Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Poetry of Song: Theme-Genre Brainstorming

Here is where you will participate in our online discussion by posing 3 potential theme-genre concepts and commenting on at least 10 peer theme-genre concepts. This homework assignment will be graded on September 16th. Make sure to direct your comments with names and to sign all of your comments with your first name and last initial. And- no, that is not my head in the photograph.


Doug said...

Loss and Gain in 21st Century Top Forties

Love, Lust, and Loss in 80's and 90's Pop

Omnicience (sp?) in Rock Opera's

These are up to be changed. I would like some help with these.

Anonymous said...

Sonic Youth is a great band to research for love and lust in the 80's

Nicole N. said...

Option 1- Love: lost and gained in Country music

Option 2- Rebellion in Classic Rock

Option 3-Loss in Alt. Rock

Any Suggestions?

Cindy said...

i like rebellion in classic rock nikki!

Doug said...


Billy Idol for option 2

MarieR said...

Political infulence on music in the 60s
Blues and jazz influences in 21st century music
Old school rap in the 80s and 90s

Laura R. said...

The following are my possible concept choices:
1.) Love and Heartbreak in Country Music,
2.) The Good with the Bad in Modern Country Music,
4.) Life and Death in Counrty Music
... these are just some ideas. As you can see I really want to try and stick with the country songs because i feel like their songs cover so many topics in life. If you have any other concept ideas that you think I would be able to work with, let me know!! Thanks

Mike Ahern said...

What I had in mind

protest, rebellion, controversy in classic and modern rock

identity crisis in rock

inspiration in indie rock

i'm not sure.

Cindy said...

I'm thinking about doing either Love or Lost Love/Heartbreak. I'm just having problems finding the right genre that I want...

Mike said...

Nicole, you and I think alike. You know what that means.

I think Loss may be broad, but who knows? You could work it out.

Kayla said...

Kayla F says..

1.) The most insperational songs of the 21st century
2.) The most feelgood songs of country music.
3.) The best love songs of the 21st century.

Kayla said...

Kayla F says..

1.) The most insperational songs of the 21st century
2.) The most feelgood songs of country music.
3.) The best love songs of the 21st century.

Patrick G. said...

80's Rock

A few ideas come to mind.

Molli B said...

1.Love and Hurt in Country Music
2.Psychology in Modern Music
3.Moral Values in Rock and Roll

Rachel<3 said...

imagery in the psychedlic music of the 1960's and 70's.

= )

Danielle C. said...

losing someone in folk rock

joy in folk rock

heart break in folk rock

Rachel<3 said...

doug, you should take a look at a ha's "take on me"

Danielle C. said...


loss in Alt. rock sounds good to me

Caitlin said...

1.] confidence in female singer/songwriters music.

2.] depression in indie rock.

3.] rebellion in 60's and 70's psycadelic rock.

Kayla said...

1.) Peace, Love, and Happiness...?

2.) Something with movie soundtracks... Garden State, Juno, etc.

3.) Love and loss in classic rock

Help me please.

ALYSSA said...

Rebellion in Ska music
individuality in Ska-punk
heartbreak in Alternative

Alyssa P

melanie said...

1)violence in late 90's and 2000's rap
2)love and loss in hip hop
3)freedom of expression in 80's and 90's rap

Patrick G. said...

Laura, Taylor Swift for #1.

Cindy said...

I think Peace, Love, and Happiness is a good one!

Kayla said...


You know how I feel about country, but I know how much you love it so you should totally do it UP!

Kayla said...


I think the good with the bad in counrty sounds really interesting. I'm not a country fan but I'm curious to see what you could come up with for that.

Kayla said...


Protest, rebellion, controversy in classic and modern rock sounds really cool. That definitely sounds like a Mike Ahern kind of topic to me buddy.

Kayla said...


It seems like a lot of people are leaning towards love and lust, or loss and gain. I think omniscience in rock operas is the way to go.

Kayla said...


I never thought of rock as to having moral values. I like that idea a lot.

I like psychology in mondern music too though.


Doug said...

Laura - somthing OTHER than country music =P

Mike - ID Crisis sounds good maybe you can find a song by Barth (no pun)

Kayla - Maybe a theme for the 21 could be foreshadow?

Pat - Love the 80's rock parties
good theme there def tons of music for that

Danielle - Joy in Folk sounds the most intrg. I would say you could do alot with that

Kayla - I love the movie soundtracks idea. Back to the Future Soundtrack

Alyssa - I LOVE SKA i know a few bands but i cant think of them at the moment obvi. use 311 and sublime

marier said...

