway and act like they will never see each other again
One who enjoys to sniff Christmas trees (Noun)-"Sniffmas"

Casey Holmes said...

Part A.)
1. tehehe: onomatopoeia; usually used in text messages, to use as a nervous laugh or just to say something because you do not know what to say.
2. Merp: noun: during texts when it starts to get awkward you say this.
3. Foreal: noun; when you are being serious and not joking in a text message.
4. Totes: noun: the short hand for totally
5. Perf: noun: shorthand for perfect when complimenting someone

Part B.)
1. Sleepcrastinate: noun; to want to stay in bed and not come out so you roll over
2. Claffing: verb; to laugh and clap at the same time
3. Lafftale: noun: when you are telling a story and cannot finish it because you cannot stop laughing.
4. Falesent: noun: to fake that you like the present that you receive from someone.
5. Giginan: verb: to run to the phone charger when it is at a low percentage.

Lauren MacGray said...

*Merp - Noun; a word said when an awkward conversation is happening to make things less awkward.
*O.O.T.D - Noun; acronym for "outfit of the day"
*Forrealz - Noun; slang term for "for real."
*Turnt - Adj; Very well under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
*Probs - Noun; A shorter version of probably.

*Instagood - Adj; worthy of being on Instagram
*Tweetagram - Noun; Posting Instagram pictures on Twitter.
*Hashtag - Noun; Word or phrase preceded by a pound sign (#) and used to identify something.
*Tween - Noun; Not quite a teenager yet, around 7-12 years old.
*Phonyhick - Noun; Someone who tries too hard to fit in with the country lifestyle.

Matt's Journalism Blog said...

Words to be added: Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a grub in the fruit you're eating.
Dillrelic - n. The last pickle in the jar that avoids all attempts to be captured.
Elbonics - n. The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater.
Musquirt (mus' kwirt) - n. The water that comes out of the initial squirts of a squeeze mustard bottle.
Hydralation (hi dra lay' shun) - n. Acclimating oneself to a cold swimming pool by bodily regions: toe-to-knee, knee-to-waist, waist-to-elbow, elbow-to-neck.

Invented words: Deccahondrocalist (n) An inconsiderate person that hits your car with his door, due usually to their terrible parking job.
Cashtacular (adj) That wonderful feeling one gets when they find money on the ground.
Cashcrapular(adj) That terrible feeling one gets when they realize that they are out of money.
Perpidipper (n) A person who double dips on a regular basis disregarding pleas to stop.
Shrimpy (adj) Feeling weird, or abnormal in any way.

Keenan Coffey said...

5 words
cuz(n)- cousin
hehe(v)- a sound that expresses laughter
pdf(n)- a file on the computer
octopuses(n)- a more commonly used word for octopi
forrealzies(n)- agreeing with a statement
5 words of meaning
techcrastinate(n)- to procrastinate using technology
anonymousbeing(n)- person that is anonymous and no one knows who he/she/it is
testadequate(adj)- being able to take a test and to do well on it
columnwriting(v)- the act of writing in a column for a newspaper
computerboxing(v)- the act of fighting with computers as weapons

Keenan Coffey said...

5 words
cuz(n)- cousin
hehe(v)- a sound that expresses laughter
pdf(n)- a file on the computer
octopuses(n)- a more commonly used word for octopi
forrealzies(n)- agreeing with a statement
5 words of meaning
techcrastinate(n)- to procrastinate using technology
anonymousbeing(n)- person that is anonymous and no one knows who he/she/it is
testadequate(adj)- being able to take a test and to do well on it
columnwriting(v)- the act of writing in a column for a newspaper
computerboxing(v)- the act of fighting with computers as weapons

Khokhlan said...

