Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Pet Peeves

In no particular order:

1. Alex Trebek: Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy, is super-annoying to me. I love the show, and my wife and I enjoy playing along. Alex, on the other hand, possesses a subtle type of pompousness that just gets me fired up. He has all of the answers on the screen in front of him, so why must he correct the contestants as if his intelligence is so impressive? Each evening, it is inevitable that he says something that aggravates me, but I tolerate his presumptuousness for the sake of the game.

2. Experts: By experts, I am referring to individuals who have a highly-specific, even esoteric knowledge of a particular field who, for whatever reason, assume that everyone else on the earth has the same particular knowledge. In other words, I don't want a mechanic to speak to me as if I should be completely aware of every facet of my truck's engine. I don't expect him to be able to produce a thesis statement evaluating the parallels between Orwell's vision of a dystopic society and the modern politics of North Korea under Kim Jong Il. The world doesn't revolve around you (or me), and if I, along with others, had a pre-existing knowledge of engine mechanics, you would be unemployed.

3. Phil Simms: He's the former Giants quarterback who works as a game analyst/announcer for the NFL on NBC. He just plain old bothers me. What bothers me even more is the fact that I cannot articulate exactly why he bothers me; he just does.

4. Parking Near Me: Don't park near me. I park, in most cases, as far away from other cars as possible, yet often I return from a place of business to find a vehicle parked uncomfortably close to my truck in some subconscious attempt to make my vehicle feel less isolated. There are hundreds of free spots; why is there a need to bump doors? Go away.

5. Snobs: When I worked in catering, I learned a lot about how people treat individuals when they are functioning in a position of "service". When I would "serve" people, they seemed to adopt an attitude of not only social- but intellectual- superiority. They spoke to me as if I were an idiot, assuming that my choice of employment must be a direct result of a lackluster intellect. Now, I put special effort into treating people who "serve" me not as servants but as human beings who should not be categorized by their occupation, no matter how menial.

6. "Hon": I don't like it when women call me "hon", especially when they are younger than I am. My mother, grandmother, and wife, along with elderly women, are allowed to call me "hon".

7. Sports Regurgitators: A sports regurgitator is someone who: a) is a devotee of Sportcenter and talk radio and b) regurgitates or otherwise recycles sports-related ideas and opinions of others in an attempt to pass them off as their own.

8. People Who Don't Pull Forward at Drive-Thru's: Congratulations, you've placed your order! But you're job is not done. There are seven people behind you, all of whom have not placed theirs, so creep on forward to allow others to do so.

9. "Could Care Less": It is I "couldn't care less". "Could care less" implies the existence of a level of care; "couldn't care less" implies a level of care so minuscule it is impossible to care less. So, "could care less"= I care. I try not to be an English snob (this would violate PP #5), but this one is so widespread it tends to bother me.

10. Strangers at My Door: I chose my dog, a Bullmastiff, because I feel an animal should contribute to the family in some way. I feel like dogs should earn their kibble. Bullmastiffs were originally bred to pursue and attack poachers in rural England. They still don't bark much, because barking would give humans an opportunity to escape and take the fun out of actually catching someone. So, essentially, their function is to protect their home from intruders. Ramona is gentle and goofy with her family and loved ones but she is suspicious of strangers. If the Comcast guy comes to fix the table, Mona makes it abundantly clear, via body language alone, that he is not allowed to give as much as a dirty look to anyone in the house. I live in a fairly large development, the type of neighborhood perfect for Halloween and ideal for door-to-door solicitation. My dog makes strangers very uncomfortable, and they seem to question why I would keep such a beast. The irony is that, in their discomfort, is their answer. Maybe I'm a hobbit.

What are some of your Pet Peeves?


Robert said...

Most of your pet peeves are people... lol. I remember the "care-o-meter" you drew on the board. And if I remember correctly, you ARE a self-proclaimed snob and an expert on mostly everything that exists.

Anonymous said...

1) When people say ATM Machine.
ATM = Automated Teller Machine

2) People that go tanning in the winter.

3) People that drive excessively slow.

4) People that tailgate

5) People that say that don't care when they clearly do.

6) People that are completely ignorant to new ideas and won't even listen to what is being said.

Michael Costa
Period C

Ashlie Sprague said...

My Pet Peeves!

1) When I walk next to someone and they constantly bump into me, this makes me so mad.

2) When people come through drive-thru and they order for over a minute, if the order is more than $10 then you should probably come in!

3) When people assume they know something when they really have no clue.