Laura - I like the love and heartbreak in country music, you could do a lot for that. maybe someone like Taylor Swift would be good

Molli - Psychology in Modern Music sounds really interesting, I think that that's a good topic to choose

Rachel - I really like the idea of using the psychedlic music of the 60's and 70's, and I'm sure there is a ton of imagery in them

Caitlin - you can find a lot of artits that show confidence in female singer/songwriters music. maybe you should choose a time period or genre, like the 80s or in pop music

Kayla - I think that maybe Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones or the Steve Miller Band would be good for love and loss in classic rock

Doug - for love, lust, and loss in 80s and 90s pop you should look at maybe Blondie or New Kids on the Block

Melanie - you can definitely do a lot with freedom of expression in 80's and 90's rap. rap started to become really popular in the eighties, so maybe look at some old-school rap music

Alyssa- individuality in Ska-punk seems it could be really interesting

Danielle C. - joy in folk rock seems like a good idea

Nicole N. - you can do a lot with rebellion in classic rock, so it be a good option to choose

BRIDGET:) said...

nicole n, i think rebellion in classic rock is a good idea. it will be interesting to see what songs you can find

BRIDGET:) said...

nicole n, i think rebellion in classic rock is a good idea. it will be interesting to see what songs you can find

BRIDGET:) said...

marie, i think the blues and jazz influences might be cool because i love jazz and it will be neat to see how it ties into modern day music

BRIDGET:) said...

laur, love and heartbreak might be kind of a broad topic choice bc so many country songs are about love and/or heartbreak. i think the good with the bad would be more specific

BRIDGET:) said...

mike, i think inspiration in indie rock sounds very unique, im curious to see what songs you would come up with for that

BRIDGET:) said...

kayla, i really like all your choices, i like you specified your topic by chosing the "best" songs of a particular genre. if i had to pick i'd say best feel-good country songs, even though i don't really like country, i like the few upbeat country songs that just make me happy

BRIDGET:) said...

molli, moral values sounds like an interesting topic to research in country music, it very unique

BRIDGET:) said...

pat, be more specific, those are very broad choices

BRIDGET:) said...

doug, omnicience in rock operas sounds mysterious and intriguing. make sure you have enough song examples if you chose it though

BRIDGET:) said...

rachel, that sounds like a very original topic, it will be really interesting to see what songs you pick

BRIDGET:) said...

danielle, losing someone and heartbreak are kind of the same topic so maybe you could specify it a bit more but i think it is a good idea and you would probably have a lot to work with

BRIDGET:) said...

caitlyn, confidence in female singers sounds very interesting, i like it a lot

BRIDGET:) said...

kayla, on second thought, i'm definately liking the soundtrack theme, you would have a wide variety of songs to work with

BRIDGET:) said...

alyssa, i like the individuality in ska-punk topic, its very original and interesting

BRIDGET:) said...

melanie, i definately like the freedom of expression in rap, i would have never thought of that topic. you could probably find a lot to work with and it will be fun to see what you do with it

Laura R said...

1. Doug- ok, i looked up 'omniscient' which means having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight. So if that is what you mean than I think that one would be a great choice, plus no one else woul dhave it!

2. Nicole N.- Loss in Alt. Rock seems like an interesting choice. I don't listen to alot of Alt. rock so I would like to see what you could come up with.

3. Marie R.- Political music in the 60's! What a great concept! Just make sure you are able to find enough songs to support it.

4. Mike- I really like the identity crisis in rock. It is an interesting concept and I feel as though you'd be able to get alot of important concepts across.

5. Cindy- You're having problems with what genre?! Every and any genre has songs pertaining to love/lust, and love/heartbreak. Work with the genre that you are interested in or you want to learn more about. You could do rock, alt. rock, country, music of the 80's and 90'2. You have so many options! Pick one you will enjoy!

6. Kayla- I think you could really work a lot with the most inspirational songs of thw 21 centry. You could also incorrborate love songs, and 'feel good songs' into it easily. What genre are you most interested in focusing on?...rock, country, oldies?

7. Pat- Parties?! Come on Pat! I think you could work with war and lost. They both go good together and you would be able to get alot of emotions, and real life situations which touch people close to the heart. Go for it!

8. Molli- psyc. in modern music seems really interesting, but what exactly would that include? If psyc. is something that interest you I would definetly go with it. I mean i find it entreguing, just make sure you are able to tie everything in.

9. Caitlyn- Confidence in women song wirters/artists is a really great topic! How about the song 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor, or 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin, for starters.

10. Alyssa- I really like the individuality in Ska-punk. I don't really know much about that type of music but I am interested to see what you come up with.

Kaylee said...

-Modern Rock(1990-Present)
-Local bands
-Unsigned bands

-Loss(like to death, addiction, etc.)

Mike said...

Kayla, you should do the inspirational one in my opinion. It's different...and not depressing.

Molli- The last two topics you have sound really good. I think you could definitely go somewhere with those.

Rahcel - psychadelic music - nice

caitlin - I think the whole female confidence thing would be a strong topic.

Melanie - i'd go with freedom of expression but I don't know a whole lot about rap.

doug- do some rock opera - that would be interesting!

bridget- thanks for the comments!

alyssa - anything with ska would turn out good.

liz said...

nicole- love, lost and gained in country is a really good topic, i was thinking the same thing.

marie- old school rap is something a lot of people can relate to, i like it.

laura-i really like lvoe and heartbreak in country music.

mike- protest, rebellion, and controversy in classic and modern rock sounds like a good idea.

kayla- you will probably find a lot of songs for best love songs of the 21st century

Cindy said...

I think confidence in female singers is a good idea.

