Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WAVI: Concept Brainstorm

"Innocent Eye Test" by Mark Tansey
Choosing a concept for your semester-long Concept-folio can be challenging. Let's use this post to declare "working concepts", or initial ideas. Post your possible concepts and offer an explanation for your focus. After you post your concept and offer an explanation, be sure to view your classmates' concepts. Offer commendations or criticism and don't be shy. After all, wouldn't you rather reformulate your concept now as opposed to in April? And remember- your concept should transcend disciplines.

The bottom line is: choose a concept that interests YOU. If you do, you won't even notice that you are working; if you don't, it will be a long semester.


susan said...

-susan meyer

Kim Lynch said...


-Kim Lynch

Chelsi said...

My name is Chelsi and Im really thinking about doing Concepts of Beauty because I am intrigued by different cultures and by what people have in their heads; their thoughts, opinions, knowledge, etc. I havent thought of anything else yet.

Chelsi said...

My name is Chelsi and I am really thinking about doing Concepts of Beauty because I am very intrigued by different cultures and what goes on in people's minds. I haven't thought about doing anything else.

Tori D. said...
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john royle said...

combat, sports, mood, or mr. henry

Tori D. said...

Tori D - Hey, my three concepts I was considering were life/death, nature, or fantasy/reality. I'm leaning towards more of the latter but opinions would be great! Thanks.

Vicky Miller said...

Concept- Rose Colored Glasses: The Influences of Love and Passion

I would focus upon the different sides of love from fluffy, childhood crushes to life long passionate soulmates. I will also focus upon the more stark sides of the emotion such a relationships that have turned toxic.

Jesse MacLEAN said...

Jesse MacLEAN

Some concepts I'm condidering are Dreams, Pain, and Nature. I'm leaning towards "Dreams"

Briana said...

I'm thinking of choosing joy, compassion or nature's beauty.
- Briana

Shayna said...

I'm thinking of doing either nature, heartbreak, emotions or love. Tell me what you think!(:

Isabella Varela said...

Hi, I'm Isabella Varela and I am thinking of 3 possible concepts: hope, peace or happiness, because everybody likes to talk about good feelings.

Merri West said...

Merri West

My ideas for a concept are different perspectives, death (such as peoples fear of it), and innocence.

Anonymous said...

Hi my names Tyler i was thinking about doing isolation as my concept mainly because its the theme of my band
Tyler R

nickroe said...

hey im nick r and my concepts could be nature, life/death, and happiness/sorrow

nickroe said...

my name is nick r and my concepts i was thinking about were nature, life/death, and happiness/sorrow

Kerrin Hughes said...

innocence(or lack of)

Anonymous said...

John you should do mr.henry i thinks its a really good idea

Christian said...


-Christian DeLano

Andrew said...

Hi my name is Andrew Morse. I was thinking of doing overcoming fear, overcoming obstacles, or individuality.

susan said...

Tyler- I think isolation is a good idea!

Merri- I like your idea of innocence!

Isabella- I like your idea of happiness!

Shayna- I like the idea of heartbreak!

Briana- I think compassion is a great idea!

Jesse- I think dreams would be an interesting concept to work with!

Victoira- Love and Passion is a great combination of ideas!

Tori- I think the concept of life would be interesting!

John- I think mood is a good idea!

Chelsi- I like your idea of the concept of beauty!

Kim- I like your idea of envy!

Sean Mathews said...

Life after death.
something about space and how it's never ending.
the depths of the ocean.

I don't really know yet

Brett said...

My name is Brett Pike and the three concepts im thinking of doing are sports, nature, and sorrow

Victoria Reiser said...

confusion, sadness, love, chaos

Jake said...

Hi my name is jake parham i am considering choosing pushing the limits, overcoming boundaries, or limitless.

Kim Lynch said...

to Tori D.,
I really like the idea of fantasy/reality! :)

Susan- I think destruction is a good idea.

Jesse MacLean- I really like the concept of dreams.

Tyler R.- I think isolation would be a great idea!

Kerrin Hughes- The lack of innocence seems to be a great idea!

Vicky miller- Love and Passion is a great combination!

Shayna- I really like the concept of heartbreak!

Isabella- I think peace would be a great concept!

Nick Roe- Happiness/sorrow would be a good concept!

Merri West- Death is a good concept!

Carlos Silva said...

I am Carlos Silva and I am thinking about nature,sports,and life.

Zack said...

trancending reality, violence: hatecrimes, war, domestic

Merri West said...

Vicky Miller i think your concept of rose colored glasses could be amazing, also its interesting because its not something one would typically think of doing.

Anonymous said...

Tori, Again

Vicky- a really unique idea, seems like you could probably do a lot with it
Isabella - I like the idea of peace of happiness
Victoria R- I'd go for confusion, it just seems really unique but also really accessible
Merri- Innocence, definatly, though it might be a bit of a challenge
Sean- space might be a bit tricky, but maybe if you paired it with depth and kept it vauge? But all are really unique concepts
Jake- All are really great concepts and anyone of them would work

*Note, anyone considering sports, it seems kind of too specific and I wouldn't recomend it. It just seems a bit too risky