Monday, January 26, 2015

Creative Writing 3-2-1

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Noah Taffah said...

3- I enjoyed reading Colleen Murphy’s “Self Deprecation” because it was very funny and relatable. It was an awesome piece to read.
I also enjoyed Maggie Thomasson’s “Words of Advice” as I thought that it was extremely true and very inspiring.
I finally enjoyed Nicole’s “Modest Proposal” because it is very truthful and I feel the exact same way.

2- I would like to do an Angry Letter and a Modest Proposal

1- I enjoyed Colleen Murphy’s blog because all of her writing was very understandable and relatable.

Anonymous said...

Katie Mullins & Kerri Weber
3 Exemplars:
Colleen Murphy: Self-Deprecation- We enjoyed reading Colleen’s Self Deprecation because it was very detailed and humorous. It reflected a lot on her personality.
Chris Casello: Obesity- We enjoyed reading Chris Casello’s Obesity because it was humorous and relatable. It relates to what is actually happening to people today.
Maggie Thomasson: Words of advice- We enjoyed reading Maggie Thomasson’s word of advice because it is true to as what normal people go through. It is simple, but very meaningful.
2 Appealing Writing Tasks:
Angry letter: It would be fun to write.
Self-Deprecation: People are able to see a different side of you.
1 admirer:
We admirer Colleen Murphy because she puts in a lot of effort into her writing and has a lot of detail. Its obvious she puts in her full effort every time she writes.

Anonymous said...

Ali Whitman
1. I enjoyed reading Colleen Murphy’s angry letter. I found it very funny and interesting. It was very well written and easy to read.
2. Abby Martin’s Self Deprecation essay was very relatable. It had aspects of humor, and it was easy to read.
3. I enjoyed reading Rachael B’s List Slam Poetry. It was relatable, inspirational, and truthful. It was very thoughtful.

1. One assignment I enjoyed was the angry letter assignment. It seems very fun to write, and it is easy to find a topic to write about
2. The Self Deprecation Essay also seems very fun to write. They are relatable and well written.

1. I admire Colleen Murphy’s writing. Everything she wrote was relatable and easy to read.

Anonymous said...

Allie Woodason
• I enjoyed Maggie’s words of advice poem, it was simple, yet very meaningful.
• I liked Colleen’s angry letter, it was very funny and got the message across.
• Abby Martin’s sonnet underwater was very deep and I liked reading it.
2) Two appealing writing tasks to me were;
• the poetry section, and
• the self- deprecation.
1) One writer to admire would have to be Maggie Thomason, I thought her writing was very thoughtful and her writing was always interesting!

Jillian Blye said...

- Carl Sweater by Brody Wilson was very well written and it pertained to his life.
-Haiku by Alex Domagalski's is a powerful poem that shows his passion.
-Colleen Murphy's poem is all about being yourself and being who you are.
-Slam poetry because it's a good way to show emotions
-Angry letter shows what people are passionate about and why
-I admire Maggies blog and poetry because everything is well written and i especially like her final exam.

Anonymous said...

Cecelia Browne

3. I love Rachel Wheeler’s hybridized fan fiction called Frozen Meets the Hunger Games, it has a good mixture of the two movies and I find it very interesting.
2. I like Colleen Murphy’s list poem. I like how it is telling you to be your own person and the talks about the kindness of your friends.
1. I like Maggie’s Spoken Word: Words of advice. It gives good advice on what to do in school and something some people should follow. I think it a good piece of work because it is original.

2. Hybridized Fan Fiction
1. Angry Letter

1. I admire Rachel Wheeler’s work. Her work was original and well written.

Anonymous said...

Elise Cracco
3- I really liked Abby Martin’s November 23, 2014, 1:14 AM. I thought that it really showed how the character was feeling, and I was very well written.
I also liked Alex Rose’s Mike the Giraffe. I thought it was really funny and was well written.
Chris Casello’s slam poetry was really well written and I also felt like I understood what was being said.
2- One writing topic that I liked was the slam poetry and angry customer letter
1- One writer I admire is Abby Martin.

Brook Porter said...