The new vocab is in my opinion hilarious. Although i do not think it deserves to be in the dictionary. How long are people going to use the word "twerk".. Not long. I think they should make it a little harder to get words into the dictionary. Slang is slang. When you mix slang and actual language then you get a mess of trashiness.
Mirin: To thoroughly enjoy the physique of a person. Most commonly used in bodybuilding.
sleuse: A piece of paper
doge: a dog cooler than the average dog ( Doje )
Troll: to mess with peoples emotions in order to get a comical response.
Gains: when you see noticeable improvements in your physique.

Made up words:
blenjoy(Adj): When you enjoy a blended substance such as a Protein shake.
Swoldier(Noun): A common gym goer who considers himself of the bodybuilder family
Untwerkable(Adj): Something you cannot violently shake in order to loosen.
untrollerable(adj): Intolerance to trolling.
Mirable(adj): Enjoyable in the muscle department.

Alexa DosReis said...

tots:(adverb) completely, absolutely.

cray-cray:(adjective) unbelievable, deranged.

cause:(noun)for the reason that, since.


homeslice:(noun) buddy, friend.

hexpectations:(noun) highly thought of something that will happen.

etre avec:(French verb) to be with someone.

phodiction:(noun) the addiction to ones phone.

sassical:(adjective) the act being rude in a sassy, cynical way.

techfailure:(adjective) one that is not good with technology.

Gianna Larson said...

Awesometastic- (adj.) it’s so awesome it’s fantastic.
Confuzzled-(adj.) confused and puzzled at the same time.
Woot-(noun) an exclaimation of joy or excitement.
Meatlover-(noun) someone who has an obsession with meat.
Flusterpated-(noun) a state of being flustered that’s so intense it makes you want to cry.

Jaspat-(noun or verb) when someone gets angry and has the urge to slap someone.
Snirt-(noun) snow that is dirty.
Wazzasoft-(noun) a type of fur that is really soft.
Chillpal-(noun) someone that you chill with all the time.
Crunkable-(adj.) good music to dance to.

Sean Mathews said...

Words to be added

1.) Vine (noun)- A short 6 second video of random stuff, usually ending with a girl making a face

2.)No Shave November (Noun)- A month long process that occurs throughout November where, most commonly, high school and college males refrain from shaving all month

3.) tbh (noun)- an acronym for "To be honest" usually used in internet terminology and often followed with a phrase of honesty. Ex: "tbh i dont kno u but ur rly funy nd chill"

4.) Hate-Mosher (noun)- A large person, usually a male, usually with no shirt and large muscles that goes to rock, metal, and hardcore concerts and hits, spin-kicks, and intentionally hurts other concert goers

5.)Post up- (verb) (not the basketball move)- To stand or chill in a particular area for an extended period of time. Ex: "I am posting up at Hess standing on the sidewalk"

6.) Hess-Rat- (Noun) A teenager student that will often be seen standing outside of Hess Express, generally doing nothing. They are often smoking cigarettes or selling illegal drugs in broad view of others. They are seen at all hours of the 24 hour day.

Made Up Words

1.) literallygirl- (noun)A female who uses the word literally in sentences where it does not belong, most commonly at the beginning of their sentence that is expressing their current annoyed state of mind. Ex: "Literally, I literally hate my mom for taking my phone literally."

2.) Nortonlate- (Adj)- Referring to being promptly on time for Norton High School at 7:39 when school starts at 7:40, but still getting screamed at by administrators and locked into the front office. A student will end up being actually 5 minutes late to class instead of on time due to this process.

3.) Croosh (Adj)- Refers to a person in the hardcore music community that constantly insults different bands on the internet but doesn't have an established band. They also stand outside during concerts and never support other bands. They are often "drug free" and preach it to everyone. Even though they supposedly have morals, they often mosh violently and hurt other people.

4.) askfmer- (Noun) A person, usually a teenager who frequently uses the website "" and wants people to ask them anonymous questions

5.) Baghiding- (Verb)- The act of placing a bag on a desk or table during school hours to hide the act of texting. It's usually done by females and is a very obvious technique used to hide texting.

Cody Shannon said...