4) When teachers give you tons of homework, they act like you only have that class...

5) Rich snobby people.

6) Bubbles, or anything with tiny circles grouped together.

Justin Iadarola said...

1.When people say “could care less” when it really is “couldn’t care less”
2.When drivers don’t use their blinkers
3.When people say my last name wrong
4.When my aunts and uncles call me “Jason” not Justin
5.When people send one word text messages
6.Couples who sit on the same side of the booth when there is no one on the other side
7.When someone says “nothing” after you ask “what is wrong?”
8.People who weave in and out of cars on the highway
9.Suburban kids who think they are gangstas
10.Justin Beiber
11.People sitting at a red light and continuing to sit there when the light turns green because they're on their cell phone

Anonymous said...

Alison Lynch's Pet Peeves:

1. People who don't text back quickly: It takes all of 30 seconds to send a quick text, why does it take you a half hour to respond to me? Common courtesy... say, "I'll be delayed" or "BRB" or anything!
2. The people who spit on the stairs: YOU ARE DISGUSTING. Grow up, do you get some weird pleasure from leaving your bodily fluids where others will step in it?
3. AP Stats.: no explanation needed.
4. Feeling like a third-wheel.
5. People who confuse "your" and "you're": your is possessive, you're is you are.
6. Arrogant/Self-centered people: STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. Every time I try to get a word in you turn it around and make it about you. Or people who brag about doing sooooooo well without trying, COOL, I tried harder than you and you beat me, please stop bragging it makes me dislike you more.
7. Going off number 6... People who one up you: If I'm having a bad day, OF COURSE YOU HAD A WORSE ONE. Or I'm having a really great day but something more awesome happened to you, just let me have my moment.. PLEASE.
8. Hypocritical know why.
9. The people who come into Dunkin Donuts and order on their cell phone: Can you get off your phone for 2 minutes to order, I'm sure this isn't a dire situation.
10. Drivers who don't use their blinkers: How hard is it to flick your hand up or down. You do not own the road. If you just put your turn signal on I wouldn't tailgate you for going 5 mph in a 40 zone.
11. People that interrupt you when you're telling a story and then they continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking.
12. Toddlers in Tiaras.
13. People who think that they're "gangsta"
14. People who are obsessed with Jersey Shore...are you kidding me? Dumbest show ever created..
15. People who follow the latest trend simply because it exists. Why don't people think for themselves?

Anonymous said...

Kaylyn Dorsey

1. People who talk on cell phones while they are ordering food, especially at drive thrus… no, I do not want to hold on while you are finishing your conversation, I have other things to do and other people to serve.
2. People who are always late. It isn’t that hard to show up on time. If you’re someone who is always late, get ready earlier and leave earlier than usual.
3. People who disrespect their teachers and elders.
4. People who refuse to be wrong and blame everyone else for their failures.
5. People who take out their bad moods on everyone around them, just because you’re in a bad mood does not mean that everyone else has to suffer.
6. Biddies.
7. People who hover and read your text messages.
8. People who don’t park correctly and take up more than one parking space.
9. People who invite themselves to everything.
10. Girls who dress provaocatively, I don't need/want to see that.
11. People who respond with one word answers.
12. Psychotic girlfriends.
13. People who walk slow.
14. Pretty girls that constantly say that they are ugly and fish for compliments.
15. People that don't hold the door.
16. People with poor manners. It isn't hard to say please or thank you.
17. Getting called ma'am while working.
18. White kids that try to act ghetto.
19. People who don't clean up when they are done eating, especially in fast food places. There is a trash two feet away, just throw it away yourself.
20. Fake people.
21. When someone calls and leaves a voicemail that just says "call me." If I see that I have a missed call from you, I will call you back.
22. People that are extremely smart but just lazy. Especially when they try to always copy your work.
23. When people cut you off and then continue to dry extremely slow.

Hannah C. said...

1)When people are late. If you say you’re going to be there at a certain time, then be there. This is definitely my biggest pet peeve.
2)When people don’t use the correct form of “your.”
3)People who don’t text back fast or only send one word texts.
4)When people tell me they’re going to do something, but don’t do it. Don’t tell me you’ll do something if you don’t plan on doing it.
5)When people drive slower than the speed limit.
6)When my parents try to carry on a conversation with me when I’m clearly not in the mood to talk to them.
7)When people don’t use their blinkers. It’s there for a reason. Use it.
8)Couple who sit on the same side of the booth when there’s no one on the other side.
9)When you spend hours watching someone’s kids then they don’t pay you. We’re taking time out of our schedules to babysit your kids so you can go out. At least pay us a little bit of money.
10)When parents don’t take their kids out of a public place such as a restaurant when they’re screaming and cry.