3- I enjoyed Lakynne’s angry letter because it was very well written, used mature vocabulary, and got to the point of her letter and was easily able to convey her issues with the person.
I also enjoyed Fran’s work in the piece ‘Banana’ because it gave an insight into her own personality, and her home life, which is important when writing because it provides a connection between you and your reader.
The third person who’s work I admired was Colleen Murphy’s list poem, it really did capture the problems of high school, because everyone is trying to discover themselves and can be confused and influenced by the people around them, unable to truly connect to their inner self.

2- Two forms of literature that I would like to try are the self-deprecation essay, which I think will be fun because it will allow me to laugh at myself. I would also like to try the two-narrative story because I think I could make an interesting story using two narrators.

1-I admired Lakynne’s work because her work has a flow to it, and it really creates the picture that she is trying to convey.

John Silvia said...

My Reflections
3- Some strong points I admire from what I’ve read are Alex Domagalski’s angry letter to Bishop Feehan, Francesca’s “21 Minutes” story and pretty much everything Brody Wilson wrote. Alex’s letter to Feehan stated some very interesting examples as to why he transferred to NHS over staying at Feehan. These points gave me even more reasons to love this school more than any other. Francesca’s “21 Minutes” has a chilling feel to it. Even though the story is based around Christmas, which is a time of year that is far from scary. Lastly, Brody Wilson; Brody does an amazing job of mixing both comedy and seriousness into every passage he composed. I loved his the most for those very reasons.
2-A writing task that really stands out to me was the “Angry Letters”. The letters varied from the most serious to the most silly. Yet they all served the common purpose of letting the writer express his/her true feelings about a certain topic. The other task I would prefer to do during this semester is the humor. I read Francesca’s and the humor project seems like a very open and general project that may allow me to open my mind to a million different possibilities. It also seems like a very “laid back” and fun project.
1-As I said before, Brody Wilson’s ability to bring both comedy and seriousness together is unbelievable. All of his stories are very intelligent and well written. I admire him very much.

Anonymous said...

Ally Frontino

3) Notable Exemplars
Maggie T.’s “Spoken Word: Words of Advice” is a great writing piece. Maggie addresses issues that teenagers face every day quickly, but effectively. Maggie writes about people’s right to be noticed, but also the right to notice others. The “Words of Advice” given by Maggie T. are inspiring and admirable.
Another exemplary piece of writing is Rachel B.’s “Free Verse Poem”. Rachel does a great job with imagery. The detailed descriptions of war create visuals that stand out to me. It is a moving, powerful poem.
Abby M.’s “Self Deprecation Essay” is a relatable, excellent work. She shows her flaws openly and with humor, as shown when she talks about her interview gone wrong at Bishop Feehan. It is an enjoyable, well written piece.

2) Appealing Writing Tasks
The first writing task that I would like to do myself is the angry letter. I enjoy showing a specific tone while mixing my experiences with it.
I would also like to write a fanfiction. I like the idea of taking one of your favorite books or characters and making it your own.

1) Writer to Admire
After going through many writers on the blog, I admired Colleen Murphy the most. I like the humor she incorporated while still being detailed and on task. I hope my writing can come across as well written, yet have something that makes it my own just like Colleen.

Louied33 said...

3-a)Chris C's Pantoum-Gone-showed a lot of deep meaning, and I like how he seemed to write from the heart.
b)Dylan M's Angry Letter to TSA shows a lot of the same feelings that many people had, so I could relate to how he felt about the TSA.
c)Jacob V's "The Grocery List" is something that most people can relate to and talks about what everyone would do in that situation.
2-a)I would like to do the Angry Letter because I really want to slam on someone or something since I tend to keep my hatred inside.
b)I would like to do the 3 step poem because it would allow me to revise and better my past work and make it almost perfect.
3)Lakynne S is a very admirable creative writer because it seems that she uses real life experiences in her writing that bring humor and excitement.

Keenan Coffey said...

Keenan Coffey

3 exemplars:
- Angry Letter by Nicole LaCouture was a good exemplar because she used a lot of emotion and emphasis in the writing. It was well written and was entertaining to read.
- Nicole Nagle’s Fan Fiction piece was good to read because of its structure. It was a script based upon Mean Girls, and I thought it was well executed.
- Maggie’s free verse poem was pretty good, and the only critique I have is the formatting. The content itself was good and I liked the topic she wrote about.

