Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interdisciplinary Arts: Tuesday's Classwork

1. Be sure that your proposal draft is published below. If it isn't, post it now.
2. Offer constructive feedback to peer proposals via comments addressed to specific students/proposals.
3. Review your feedback.
4. Make any necessary changes to your proposal; re-post it, and transfer file onto a Word document.
5. Re-format your proposal with narrow margins and a compact structure (let's try to save paper). Below your proposal, create: 1. daily checklist (items, tools, materials, and resources you must have every day to meet the proposed requirements). 2. a list of instructional requests (what information/assistance you seek from Mr. Kefor). 3. an enumerated checklist for the final product.

You are responsible for having the proposal in class on a daily basis. Don't be a turkey. Mr. Kefor will be checking for it. Print 2 or 3 copies.


Anonymous said...

Briana Betts
H Interdisciplinary Arts & Visual Language
November 22, 2011
Underwater Acrylic Proposal

1. Daily checklist (items, tools, materials, and resources you must have every day to meet the proposed requirements).
- In order to meet the requirements necessary to create underwater pictures that I intend to create in acrylic paint, I will need: Acrylic Paints (3 primary colors and black and white), Paint brushes (fine, medium, large), A canvas approximately 30” x 40”, Camera along with photo-shop to create underwater images as a resource, Easel, Water, and Plastic bag to waterproof camera for underwater photos. Also if I chose to use a projector and pencil instead of trying to master the block-in without assistance, that’ll be needed to!

2. A list of instructional requests (what information/assistance you seek from Mr. Kefor).
-I’ll need assistance from Mr. Kefor to get the elements of under water’s anti-gravitational qualities without making my painting appear stagnant. Also, the steps required to project my image onto a canvas because this will be a transfer from normal pencil and paper to which we usually use, onto a canvas where there will be painting and less instruction guidelines and outlines once I’ve begun.
3. An enumerated checklist for the final product.
- 5 Differentiating Acrylic Paints
-3 Different sized paint brushes
- 1 Canvas 30” x 40”
- 1 Camera
- 1 Plastic Bag
- 1 Easel
- 1 Pencil
- 1 Projector* (optional)

Anonymous said...


Kendyl: Sounds good, but edit phrasing and spelling.

David: Sounds like an interesting study, and well-phrased.

Morgan: What about taking a picture yourself? Either way, sounds like it will be interesting to see.

Jamie: Sounds really interesting. I like how you have incorporated different angles and close-ups into your proposal.

Natalie: I like the idea of using the final results for a cookbook.


Peter L. said...

Period E

The idea around which my proposal will be based is roughly the concept development of a fictional character. The end product will consist of several pieces. Several of those will be dedicated to the depiction of a certain arm piece on this character. Additionally, several others will be dedicated to differing angles of the character as a whole. Lastly, the final piece will depict the character in movement.

The concept of this character has been thought of for quite some time now. It is the brainchild of many sources of inspiration, especially fictional characters in games and literature. Until the present, many of our drawings have been focused on immobile objects that were observed in a controlled setting, thus giving the artist a consistent reference. However, with this project, the realism as learned so far will be applied to an idea that still continues to fluctuate and build upon itself. It is my hope that with this project, I will not only be able to craft realistic pieces, but I will also gain the experience to transpose my ideas into form.

This project shall include several studies of the hand in various positions, jewelry, paraphernalia of other characters found in media, medieval armor and weapons, and movement of the human body. The project will be conducted using HB, 4B, and 6B pencils on Strathmore 11x14 paper.

Since the artist already possesses all the materials necessary, there will be no need for financial support.

In studying this art form and attempting it myself, I will be able to expand my artistic horizons using my current knowledge as a foundation. The frugal nature of this piece shall make it more accessible and its fluid nature allows for a broader interpretation of the eventual end pieces.

Anonymous said...

Kendyl Cutler
Beluga Whale Drawing Proposal

Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B)
-Paper (8x10 or a little smaller)
-3 Black and white photos of beluga whales of your choice.
-Clay eraser.

I'll need help from Mr. Kefor trying to figure out how to do the reflections of the water off the whale and the shadow edges, most likely.

-Pick 3 beluga whale pictures in different positions.
-Prepare 3 8x10 (or smaller) pieces of paper.
-Block in
-Shadow Edge

Anonymous said...

David: I love your idea of the plants and how you are not only going to do black and white, but also incorprating color. That's pretty nifty.

Morgan: Your idea is very unique and adorable! I love it.

Kara: Sounds like a hard project, but doable and interesting.


Natalie: I love your idea, I also enjoy food :P.

Neeve: Hands are really hard to draw and get every detail, but I like your idea and think you can definatly do it ! (:


Peter L. said...

Kendyl: Your proposal sounds great. I find it refreshing that you like beluga whales that much.

David: That sounds fantastic. I like how you plan on implementing both color and black and white schemes.

Morgan: I think that you have taken a difficult challenge. The detail required will be substantial and the introduction of the color aspect only makes it more complicating. However, I have no doubts about your abilities; the end product will look fantastic.

Kara: The depth and to which you have prepared for this project is startling, yet it does not surprise me in the context of your character; you are very thorough with your work. It is interesting that you would choose to depict such mundane things. Still, with your ability, it will look amazing in the end.

Anonymous said...

David: Your idea of drawing plants i think will turn out to be a good choice. The fact that you are adding color will make it look amazing.

Kendyl: I love your idea of doing a study on buluga whales and i think it will come out really awesome!

Kara: Your project sounds like it could be complicated but i know you will be able to make it successful.

Jamie: i love your idea for a study it is so unique but i think a perfect choice.

Peter: Your idea sounds like it is going to be alot of fun to do, it was a great choice.

Natalie: you cant go wrong with your idea for your proposal food is amazing and i think your end product will be very interesting.

Neeve: Hands can be difficult to draw but i think they will come out good if you add a lot of detail to it and make it as realistic as possible!


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