Anonymous said...

1)When people don't tip me when I deliever their food but they still act really nice.

2)People use formspring even though people just use it to bash each others annonymously.

3)People who say they don't like something without trying it.

Dan Freedman

Anonymous said...

1. I hate people who watch their shots in tennis. You hit the ball, good for you. It probably wasn't even that good of a shot so why do you act as if your amazing. Your not.
2. Once you take your socks off, they should stay off. They are dirty, why would you put dirty clothes back on?
3. Tuna fish. If your going to make tuna fish, you better rinse the bowl out. It smells.
4. I hate teachers who give homework over vacation.
5. When you see people go out to eat and all they are concerned with is their phones. Put the phone down and talk. Is it really to difficult?
6. I hate people who think they know you, but they really don't.
7. People during DF's who say the same EXACT thing as the person before them. Cool, you agree. Whats the point?
8. People who are upset because they failed a test but didn't study. Its your fault. Stop complaining...maybe next time you'll be smart and review your notes.

tory carlson

Becca Morse said...

I hate:
-when people's shoes fold under the sides of the heels and they walk on them aka Uggs
-rude people that order food at Qdoba....I'm doing you a favor, why don't you make your own food then.
-fake tanning/spray tans/tanning beds
-girls that put makeup on/dress up to go to the gym, or the beach, or any other activity that absolutely NO ONE cares if you have makeup on....its gonna come off anyway
-obnoxious people that yell when its not necessary to; everyone can hear you perfectly fine/ no one wants to hear you
-taking facebook pictures of yourself/mirror shots..that was for myspace
-posting 80 facebook statuses, literally no one cares about your life. you're just clogging the feed.
-wearing high heels to school...
-people that hate valentines day. your parents give you candy anyway so who cares if you don't have a "valentine"
-cheerleading is NOT a sport and anyone who thinks so needs to try watching or playing a real sport.

Anonymous said...

1.My dad's obsession with trying to make me like basketball/Ray Allen. At least he gave up on football I guess...
2. Flannel. Like there are probably 3 people who actually look good in it...stop trying.
3. People who watch their shots in tennis.
4. People who say things so that you'll compliment them. Cool, you're awesome...stroke your own ego.
5. People who make promises they know they can't keep. Just don't bother, save everyone the trouble.
6. People who assume they know you. You don't.
7. Clingy people.

Kerryn Camara

Anonymous said...

Tim Webberson
Pet Peeves:
1. When people reply to me with one word text messages.
2. When people say “lol” or “haha” in text messages when nothing is funny.
3. People who complain about their problems yet don’t do anything to help themselves.
4. Drivers who don’t use their blinkers.
5. When angry friends take out their frustrations on me, when I didn’t even do anything.
6. When people “love” a band but they really only know the band’s one hit song.
7. When you ask a person something and they say what? But then immediately answer your question. Why do they say what if they know exactly what you just said.
8. White kids that act gangster.
9. Stuck up people.
10. Ungrateful people, be happy with what you have.
11. Justin Beiber and Jonas Brothers.
12. People who judge you before they really know you.

mhines4422 said...

One of my pet peeves is Tv shows that have episodes in which they say "To be continued" at the end.

mhines4422 said...

One of my pet peeves is when TV shows that have episodes that say "To be Continued" at the very end.

Christine said...

I couldn't really think of any pet peeves at first. Then I thought of things that tick me off at my house. One is when people leave stuff around the house and they can't just walk like 2 feet to put it

Another thing is when people playing sports talk bad about the other team and get in fights or talk mean to other players on the field right to their face. Jerks.

Lastly, (of what I can think of) is when it gets dark and people leave their curtains and shades open. People can see you in your house and it bugs me. So I have to shut mine at my house right when it gets dark.

Paul S. said...

1) Pretty girls who think they are ugly:
2) Being called Robert: You’ve known me for 12 years, get my name right
3) People who misquote movies:
4) Pessimists: Smile!
5) People who think it’s cool to not flush public toilets:
6) Posers: white rappers, people who change their favorite sports team yearly
7) Half-swearing: Do it or don’t
8) 3 cent tips: Honestly, don't act like your doing your good deed for the day
9) Guys that take pictures of themselves shirtless:
10) Musicians who can’t sing live:
11) Guys that straighten their hair and wear skinny jeans a.k.a. Tim W.
12) Teachers that scale tests:pity points/ "you did so bad, i'm impressed"
13) Drive-thru customers who have absolutely no clue what they want to order/ what restaurant they are at:
14) Kids that don’t know how to walk in the hallway: Stick to the right and keep moving!