2 appealing writing tasks: Two tasks that I found creative and cool were the free verse poem that gives students a lot of expression, and the Angry Letter piece that also lets emotions formulate. There were many tasks that appealed to me, but these two stood out.

1 writer to admire: I admired Francesca’s blog and her work because she demonstrated a good understanding of all the tasks she had to use. Her writing is good, and she is definitely a creative writer.

Morgan Nicholson said...

Morgan Nicholson
3 Exemplars:
I enjoyed reading Colleen’s angry letter, as it was humorous and an enjoyable piece of writing.
Maggie Thomasson's words of advice poem was a goof poem with a strong message.
I like Abby Martin’s self-deprecation essay, because it was interesting to read and relatable.
2 Appealing Writing Tasks:
Angry Letter
Self-Deprecation Essay
1 Writer to Admire:
I enjoyed Colleen Murphy’s writing because I found her writing comical and interesting.

Mickayla Shepard said...

-Brody wilsons "3 steparoni" was very well written and thought out.
-ccasello's "Gone" this poem is very good because it shows hope.
-Nick reynolds "blood and sweat" this is good because it shows steadfast dedication.
2.Slam poetry because its used so you can express your feelings.
-Angry letters because you can express your anger and also be funny about it.
-One writer to admire is Brittany Holmes because she is very descriptive and creative with her writing.
Mickayla Shepard

shane boria said...

-shane boria & storey st.pierre

We liked the list poem of Lakynne Sargent. We liked this because it was funny, with lines that were written to the point with detail.
We liked the angry letter written by Alex Domagalski. We liked it because it had solid facts to make the statements true, it also had the personal reviews to show their opinion.
We liked the fanfiction written by Francesca. We liked it because it was a funny twist of an old childhood movie. It was entertaining to read the twist between and old movie and a new one.

1)Poetry: They can be about whatever you want them to be and you decide what style of poetry you want to write in.

2)Fanfictions: They can be about anything you want them to be. They can be combined with other things to make them seem more interesting, they can also have different twists to the stories that the original didn't have.

We choose Francesca as our writer to admire. She has very creative work full of detail and creativity.

shaeleen hughes said...

Walking Dead Fan-fiction by Alex Domagalski
I’m a fan of the show and liked his strong word choices

Modestly Proposing by Brody Wilson
I agree with what he is saying and it is nicely written

Spoken word: Words of Advice by Maggie T
It’s inspiring and you can tell she feels passionately about the subject.

Spoken word poetry
Modest Proposal


Kelly N said...


3- Notable exemplars
I thought Abby M’s Unreliable narrator piece was very good. I liked the way she made the readers wonder about everything. She gives very little information while still creating a story.

I thought Maggie T’s fanfiction was excellent. I enjoyed how she brought characters from separate novels together. She also used things that the characters said in those novels to make it seem realistic.

Rachel B’s poem about love was interesting to read. I liked the rhyme scheme she followed as well as the message her poem was saying. It was very thoughtful and interesting.

2- Appealing Writing tasks
I would be interested in doing the fanfiction assignment. I like to read novels and it will be fun for me to write about characters from those novels.

I would also like to do the unreliable narrator assignment. Crazy people have always fascinated me, and it would be fun to develop a character that is mentally unstable.

1- Writer to admire
I admire Colleen Murphy. I like her humor that she added to her pieces. A lot of her pieces are funny, but she has pieces that are serious as well. She adds a lot of details to her work as well.

George Reese said...

3 Exemplars
I enjoyed Dylan Moreau’s Hybridized fan fiction of Spongebob and The Hobbit, it created a humerous, new take on something I enjoy so I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed Nicole LaCouture’s angry letter because it showcases the frustration that many people have when the coffee they ordered is unenjoyable, they enjoy having coffee in the morning and not enjoying it can make their morning unenjoyable.
I enjoyed Rachel Brunault’s Satirical Modest Proposal, because it touched upon a topic that I enjoyed: gun control.
2 Appealing writing tasks
The satirical modest proposal looks enjoyable, I personally enjoy satire so I look forward to writing satire for others to enjoy.
An angry letter would be very enjoyable to write because it will allow me to air my grievances about my unenjoyable experiences with businesses.
1 Writer to Admire
Jacob Vandenburgh was my writer to admire because I enjoyed his topics and I also enjoyed his writing style.

