Monday, September 29, 2014

Journalism 9-30: Higher Order Thinking Question Sets

As a comment here, post a carefully designed "Generation Like" discussion question for each type.


Kylee Anzuoni said...

Evaluation: Would you do anything to get a lot of likes and the popularity? why or why not?

Synthesis: How do popular people make money for brands or companies?

Analysis: How do brands use popular people on social medias to advertise their brands?

Application: How do popular people on social medias involve their friends to become popular as well?

Comprehension: How do famous people notice one fan over the other fan?

Knowledge: How do companies track people?

Brian Holmes said...

Knowledge: Where are Darius Home and his fellow friends in the video from?

Comprehension: Why does @BabyScumBag get more hits than the best skater in the park even though he is not as good at skating?

Application: How did companies apply likes and retweets to help raise their popularity?

Analysis: Why do girls get more likes, follows, and retweets compared to boys?

Synthesis: Knowing that your retweets and likes are used for the benefit of companies and brands, will this influence you to be more cautious of what you like and tweet about?

Evaluation: Why is this current generation considered “Generation Like”, and this name valid? Evaluate and Explain.

Max Albert said...

Critique how a company grows their fan base by having different things like images or videos on different social media.
Explain how a movie company uses subliminal messages like putting a hashtag at the end of a movie to create a larger fan base.
Analyze how the world of YouTube famous people is to your own.
Relate your likes on the internet to publicity in the real world.
Describe how companies can promote themselves through other people’s videos.
What does likening something on the internet do for companies?

Jillian Blye said...

Generation Like
Evaluation: What would you do to get noticed by a celebrity or gain a fan group?
Synthesis: Why do you think people want to form into a Youtube Celebrity?
Analysis: How do companies use celebrities to spread word on a product using likes, retweets or favorites?
Application: Why do you think girls get more likes on Facebook photos than boys?
Comprehension: What do kids do now a days to become famous or get noticed?
Knowledge: What do the companies on social media all look for or focus on the most as a result?

Kristin Lynch said...

Knowledge: How do the people mentioned in the video (ex. Tyler Oakly) get so many “likes” and “subscribers” or “followers”?

Comprehension: What do profile pictures to the kids represent to them?

Application: How do companies know when their viewers like something of theirs or not?

Analysis: What did the youtubers do to help other youtubers gain attention from more people?

Synthesis: How do all of the likes and views on people’s profiles help boost their self-esteem?

Evaluation: What have people been starting to do just to get more views and likes?

Jason O'Neil said...

Knowledge: When did BabyScumbag start making videos?

Comprehension: Are the fans and followers more important the actual videos posted?

Application: How do youtubers become more popular, because of their fans or their videos?

Analysis: Why do some people like Tyler Oakley get likes?

Synthesis: Will popularity on social media affect what people tweet or post?

Evaluation: Would people rather have popularity on social media or money?

Marisa Amato said...

Knowledge: Describe Steven (baby scumbag)’s life. How did he become so popular?
Comprehension: What is social media used for?
Application: Predict what would happen to celebrities if social media came to an end.
Analysis: Are the younger generations more involved in social media?
Synthesis: Develop an idea about future generations. What do you think will happen to social media in the future?
Evaluation: How does today’s society view social media? Explain.

George Reese said...

Knowledge: What was the name of the expert brought in?
Understanding: What does the video think that social media has turned into?
Applying: What do the kids interviewed think about “likes”?
Analyze: What has changed in life that has forced children, to seek out the fulfillment they get from likes, on the internet as opposed to anywhere else?
Synthesis: Why as a society have we gravitated towards social interaction solely based of popularity?
Evaluating: How much does the propaganda machine that is social media control our generation?

John Munger said...

Knowledge: What name does Stephen also go by?
Comprehension: How does Social Media help in jump starting careers for different people?
Application: How do many of the kids feel about getting likes on their social media network like Facebook or Instagram?
Analysis: Where did our generation go wrong to care only for friends and likes on Social Media and not true friends in reality?
Synthesis: Why has the population of teenagers in this generation focused only on the popularity of their Social Media page?
Evaluation: Do you believe that our generation has become Social Media crazy and spend most of their time on different networks?