BRIDGET:) said...

passion/admiration in classic rock songs

ambiguous drug references in classic rock songs

reminiscing young love in classic rock songs

Cindy said...

I like moral values in Rock and Roll

Tina said...

1.) rebellion in modern punk music.
2.) straightedge ideas in hardcore, punk music of the 80's and 90's.
3.)inspiration in modern pop, punk, and hardcore.

These are the main topics I'm interested in researching that is found in such a wide range in those genres. Any bands to consider?

Kayla said...

Nicole; Love: lost and gained in Country music. Abesolutly if you use this one you should use Rascal Flatts or Toby Keith! :]

Doug- I cant really think of any good ones but I would choose the
'Love, Lust, and Loss in the 80's and 90's pop'. There are many song choices for that.

Lauren- For country music its really hard to narrow it down but the one that you would have the most choices would be Love&Heart break.

Danielle- Folk love is probably your best choice.

Bridget- Jazz is such a good and original idea. Have you heard of Michael Buble? He has the most amazing voice. different.

Mike- Thanks for the feed back. And I cant see your choices for some reason but I would do..choice number 1!

Kayla- MOVIE SOUNDTRACKSSSS. Its so different and that opens up sooooo many options.

Caitlin-Depression in Indie..sad but a good idea!

Molli- Moral Values in Rock and Roll, its something new. I like it!

Cindy said...

I think I'm going to do Love or Heartbreak in Modern Rock.

Nicole N. said...

Doug- Loss and gain seems to be a repetive theme, but i think looking into Rock Opera's would be different, I doubt many people know about it.

Marie- Political influence sounds like such a good idea, especially if you use songs about Vietnam, I'm sure The Beatles have mad amounts to choose from.

Laura- You and I seem to have the same taste =) I really like the good with the bad as a choice, I never thought of that. You could look into some Kenny Chesney songs for that.

Mike- I feel that identity crisis may be difficult, but worth looking into, however the rebellion in classic rock would have a wide range of options, nice idea =P

Kayla Numba Two- I feel that your topics are a smidge vague but, if you could narrow them down to more specific ideas then I would love to see what you could come up with for inspirational songs of the 21st century. Good luck love!

Caitlin- Female confidence seems like such an original and fresh idea, I love it! I'd love to see how that turns out.

Kayla Numba One- The soundtracks is a super duper idea! Don't forget How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, the Gin Blossoms are pretty amazing =)

Nicole N. said...

Kaylee- I think local bands would be a hard thing to cover fully, so could you combine your unsigned bands and local bands into maybe bands that aren't mainstream? Then do love as your theme. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to research "underground" bands. Good luck.

Alyssa- Individuality in Ska-punk sounds really interesting. I've never even heard of Ska-punk so I can't give an pointers, but individuality is very original. Can't wait to see what you find.

Danielle- I've never heard a song from folk-rock so I would have no idea how to help, but maybe combining heartbreak and loss in folk rock could "beef up" your selection to choose from.

Molli B said...

Marie-i really like Old school rap in the 80s and 90s, i really think you could go somewhere with that.

Laura-love and heartbreak in country music is a good one because there are so many artists you could do, almost all of them. Take a look at a couple Toby Keith songs.

Doug-I like loss and gain in the 21st century top, that gives you a big area to work with with not many restrictions.

kayla-The most feel good songs of country music is a good one to do because most country songs are up beat and do make you feel good. Look at Rascal Flatts.

Caitlin-I really like confidence in female singer/songwriters music. You could look at a lot of country female singers, especially Taylor Swift.

Kayla-I think something with movie soundtracks would be really interesting especially Juno.

Melanie-I think violence in late 90's and 2000's rap would be really interesting and almost any artist would work.

Alyssa-I think you could go with either one for SKA, def look at 311!

Kaylee-I think you should try and do something with unsigned bands.

Patrick-I think you could go somewhere with a war theme.

Kayla T. said...

My last five comments...

Kayla numba 2- The most feel good songs in country sounds good to me... minus the country part but yeah, I know you're sticking with it just to spite me. =P

Marier- I really like your blues and jazz influences in 21st century music idea. Blues and jazz are amazing and not many people know it.

Cindy- Come on! You're way more creative than that!!! Everyone's doing love and lust and loss and crap. Switch it up buddy! =P

Pat G.- Not very specific, but War sounds interesting.

Caitlyn- Confidence in female singer/songwriters music is a lovely idea. =) I don't know what to say other than that I really really really like it.

Cindy said...

Tine - Inspiration in modern pop, punk, and hardcore sounds interesting.

Bridget - I think you should do Ambiguous drug references in classic rock songs, It's very unique.

Amy said...

inner conflict/struggle
being used (as in relationships)

folk rock in the 60's and 70's
modern experimental/progressive rock

Danielle C. said...

Yeah, i think I'm going to combine loss and heartbreak. There are more songs I know that i can do with that. By a great band. Thanks for the feedback!


ALYSSA said...

nicole i think love lost and gained would be a strong theme for country..easy to find

Laura, same thing, love and heartbreak in country music!!

Kayla F, i think you could find alot for feel good country music! that would be cool.

molli, moral values in rock adn roll would definitley be interesting to look at