Anonymous said...

Tristan Grieve:
3 notable exemplars: A notable exemplar was an angry letter by Colleen M. It was a list of complaints against her neighbors. There was many examples and had a very strong tone, which made it good. Another notable exemplar was an angry letter by Rachel B. It was interesting to see how Rachel had a negative tone in her writing, only to a slight degree, and then presented her frustrations in a formal way through her use of language. An example of a notable exemplar was the satirical modest proposal by Nick R. It was funny to see how he made a suggestion to change the law to make it so that it’s illegal to eat junk food, which is satire.

2: appealing writing tasks: An appealing writing task would be to write an angry letter. It seems like a good idea and there are a lot of people with funny ones.
Another appealing writing task is making a modest satirical proposal. Many of them seem to be funny and interesting. Many subjects have been talked about ranging from homelessness to obesity which are pretty serious issues. I think it would be a fun assignment.

1: a writer to admire: A writer to admire is Dylan M who consistently provides an interesting answer to the prompts given to him. He uses humor and other times he answers seriously. He also creatively uses certain literary devices.

Nick Joyce said...

One piece of writing that I have found exemplary is the Angry Letter directed towards TDA, which was written by Rachel W. I found that the writing remained interesting throughout the piece, and displayed a descriptive narrative as to what happened with her experience involving TDA. I also enjoyed the satire piece The Story by Chris C. The story he told showed off who he was and allowed the reader to learn more about him as an author. It incorporated views that the reader may not have thought of if left out. It even contained elements of comedy in his writing. Finally, I enjoyed the haiku written by Alex D. Since it incorporated the first and second draft in the post, it displayed how the poem changed and improved. It was abstract but still portrayed the topic well. One writing task that I find appealing is the humor or satire piece. Another task that I would like to do is the Haiku. One writer whose work I admire is Chris Casello, since his writing is strong and he displays his voice well.

Gianna Brown said...

Three notable exemplars that I liked are the Self-Depreciation Essay by Abby Martin. I liked it because it gave me a really good image of what was going on; her being unexpectedly pulled out of school for a high school interview and coming totally unprepared for the occasion. Also, she used good descriptive words of how she embarrassed herself. I also liked the crime scene fanfiction by Brittany Holmes. I liked it because she used Harry Potter, which I am a huge fan of, and it was humorous. She used all the characters from the Harry Potter books and combined it with the TV show, CSI. Finally, I liked Winter’s End by Brody Wilson. It was very dramatic, especially the part where he inflicted pain on himself, bashing his head into the window.
Two appealing writing tasks I’d like to do would be the Self Depreciation Essay. It seems fun to be able to make fun of myself for a grade. Another one would be something funny, humorous. I want to see how I can expand my writing abilities to be better than now.
One writer I really liked was Abby Martin. I like her because she’s a very good writer, she had great imagery. Her writing incorporates seriousness and humor, and all the words blended perfectly in my head.

Kay M said...

Kaylin McMahon
3 Notable Exemplars-
• I enjoyed reading Nicole Nagle’s Humor/Satire/Parody about fashion. In this blog, she successfully criticized today’s fashion, while also incorporating humor. This writing was fun to relate to. I definitely agree with the fashion issues discussed, and it was quite entertaining to read.
• In Abby Martin’s Letter to McDonald’s was another favorite of mine. This angered letter to the restaurant was quite entertaining to read.
• Lastly, I also enjoyed Dylan Moreau’s Refrain Poem. Dylan very descriptively writes about an empty, burning house in this poem. I particularly liked his word choice as he describes the empty house.
2 Appealing Writing Tasks-
• Self-Depreciation is an assignment I really hope to write. I think I will really enjoy making fun of myself especially for a grade.
• Hybridized Fan-Fiction is another blog I am anxious to write. This seems fun to combine two genres from a fan’s perspective.
1 Admired Writer-
• Abby Martin is a very talented writer and I enjoyed exploring her creative writing blog.