Tuesday, January 15, 2013

POS: SSRS Evaluations

Today, our SSRS Think Tank groups will present the overhauled drafts of the SSRS forms. Please keep in mind that the form that best fullfills the objectives will be used on the Midyear Exam, so be honest and particular.


1. Rank the forms (by file name) from strongest to weakest.

2. Compose a paragraph defending your selection for the top spot. Be specific. Make your case for its inclusion on the exam.

3. Be sure that your group has the lyrics and audio to an appropriate song linked up for Thursday. Score the song yourselves using the SSRS you have created. Post the average score here along with individual scores.


4. On Thursday, revisit this post and discuss how the trial runs either confirm or contest your original rankings and feedback.


Kayla Geribo said...

1. Ashley B
2. Matt L
3. Anthony H
4. Jake H
5. Taylor P
6. Nicole M

I've pick our song system as the best one out of the group, because I believe ours evaluates the songs the best. We've kept all pieces, and have only changed the point value, so we know it works. A lot of groups took out things just because they don't know what they mean or something...isn't that why we have a definition sheet?

Nicole Miller said...

Nicole Miller 1. Ranking from strongest to weakest: Taylor, Miller, Litchfield, Jake, Boulos, Anthony

jake hallgren said...
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Taylor P. said...

Litchfield 1 this rubric was the best I thought because it seemed to be the least confusing and the set up was very easy to focus on. It was also very easy to see the directions and use the format and rubric correctly.
Jake 2
Anthony 3
Taylor 4
Boulos 5
Miller 6

Andrew Morse said...

1. Litchfield’s Group
2. Boulos’ Group
3. Anthony’s Group
4. Miller’s Group
5. Jake’s Group
6. Taylor’s Group

Litchfield’s group I felt went above and beyond with the assignment. They made changes that simplified the use of the system and cleaned up the page with the new format. They removed some of the devices that aren’t used or aren’t recognizable to the users of the rating system. Some of the devices were given higher point totals to help increase the final score of the songs rated making them easier to work with. Overall great job.

Jamie Weaver said...

Ashley’s Group: 2
Jake’s Group: 3
Matt’s Group: 6
Anthony’s Group: 5
Taylor’s Group: 4
Nicole’s Group: 1

I believe Nicole's group had the best song rating system because the system addresses anything opinionated or subjective within the song as well as things that may only be applicable if one has prior knowledge on the subject. I believe several of the other systems may be effective, however I think the different formulas may not work well with actually rating a song. Just adding points to devices or dividing the number of lines in the song by two may not be enough. Although the current formula pruduces very low scores, it is efficient in delivering a reliable score of any song.

Anthony Hallgren said...

1. Litchfield’s Group
2. Boulos’ group
3. Anthony’s Group
4. Miller’s Group
5. Jake’s Group
6. Taylor’s Group

The new layout was nice and easy to follow, the attributes were nice and big and clear which helped make it easier. Raising attribute values was a smart decision. Taking out some of the terms people don’t know was also a good choice. Just a very swell job overall.

Anonymous said...

Taylors group 1
Litchfeilds group 2
Boulos’s group 3
Millers group 4
Anthonys group 5
Jakes group 6
I think Taylors group is the best rubric because it got rid of some unnecessary vocabulary that people either might know or is not common in a song. Also because all you need to do is add and subtract not multiply and divide.

Nicole Miller said...

Nicole Miller
2. I choose Taylor’s group as the best because I believe that they were able to evaluate the scores of the songs the best. I like how they strayed from the original format, and how they offered several values for songs to allow for varying degrees. The only thing that I believe could be problematic is the vast number of degrees, as it relies strongly on the opinions of the listeners for its values, which may cause different people to get differing values, and allows for multiple scores. To counteract this, however, a small range of scores should be given as the “correct” scores, which would then cause this to be the overall best because of its numerous values.

Ashley Liebherr said...

1.)Millers group
2.)Litchfields group
3.)Jakes group
4.)Boulos group
5.)Anothonys group
6.)Taylors group

Igave the top spot to Millers group because I think it was explained the best. The system was similar but different, and easier to understand. The things taken out and put in were helpful to the system. the category of sujective attributes/ deficiencies was a good category to put in since a lot of the literary devices are difficult to find or understand. Some of the literary devices can only be found if you understand what they are talking about, for example allusion, so the subjective category improved the ssrs a lot. Millers group deserved the top spot in my opinion.

jake hallgren said...

