Friday, May 20, 2011

WAVI: "Images in the Media" Reflection

Post and refect upon your findings from Thursday.


Merri West said...

Images and the Media average ratio of ads to content-104:109.

Kim Lynch said...

The ratio for ads to total pages of both magazines is 67 out of 149. It's interesting how there is many ads in magazines. I think that having too many ads in a magazine gets away from the actual magazine. More than half of the magazine holds mostly of ads.

susan said...

The ratio of ads to content was 67/149. I found it interesting that there were so many ads in the magazines. I did not realize that ads make up almost a half of the magazine. While observing the magazine, I realized that the people in the ads are used to persuade the reader to purchase the product being advertised.

Merri West said...

I think the large amount of ads in magazines represent how product and consumer based our coulture has become.

Isabella Varela said...

Pages: 40
Ads: 15

Anonymous said...

The magazine I had was a mountain bike magazine. There was a total of 162 pages with 44 ads and 118 pages of content. The average ratio was 44/118. There were not many pictures of women in my ad but there were a lot of guys. In my magazine they depicted athletic, in shape, not model quality, and basically everyday normal professional mountain bike athletes.5 out of five ads contain a human element. 4 out of 5 contain visual information altered by a computer. 5 out of 5 contain an image of the product. 1 out of 5 contains visual information irrelevant to product. And 0 out of 5 contain a celebrity.

Victoria Reiser said...

118 total pages; 42 ads to 76 content
contains a human/human element: 5/5
contains visual information likely altered by a computer: 4/5
contains inage of actual product: 4/5
contains visual information irrelevant to product: 2/5
contains spokesperson/celebrity: 2/5

Shayna said...

1. 118 total pages, 42 ads to 76 content

5/5 human elements
4/5 visual information
4/5 actual product
2/5 visual info irrelevant to product
2/5 contains spokesperson/celebrity

Anonymous said...

total pages= 295
There are many ads in these magazines and i dont like tham because they distract me.

Carlos Silva

xxjgp69xx said...

1) Pages: 139 Ads: 82 Content:57
Pages:99 Ads:31 COntent:66
Average ratio: 2.7

2) I haven't ever realized how many ads there really are in a magazine. I probably would have never noticed this until it was brought to my attention in the previous class. I do not mind the ads to much I really don't notice them anymore, they are blended so well. There are some that you cant help but noticed them by the author using bright colors, happy people, or attractive woman to lure people in and buy what they are selling.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Sugar, Zack Salvo

Images in the Media Reflection
Running Times, June edition
Total pages: 80
Ads: 35
Content: 56

There was a 104/59 ration of ads to content.

Sports Illustrated

Total pages: 72
Ads: 24
Content: 48

There was a ½ ratio of ads to content.

Reflections of images from Running Times
Contains a human/human element: 0/5
Contains visual information likely altered by a computer: 5/5
Contains image of actual product: 5/5
Contains visual information irrelevant to product: 2/5
Contains spokesperson/celebrity: 0/5

There were a lot of fallacious ads.

Sean Mathews said...

The magazine that I examined was called "Guitar World". To my surprise, many advertisements were all throughout the pages. Out of 163 pages, 62 conatined full page ads and 101 were non-ad material. Many of these pages even had smaller or ads in the columns.
The other magazine i worked with was more like a catalog, so ads were everywhere, but we onlyu included side ads that were a full page of one product. Out of 251 pages, 20 contained ads to 231 content.

The average number of pages was 207 with 41 ads to 166 content.

Both magazines focused on ads for musical equipment and the ads that did have people it was often a famous male rockstar. Not many females were in the magazines.

2/5 Contains human element

2/5 visual information altered

5/5 image of actual product

0/5 visual information irrelevant to product

1/5 conatained celebrity

Tyler R said...

Guitar World
1) 163 total pages,62 ads to 101 content

Musicians Friend
2) 251 total pages,20 ads to 231 content

3)Very little women
4)Men all playing guitar

Human element-2/5
Computer altered-2/5
Actual product-5/5

Both of the magazines used are music magazines so all of the ads were for equipment.They do not contain very good examples of propoganda because all of the ads in the magazines are relevant to what the magazine is about.Unlike magazines like Rolling Stone which could contain ads that are
completley irrelevant.Like ads for cigarettes, or a Carribean cruise.

Kerrin Hughes said...

2) total pages:75 ads:28 content:47
total pages:115 ads:80 content:25
average ratio: 108:72
3) young, diverse(in size/race), smiling, old, well-dressed, married
4) smiling, well-dressed, athletic, proud, middle-aged, has high paying job(s)

Human element:3/5
Computer made: 3/5
Actual product: 3/5
Irrelavency: 3/5
Spokesperson/Celebrity: 1/5

Anonymous said...

Tori D.
On average, an average magazine seemed to have 113 pages and 54 ads. Both male and female models or spokes person were attractive in some way, shape or form. 4/5 images contained a human element, 4/5 contained computer manipuilation, 5/5 showed the product, 3/5 had information not relavent to the and finally 4/5 had a spokes person.