Tara Kiley said...

Knowledge: What does a profile picture accomplish?
Comprehension: Do you feel that social media is taking over our generation? Why or why not?
Application: Do you think that social media has a positive or negative effect on your life?
Analysis: Do you feel that the documentary made valaid points or were the points they made not relevant?
Synthesis: If we can use social media to help promote businesses, what other things can we use it for to help better the world?
Evaluation: Did you know that you are actually a big part of marketing a company when you retweet, like, or share something before watching this video?

Noah Taffah said...

- What is the nickname of our generation, which was originated from our social media obsession?

- What makes social media so important to our generation?

- How do “famous” people get so many likes on social media?

- Are people to engaged and preoccupied by social media today?

- Is face-to-face communication becoming an usual thing in society?

- Is social media the most important thing in becoming “famous”? Why or why not?

Louied33 said...

Where was the group of friends at the beginning of the documentary from?
What do teenagers feel their profile pictures represent?
What would happen to the teenagers today if social media was just taken away without warning?
How do the snip-its of teenagers scattered throughout add to the documentary?
How can you become famous with a talent you have using social media?
Does the documentary depict the life of an average person within “Generation Like” or does it depict more of a person who uses social media more often? Why?

Lucas Arruda said...

Knowledge: What is the thing you want most on social media?

Comprehension: When you like something on social media what does that say about you?

Application: How is this generation different from the last?

Analysis: Explain how “popular” youtubers help out youtubes that don’t have a lot of views, likes, subscriptions, etc.

Synthesis: How does spouncers or/and brands work in social media?

Evaluation: Explain the purpose of doing more on your youtube channel than you started out with?

tyler troiano said...

Tyler Troiano

Knowledge: What started off Tyler Oakley’s views?

Comprehension: What made these videos of his opinions so popular?

Application: Why are Steven’s skateboarding videos so much more popular than others?

Analysis: Why did Steven begin posting videos?

Synthesis: Would there be an easier way to make money for Steven instead of posting skateboarding videos hoping they would get likes?

Evaluation: Why do most teens want to become social media famous?

Brett Stern said...

Brett Stern
Knowledge: What was Steven’s first video about?
Comprehension: What did Steven do to get views?
Application: When and how did Steven attain sponsorship?
Analysis: Why did Steven want to make money?
Synthesis: Could Steven have done something better to make money and get views?
Evaluation: Why did Steven get so popular?

Elise Cracco said...

Knowledge: What are some of the most popular social media networks ‘advertised’ in the video?
Comprehension: What was the purpose of this video?
Application: How will you change the way you post or like things, if you change the way you post and like them?
Analysis: What do you think about being called generation like and being associated with pretty much only social media?
Synthesis: How can you apply marketing to social media?
Evaluation: Every time you post or like something on social media will you think more about what you are actually doing?
-Elise Cracco

Meghan M. said...

Knowledge: What was the name of the girl who liked the Hunger Games?

Comprehension: How did the friends describe how to choose a profile picture?

Application: How do likes help people on Instagram or Facebook?

Analysis: How do people on social media get so famous?

Synthesis: How do the Youtubers promote each other's channels?

Evaluation: How do Youtube videos promote popular brands?

Cody Aranjo said...

1.) Evaluation: Evaluate the importance of social media, and the impact it has had on our generation.
2.) Knowledge: Define the importance of likes on social media?
3.) Analysis: Compare and contrast the importance of social media in this current generation as compared to past generations.
4.) Comprehension: Discuss the importance of having other famous friends, and how their fame will help your fame.
5.) Application: Predict the outcome of someone who appears in a famous person’s video/picture.
6.) Synthesis: What is the purpose of sponsors, and how are they important to a person gaining likes/ and followers?
-Cody Aranjo

Laudan Pouremad said...

Who promotes companies and movies?
How did Darius react to his friends number of likes?
How do likes and followers benefit or affect kids our age?