Paul Southworth

Alan said...

My pet peeve (but I have others) is when people talk to me as if I'm stupid, but I already know what there talking about. Big example is in "Magic the Gathering" when my adversary is explaning a card that I have seen over a HUNDRED TIMES that wins you the game unless you have a card that can stop it from hitting the field or stop it's ability. Well thats my pet peeve. (P.S) people who play "Magic the Gathering" for money know my pain all to well.

Alan said...

Big pet peeve of mine is people who think they are so smart just to get a simple question wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pet Peeves:
Ashley Cibotti

1. hate when you are in the middle of texting someone and then they randomly dont respond
2. One word texts
3.When people chew their gum wicked obnoxiously
4. When people butt into your conversations,when they werent even in it
5.People who think they are SOOO good at something, and brag about it to everyone when they actually arent
6.People who look for good comments for themselves
7. When your texting someone and someone leans over your shoulder and says "who are you texting?"
8. People with wicked obnoxious laughs

Anonymous said...

Brittany Lefebvre

1. People who don't control their children in public places:I don't want your two year old child crawling all over me while I'm trying to enjoy a movie, especially if I don't know you.

2. Little girls that try to talk down to me: You're like twelve, don't try telling me what to do.

3. People who repeat the same question over and over again: If I didn't know the answer the first ten times you asked me, chances are I still don't.

4. People who let their animals roam free: When I'm trying to go for a walk I don't want your dog trying to slobber all over me.

5. People who listen to your conversation, then interject something: Things that I don't say to you, don't concern you so don't listen.

6. Dirty houses: It takes twenty minutes to vacuum and do dishes, nobody wants to walk in your filth.

7. People who don't flush the toilet: That's disgusting, it takes three seconds, just do it.

8. Fake tans that turn orange: Tans aren't orange, you look like an oompa loompa.

9. Boys who dye their hair: If you don't like your hair, then just shave it off.

10. People who point out ever single boy that slightly resembles Justin Beiber: We get it, the kid has long hair and a purple sweatshirt, leave him alone he's not the real deal.

11. People who straight half their hair and leave the other half curly: It's either one or the other, not both.

12. When people mess up song lyrics: If you don't know the song, don't sing it.

13. People who always ask me for money: No I am not giving you money, get your own.

Anonymous said...

1) People putting their feet next to me when they know how much I hate feet.
2) Stepping on the back of my shoes, the first time it's fine but more than once I get so annoyed.
3) Being told what to do over and over again as if I forgot the other times.
4) When someone always has to be right and I'm positive they're wrong but they keep argueing.

Jessica said...

1. People who chew obnoxiously loud. Really? I understand that maybe your food is really tasty and such but I don't need to hear you eating. Close your mouth.
2. People who like my pictures on facebook just because their friends are in it...if I don't talk to you.. don't like my picture. It's annoying.
3. Girls who let their boyfriends control their whole lives and forget about their friends. Oh, hey that's weird I was there for you way before he came into your life and now I don't exist? COOL.
4. People who think they know everything.......if i ask a question in class it's for the teacher, not you. You have no idea what you're talking about, please stop.
5. Customers who don't say thank you. OK.. lets take a second to think about this. I just made you a coffee, sandwich and got you a donut or bagged your carriage full of groceries... you can't say thank you? Is it that hard? NO.
6. People who walk -7 mph in the hallway. I mean, really?
7. Facebook statuses that are ALWAYS depressing/angry/negative... everyone has their days and everyone is going through things..if you're that sad it's okay but talk to someone.. it'll help.
8. Repetitive songs.
9. Teachers who find it necessary to lecture about life every class, except Mr. Greene because his stories are funny and the best.
10. Clingy people...if you text me and I don't respond 3 seconds later, don't fret. It doesn't mean I hate you/am ignoring you/died.. I might just be livin' life.
11. People who text me everyday asking me what the homework was. Do you have ears? Yeah, use them. The homework was on the board, on your syllabus AND was explained four times in class. let's be real. Once in a while is fine but like....everyday? chill.
12. People who call me yet have nothing to say. If you're gonna call me, talk to me. Those are mad minutes wasted.
13. Homework. Nuff' said.
14. Conceited people...UGH.If you're cute/pretty that's great, congratulations.. but being conceited doesn't make you cutER it makes you annoying and ugly. sorry.
15. Cell phones that freeze all the time.. come on T-Mobile step your game up.
16. People who ask a lot of I look like google? Nope, so shh.
17. People who don't know when to stop fooling old are you? OH you're 18? K, stop.
18. Spanish grammar.. I know how to speak it, isn't that enough?
19. People who go out of their way to get attention. We all understand that you're cute/pretty/amazing at life, but we don't need you to make it known... trust me we know.
20. People who don't know how to park/drive.
21. Old women/men who drive like turtles.
22. People who don't hold the door when they're close enough to hold it.....UGH.
23. People who hit their blinker 500 miles before their but seriously that's the worst.
24. Prank phone calls.
25. People who stand in front of the counter at Double Ds for 20 minutes to end up getting like a munchkin..
26. People who text/call me only when they need something..i hate feeling used.