I think it is pretty cool, but also weird how mainstream words that are used by a younger generation (such as teens using the words "selfie" and "twerk") have been officially added to our language. Many of the words are abbreviations to larger words or phrases.
Words to suggest- swag,irie,turntup,couch potato, fosho
Invented words-
veggie= (n) lazy, lifeless
waterslap= (n) Dump bowl of water on a sleeping person's face. ( I waterslapped my friend because he fell asleep).
TGOD= (n)(Taylor Gang or Die)
twaddict= (n) someone who is addicted to twitter
fuman= (n) person who thinks they are a fish because they spend so much time in pools or at the beach

Lizzie said...

Words to be added next year:
Totes: (adverb) abbreviation for totally
Chillax: (verb) to relax and chill
Perf: (adj) abbreviation for perfect
Derp: (noun) a feeling of being crazy or when your mind goes off in a different world while in a conversation
OTP: (noun) One true pairing

5 invented words:
Chapworthy: (noun) A chap stick to likely to get your attention or for you to be interested in
Techlow: (verb) a feeling of going crazy when your devise is at a low percent
Lasterday: (noun) the day before yesterday
Flapheat: (noun) a person enjoys the heat that radiates from a laptop
Proljoy: (noun/verb) when a person get overly excited over holidays a little too early

Carli Arcaro said...

Cuz- conjunction – an abbreviation of because
Craugh – verb, to cry and laugh at the same time
Chillax – verb, to chill out and relax
Battitude – noun, a bad attitude
Payrant – noun, someone who wants a higher pay

Hooplah – noun, the colors of the sunset throughout the sky
Fnails – noun, fake nails
Troufill – Noun, someone who enjoys the center of a truffle
Phonecrastinate – verb, to procrastinate on your phone
Stazer – noun, someone who likes to star gaze

Levi Kahn said...

ginormous-bigger than 'gigantic' or 'enormous'

confuzzled- the state of being confused as well as puzzled

chillax- to chill out and relax, have a good time

wangster- white person attempting a act like a gangster

dringle- watermark left by glass of liquid

college morning- the afternoon

feignderstand- pretend to understand what someone is saying

nonversation- meaningless conversation

phomance- fake, or phony romance i.e. Catfish, Manti Te'o

snirt- filthy, dirty snow built up on side of streets, parking lots

Austin Cheda said...

Musfanatic-(N)- huge fan of music
Sportantic- (N)-someone who watches sports all the time
Photoic-(N)- someone who takes lots of photos of something
Muscler-(adj.) person who goes to the gym everyday
Proten-(adj)- someone who has proetein bars regularly

kylie werner said...

Selca(n)- A Self-Cam picture. A picture of yourself taken by yourself. Not professionally.
Commercial Game(n)- The game you watch during the commercial break of the game you’re really watching.
Birth Vegan(n)- Somone who has never eaten meat. A vegetarian from birth.
Anti-stalking(v)- Methodically learning another person's routine in order to systematically avoid them.
Tlist/Tline(n)- Twitter

Re-crasination(v)- to procrastinate on doing something repeatedly; to always procrastinate on doing one thing.
Hashtag(n)- Taken from social media sites and being used in daily sentences to describe something, usually a feeling. Ex. #happy, #yolo
Re-competition(n)- To always end up going against the same person in a competition.

huup33 said...

bopped-v- to get in rightly accused of perusing a crime.

Straight-adj- agreeing to a sutuations or question with no displeasment; being okay with the solution to come.

rachet-adj- a heiounous girl who tries to act like a famous person.

auscore-n- hardcore rock bands originated from Australia
ex. Parkway Drive from Bryon Bay, Australia
( idk I hear the term a lot haha)

Fluterlust-n- an emotion felt when listening to a song for the first time, or in a long time, and having complete love for it

Gutmug-n- a grotesque scent that lingers with no source

Tingo-n- horrible words our youth has created and spread through social media; mostly abbreviated words like "awk" and "vom"