Monday, September 21, 2009

POS: Songwriter Biographies

You will be assigned the name of a notable songwriter. On your blog, you must now complete a biographical presentation of your given artist(s) including, but not limited to, the following: a list of 10 relevant, interesting facts regarding the artist(s), a timeline, 5 high quality images, a link to relevant video footage, a formal analysis of one song which exemplifies the artist's use of poetic devices, and a short essay examining the artist's contributions to the practice of song-writing. This assignment is intended to acquiant you with some of the capabilities of your blog. I will check and assess your final products on Sunday, September 27th; they should appear on your blogs.


Kaisey Arena said...

Hey Mr.Kefor!
So I'm up at college in VT and my roommate was just telling me about how in her psych class they are looking at Stephen Wilkeshire (sp?) and his artwork.. and she had to write about him and his abilities.. just thought i'd let you know i was totally able to help her out on that...
and alsooo!
quick thanks for all of those times in visual where we had to analyze images.. i'm having to study different forms of art for my Concepts of Self class and its really helpful knowing all those awesome terms i hated back in the day! hahaha
Oh and guess what our final project is.... a self portrait.
:) :)
Well i just wanted to say thanks for giving me the advantage! :)
hope alls well at NHS!

~Kaisey Arena

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing Chaucer this summer Kefor! I wish I knew more so I can totally kick butt in Brittish Literature though. apparently my british litt teacher is a big enforcer on him and I barely know anything other than what you told us over the summer and what's in the Britsih litt book.And it was also kind of fun reading over the summer and now everyday in school during lunch I am still reading those same books.