Thursday, January 31, 2013

Interdisciplinary Arts: Friday, 2-1

Please complete the following tasks before the end of the period. Submit your responses as a comment here.

1. If you have yet to do so, visit the course page on Edline. Make sure that you are comfortable accessing files and links. Remember that your first set of readings should be well-represented in your first study page(s), due Tuesday. Print one copy of "Rubric: Study Pages (Peer)" for today.

2. Peruse the GCA blog. Sift through a few months of posts and images, clicking on the pieces that you find interesting and/or impressive. Select 3 works of art that exemplify 3 micro-lessons from our sphere drawing lesson or course readings. Compose a brief statement for each, and include: the artist's name, a description of the piece, and specific parallels between our lesson and aspects of the drawing or painting. Use your statements to demonstrate your learning in a specific and clear manner. If you happen to finish early, please proofread and refine your work.

3. If time allows, view the sphere drawing demonstrations linked from Mr. Kefor's art blog. Otherwise, view them at home. Remember that your final sphere will be assessed next week.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

POS: SSRS Evaluations

Today, our SSRS Think Tank groups will present the overhauled drafts of the SSRS forms. Please keep in mind that the form that best fullfills the objectives will be used on the Midyear Exam, so be honest and particular.


1. Rank the forms (by file name) from strongest to weakest.

2. Compose a paragraph defending your selection for the top spot. Be specific. Make your case for its inclusion on the exam.

3. Be sure that your group has the lyrics and audio to an appropriate song linked up for Thursday. Score the song yourselves using the SSRS you have created. Post the average score here along with individual scores.


4. On Thursday, revisit this post and discuss how the trial runs either confirm or contest your original rankings and feedback.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top Song Defenses: POS

Please post the final round of song defense feedback as a comment here (remember to include the speaker's use of ethos, pathos, and logos).

Orwellian Parallels: AP English Literature

Part A: To supplement our reading of 1984, I am asking you to consider the qualities of both utopian and dystopian societies. Visit the two links below (of course, these are not put forth as actual utopias, but undeniably represent facets of idealistic societies). Offer a brief synopsis of each. Then, discuss the qualities that you identify as synonymous with utopias and dystopias.

The World: Dubai

Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth

Part B: Click here. View the document. Construct a thesis statement connecting the content of this article to 1984.

Part C: Click the links below to explore the images of North Korea on "The Big Picture". Peruse the photographs and read all of the captions. After viewing a number of images from multiple links, choose 3 that you feel echo- or, perhaps, represent distinctions when compared with- 1984. Construct 3 separate theses that identify and articulate between image and text.

Recent Scenes from North Korea
Peering Into North Korea
A North Korean Anniversary and Debut
Tension in the Koreas

Part D: Study the following songs. Analyze the lyrics, and compose a paragraph that pinpoints the relationship between the songs and the novel. Though all of the songs are allusive, their contextualization and universal ideas may differ from Orwell's. To enhance your understanding, you may wish to view the videos while reading/following the lyrics in a separate window.

"Testify" by Rage Against the Machine: audio/video
"Big Brother" by Stevie Wonder: audio/video
"2+2=5" by Radiohead: audio/video