Friday, December 5, 2014

Mr. Greene: Spoken Word S.O.A.P.S.

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Brittany Holmes said...

The speaker of the poem is the poet. the occasion of the poem is talking about her experiences.the purpose is to give advice to people who can relate. the subject is about the poet's life experiences but indirect.

Maggie's Creative Writing said...

-Speaker: The lady speaking the poem
-Occasion: She's been through these experiences so she's now giving people advice about them
-Audience: Everyone listening and people that can relate
-Purpose: To give people advice about what she's writing about
-Subject: Bad things that could happen to a young girl and how to handle them

Anonymous said...

Doug McKeen

Speaker- An African-American woman named Tonya Ingram.

Occasion- Poetry conference

Audience- People who can relate to these difficulties of life

Purpose- To express her emotions and how she tries to stay positive

Subject- Trials and tribulations; self-respect.

Sean Eykel said...

S-An African American girl
O-Slam poetry conference
A-Other African American girls (or boys)
P- To strengthen people who are struggling with the same situations
S- trials and tribulations of African Americans

Jessica Neufell said...

Speaker- the poet
Occasion- telling experiences she has been through
Audience- Everyone listening
Purpose- To give people advice from her past.
Subject- The poet gives us indirect experiences about her past that are relatable to the audience and gives advice about specific subjects.

Nicole Nagle said...

Speaker: The poet
Occasion:Experiences shes had
Audience:Poet and anyone listening to her
Purpose:To give advice from her past
Subject: Speaker shares past experiences that can be relatable to the audience. She focuses on giving specific advice.

Nicole LaCouture said...

the speaker of the poem is Tonya and the occasion of the poem is her going through her experiences but in a unique way. the purpose of the poem is the relation between the speaker and the audience. The purpose of the poem is for the poet to share her experiences with the audience but that it's okay to be discussed. The subject of the poem is advice on life experiences.

Abby Martin said...

Speaker: Poet, Tonya Ingram
Occasion: Reliving past experiences
Audience: Young girls
Purpose: Help give advice to girls growing up
Subject: Showing what to say no to when in difficult situations

Colleen Murphy said...

Speaker: Tonya Ingram
Occasion: Delivering her story and her emotions after all of the varying life experiences she had
Audience: People who can relate to the experiences she is showcasing
Purpose: To give people advice on difficult situations and what to do when being torn down by other people
Subject: Maturing as you grow up and knowing to make the right decisions

Chris Casello said...

S: Unsolicited advisor
O: slam poetry of past event?
A: Herself, but simultaneously the audience as well for it is not directed at herself but at the people who also have gone through the same things and felt the same things as her.
P: Her purpose is to explain to those listening all the things that have happened to her and give them something relatable to direct it at them while talking about herself makes people think of all the times this might have happened to them selves
S: Things that have been learned and struggled through.

Nick Reynolds said...

This poem was spoken by an enthusiastic poet. The occasion of this poem was telling the audience about her real life experiences. The purpose of this poem is to give "unsolicited" advice to the people who have had the same experiences as her. The subject of the poem is her life experiences. said...

Speaker: The poet.
Occasion: Giving advice about these life experiences.
Audience: Anyone willing to listen and take her advice.
Purpose: To have people stand up and use there voice to make a change in the way they react to different situations.
Subject: The poets life experiences.

Rachel Wheeler said...

Speaker: the poet, Tonya Ingram
Occasion: accounting her life experiences
Audience: listeners, herself in the past, and those who have gone and are going through similar situations
Purpose: to give advice for those going through the same things as her and to recount past experiences of her life
Subject: the hard times in her life

Dylan Moreau said...

Speaker: The poets the speaker.
Occassion: It is a time of depression.
Audiance: The poet is (The poet is speaking to herself).
Purpose: The poet wants to teach herself how to live morally and fulfilled.
Subject: The poet is expressing moral ways of living to better one's (herself's) life.

Jacob VanDenBerghe said...

S: Unsolicited Adviser

O: Slam poetry event

A: Anyone experiencing those problems.

P: To express that people can work with their own imperfections or insecurities, and whatever yours is, just be yourself and express what makes you happy.

S: Struggles in life

Alex Domo said...

Speaker: Unsolicited adviser

Occasion: Slam poetry event

Audience: Anyone experiencing difficulties in life

Purpose: To help those going through problems and how they should react to them

Subject: The struggles of life

Lakynne Sargent said...

S: Tonya Ingram
O: Recalling some of her difficult experiences
A: Her younger self yet every one listening as well
P: To tell the audience to face their difficult experiences without shame or apology and draw strength from them
S: Her difficult experiences

Rachel Brunault said...

Speaker- the poet
Occasion- time when you are reflecting on your past
Audience- herself but also told so it works for everyone else
Purpose- to give herself advice on how to handle her life's occurrences
Subject- advice, "unsolicited advice"

Brody Wilson said...

S:Tonya Ingram
O:Expressing the hardships in life and demonstrating that not all is too bad, and can be overcome
A:anyone who has been put down for some characteristic about themselves
P:To show that no matter what you can over come oppression
S:overcoming oppression