Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Creative Writing & Advanced Creative Writing: Preparation for Final Examination

Objectives: Students will develop and share a portfolio of their work from this semester. Process: Select a medium through which your work is best showcased (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). Then, build a reflective showcase of your work. You should also devote time to revision and polishing. Include excerpts, pertinent images, and reflective contextualization. Be sure to include (and read) samples- strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement (drafts are useful for this). Your showcase should be balanced- expose the breadth of your work but take time to explore particular items in depth. Your presentation should last at least 10 minutes and must be accessible/displayable in class on the due date. Assessment: The ubiquitous creative writing rubric will be used to assess the quality of your writing as a whole.

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