1. Anthony
2. Jake
3. Boulos
4. Taylor
5. Miller
6. Litchfield
I believe the best changes were made for this system. They made it much simpler until you get to the equation which is kind of confusing. But I believe this system will work the best for getting better and easier to judge grades on the final grade. Instead of a 4-5 being the best I do believe that this will work well for an out of ten systems

Moonwaves182 said...

Group Rankings for SSRS Changes
1. Boulos’ Group
2. Litchfield’s Group
3. Miller’s Group
4. Jake’s Group
5. Anthony’s Group
6. Taylor’s Group

I liked Boulos’ SSRS the best because it most effectively organizes the contents of the document in a way that’s easy to read and understand. They remembered several elements of the original SSRS that were important which our group missed, such as the singular counting of the chorus in terms of line numbers and attributes/ deficiencies. Their increase of attribute values is likely a better way to increase the songs’ final scores more than other systems proposed.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Boulos

SSRS Rankings:
1. Litchfield’s Group
2. Boulos’ Group
3. Taylor’s Group
4. Jake’s Group
5. Miller’s Group
6. Anthony’s Group

I chose Litchfield’s group as the best because I really liked how they separated each attribute and deficiencies by lines in order to make it more clearly for reading and understanding. I also liked how they created numbered arrows in order to point the person using the song rating system in the right direction. The font on their song rating system is big which makes it easier to read and view instead of the small font it used to have. The last thing I like is that you only divide the number by half of the lines in the song because it allows the song to get a higher number instead of a low hard to work with decimal.

Seth Killingbeck said...

1. Miller
2. Litchfield
3. Boulos
4. Jake
5. Anthony
6. Taylor

Miller’s group was put as number one in my opinion due to the fact that it seemed like the only other form that was actually effectively worked on and changed in any significant way. Miller’s group was put as number one in my opinion due to the fact that it seemed like the only other form that was actually effectively worked on and changed in any significant way. The directions were very solid and coherent which makes them more accessible. The simplification of the scoring system is logical and may be easier to calculate for others. The decrease of the points per device could help make more varying scores for different songs. Overall this group seems to have simplified the system effectively.

Ana said...

1. Ashley
2. Anthony
3. Jake
4. Matt
5. Taylor
6. Miller
I chose ashleys group because it was the group im in and I need an a to pass the class.

Anonymous said...

Doug McKeen
Peer Grading
1. Litchfield’s
2. Jake’s
3. Anthony’s
4. Taylor
5. Miller
6. Boulos
Litchfield’s is number one for a couple reasons. The first reason is that it looks more user friendly, and is easier to approach. Secondly, they kept the term sheet on the back which other groups did not. The last reason is that good changes were made to simplify the system and make it more efficient.

zack sicard said...

Zack Sicard
1 Litchfield’s group- Changed so much and looked and seemed much easier/ better/page flowed well
2 Jake’s Group-
3 Boulos’s Group-
4 Anthony’s group-
5 Taylor’s Group-
6 Miller’s group-
I could tell that everyone in this group contributed and put a lot of thought into the song rating system. This group changed the format completely and made it easier to read and grade. Shortening the directions made the system more understandable. This group should get a great grade for great work.

Melanie said...

Top-LItchfields group
One thing that was incorrect with what they said is that the inadvertent grammar violations could be there to add to the song. If it is inadvertent though, it would not be adding to it. I liked how they made it easier to follow and had point values that were more individualized and specific to the complexity of things.
2nd-Miller's group
This system had bonuses in that some of the attributes and deficiences are subjective to the reader/scorers opinion. The calculating equation, however is still kind of lacking in how precise it is.
3rd Boulos' group
They had a pretty good system, I agreed that the genre and album do not really matter. The doubling of point values doesn't seem like it would really help much other than to get higher numbers, but they would still just be double what the older equation was like.