How did Tyler Oakley and other youtubers get so many followers?
Take what this video says about our generation and apply it to our parents and grandparents generations.

Why do kids feel it is so important to get likes?

Liam Lenhart said...

Hierarchy of Thinking Questions
Knowledge: What is the driving force of marketing agencies nowadays?

Comprehension: Who is at the bottom of the pyramid in the marketing campaign on social media?

Application: Does this documentary make you think anything differently about the way you use social media?

Analysis: Why do teenagers value social media so much nowadays and value likes more than money?

Synthesis: How can we educate young naïve kids in the marketing and social media dangers of modern times?

Evaluation: What are the some of the fatal flaws in the way that social media is run?

Juliana Sullivan said...

In order to make good discussion question it is easy to use the high ordered thinking pyramid. It Starts of at the bottom as knowledge as the most common yet least important way to think highly. This is most likely because this is just simply a question if you know something or not. What is more important is actually understanding material and this happens to be a totally separate piece of thinking. Above this is taking the knowledge you know and either comparing it to something else different or taking it a step higher and actually changing the subject completely. For example questions:
Evaluation: judge the value of material.
How can social media justify our generation as such a bad thing like everyone says? (Now more kids are getting more into the web can this be a bad thing because they hurt themselves for attention? Or good because they focus more and have something to do?)
Synthesis: Formulate new structures from existing knowledge and skills.
How can the likes of a simple picture on the web develop a large amount of money across the world? Is this a good thing? (Now companies have figured out how to make a like on a photo into advertisement for more money by sitting bad and watching the likes grow)
Analysis: understand both the content and structure of material.
How does the understanding of kid’s knowledge on social media compare to the companies knowledge who produce the likes, shares, and motoring of safety across the web? (now do kids realize that they are advertising products and making money for others?)
Application: use learning in new concrete situations.
How does kids crave attention in life apply to how they crave attention with the web? (Now it is more of a competition on vine or instagram to who gets more likes, more famous, or more attention)
Comprehension: Grasp the meaning of material.
How would a regular and normal kid describe what they do daily on YouTube and their phone and if they actually know the meaning of what everything such as likes and commercials do to their generation?
Knowledge: remember previously learned material.
Is YouTube, instagram, vine etc. define the new generation of kid’s knowledge? Could any child label everything they even know/ learned about the web? Do media and companies select the right ads for everything that is appropriate? (now kids don’t have much knowledge of the hidden people behind the screen that is controlling and watching everything they do)

Amy Pereira said...

Knowledge- What is the social currency of “Generation Like”?
Comprehension- Explain how technology is being used to get ahead in careers/life.
Application- Use “Baby Scumbag’s” YouTube life to explain how people use social media to improve their life outside of social media.
Analysis- Compare and contrast the different reasons for people to use social media.
Synthesis- Judge of the validity of these people’s “fame”.
Evaluation- Why is social media so important in today’s society?

Morgan Nicholson said...

Morgan Nicholson
Knowledge: How do we market products for companies?
Comprehension: If you’re a famous Hollywood celebrity, do the amount of likes you have matter?
Application: Does social media empower you, like it does many people in this documentary?
Analysis: Gabrielle’s mother believes in the currency of likes and social media, putting “full body” pictures of her daughter on social media in order to receive likes. How can you compare or contrast her to your own parent and their views on social media?
Synthesis: For those who use social media, how do you think your life would be different if apps like Twitter and Facebook had never even been invented?
Evaluation: Do you feel this documentary depicts the average every day teen on social media? Why or why not?

Anthony Cerce said...

1. Knowledge - What is BabyScumbags real name?
2. Comprehension- What is your opinion on teenagers "abusing" social media privileges?
3. Application- How do people who become famous on social media improve their lives outside of social media?
4. Analysis- How do companies use social media and people on social media to advertise there products?
5. Synthesis- Do you think teenagers care more about social media then there school work?
6. Evaluation- Do you think our generation deserves the nickname "Generation Like"? Why or Why not?