long list, SORRY !

Andrew said...

I hate people that talk on the phone really loud and people that can't drive it's really not that hard.

Walls Divide said...
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Jesse MacLEAN said...

1) When computers shut off and cause me to lose EVERYTHING I just typed.

2) Not remembering everything I just typed when PP#1

3) When this happens: "OMG Mrs. Teacher just gave me an F because she hates me!" Seriously? You failed that class because you do absolutely nothing in it, not because the teacher "hates" you.

3) When I spend and uncomfortable amount of time at the pencil sharpener, sit back down at my desk, and my pencil breaks...again.

4) Revolving doors bother me. What If you dropped a dollar or your cell phone? How would you ever get that back without circiling around like an idiot? (this is more of a fear)

5) Pretty girls who say they are ugly for compliments. People who post pictures on facebook, edited to no end, and with some lame quote and captioning it "OMG SO UGLYYYY" No. You wouldn't have posted that if you thought it was ugly.

6) Mustard, relish, ketchup. Condomints in general. I don't know why, but they seriously bother me.

7) People who say they want braces because they look cool. Try having them for 4 years, then tell me how cool they are.

8) When this happens: "Isn't he so [insert some obscure teen slang]?" "I don't know what [obscure teen slang] means. Can you tell me?" "WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT [obscure teen slang word that is becoming very annoying] MEANS?" "Thats why I asked..."

9) People who get way too opinionated about a certain music. If I don't like the song "Ripping out my internal organs as I swim in a river of blood" there is nothing you can do to change my mind.

10)People who yell "AWKWARD!" Seriously, nothing was awkward until you just said that. You know it, I know it, and everyone else does.

Zack said...

some of my pet peeves are; when other people put the tea kettle on and let it keep whistling, when im trying to do something and people keep bothering me (hello cant you see im busy),when people ride my bumper( the closer they are the slower i go)

Courtney said...

1. When you're listening to your favorite song and someone is singing over it
2. Stubborn, ignorant people.
3. When people make fun of my obsession with Rihanna. I'm sorry she's better than you.
4. Hypocrites
5. When people get mad that I forgot their walnuts on their ice cream. It's ice cream.
6. When people tell me to chill. I am chill. You telling me to chill makes me actually mad.
7. When someone calls you out in front of a group of people. You can confront me in private. Thanks.
8. Cheaters
9. When people think they were the first to do something (Ex. dying hair a certain color)
10. When you ask someone for their opinion and they say, "I don't care."
11. Making plans
12. Light wash jeans
13. CROCS.
14. Sleeping without socks on
15. PDA in the hallway. Gross!
16. Teachers that yell at you for being late. You don't know my life.

Courtney Williams

Isabella Varela said...

1. Mondays, need I say more?!

2. Long waits in "fast food" drive-thru lines

3. People smoking cigarettes

4. Spam emails

5. Alarm clocks

6. People that can't keep a secret

7. Mosquito bites

8. Slow internet connection

9. Telemarketers who have my cell number

10. People who think they know it all

Jeff Kitchen said...

Pet peaves

1. When people leave their blinkers on for a very long time after entering the exit ramp on the highway.

2. dead fish

Jeff Kitchen said...

Pet peaves

1. When people leave their blinkers on for a very long time after entering the exit ramp on the highway.

2. dead fish

Alan said...

i looked through your pet peves and i noticed you used table not cable. just thought you might chang that.

Anonymous said...

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