Anthony and Jake's groups were kind of a tie
The equation that Jakes group used seems very confusing, but I liked how the excessive profanity went to per-line rather than per song, that would give many rap songs a very low score.
Anthony's group had some good things like putting excessive alliteration as a deficiency, it can be annoying in a song.
However, putting the rhyme as per-line was not a good idea because if the whole song rhymes(as most songs do) then the whole thing will get a lot more points than one that doesnt, it should definitely be per song.
Last-Taylors group
They had a system that was very very confusing and didnt make much sense becauase having the A, B, C etc. would only give a few options and many songs would be the same. One could be a high B and another song that is almost a D could still be ranked the same.

Zachary Freedman said...

Boulos - 6
Jakes - 3
Litchfields - 1
Anthonys - 5
Taylors - 2
Millers - 4
Defense: For my top choice of SSRS (Litchfield) I chose their song rating sheet for several reasons. One of the reasons was organization I feel they put together the sheet in a way that made it easy to understand, yet be very intricate. Another reason I chose them as the “best” was because their presentation. It wasn’t how they acted but how much they knew and could explain. This showed me they knew an extensive amount about their SSRS and they worked hard on it, telling me it is reliable. This reliability is what I find desirable when working on a maybe hard or confusing song; because you can find the information you need and use simple steps to indentify the “score” for the particular song.

Stee said...

Steve Schlehuber
Boulous- 4

Jakes Group- 5

Litchfield- 2

Taylors Group- 6

Steve Derek Levi Zack Anthony Andrew- 1-We made the most effective changes to the SSRS. We decided that onomatopoeia should be counted as more points because it is difficult to use this within a song. We changed the humor to per line instead of per song. Our formula would result in a score closer to 100 than to 0. Alliteration is something that used excessively should result in a subtraction of points because it is the easiest to use. Our new SSRS is the best.

Nicoles Group- 3

Anonymous said...

Ratings: Boulos' Group
Song:Snow The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ashley 4.0
Tayla 4.2
Ana 5.5
Kayla 5.7

Average: 4.85

Levi Kahn said...

Boulous- 3, made changes that would result in a higher scoring of the song

Jake Hallgren- 5, made the steps much easier to understand

Litchfield- 2, made rubric easier to understand, took out unused items

Taylor- 6, hard to understand

Levi Derek Steve Zack Anthony Andrew-1, Our group made changes that would raise the scoring of each song and made rubric easier to understand. Also, our group raised made changes to raise the level of scoring on each song by giving points depending on how many lines the song contains. This will make the song’s rating much closer to 100 than the smaller numbers it used to be.

Nicole- 4, made some unnecessary changes


Beck Gerritsen said...

1. Litchfield
2. Boulos
3. Jake
4. Miller
5. Anthony
6. Taylor
Although other groups had some very good ideas, I liked our group’s (Litchfield’s) the most. Our song rating system had the cleanest and easiest to read format. I also liked the fact that we created a scale for the per-song attributes rather than leaving them all the same. Boulos’ group had the best directions, but their use of color distracted and annoyed me. I also felt that they did not manage to fix many of the problems with the existing song rating system. Jake’s group simplified the directions, but they added unnecessary steps to their directions. I did not like the fact that they lowered the points for deficiencies to almost nothing. They also left a lot of white space. Miller’s group added a subjective section that I felt was unneeded because if a device is truly subjective, it will be scored subjectively anyway. Anthony’s group added the least in my mind. I also felt that some of their changes to scoring for devices were somewhat ill-considered. Taylor’s I felt was the worst because although their attempt to do a complete overhaul of the system was noble, it made the system completely subjective and an eyesore to look at.

Beck Gerritsen

Anonymous said...

Ashley Boulos

The trial run of the song really confirmed my choice for the top SSRS. While using Litchfield's group's SSRS to rate the song of their choice I found it very user friendly and easy to follow. I think that it was easy to follow because of the arrows they placed in each section showing you which step is next. I still support my choice of their group for the best SSRS.

Andrew Morse said...

My ranking was a little off. Litchfield's was good but I was happy with how our system gave high ratings. Also Taylors was the easiest to use.

Melanie said...

I still think that Litchfield and Miller's groups had the best systems, though I wish the numbers were higher

Beck Gerritsen said...

Using the song rating systems today did not change my opinion.

Nicole Miller said...

Nicole Miller
So far, after listening to other songs and grading the songs based on the other grading systems, my ranking for the top two stay, although I may alter my top version to my group's, because although the varying degrees are helpful, there are so many that it makes it somewhat difficult to get the "correct" score, or to judge the correct degree of the device.