Thursday, May 21, 2015

Film as Literature: Dystopian Unit (Part 1)

1. V says that "people should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." How do you feel about this statement? Why do you feel this way?

2. Click here to read an article exploring the popularity of the Guy Fawkes mask. In what ways does the mask reflect its historical origins? In what ways has it taken on new meaning or connotation?

3. Which dystopia do you find more plausible? Defend your position.

4. How do the two films' aesthetics differ? Which film is more successful aesthetically? Defend your position.

5. What does each film say about the writers'  and filmmakers' attitude(s) toward the direction of our society? What fears are represented in each film?


Jillian Blye said...

1. V has a way to control people. He is a very strong individual who knows that he wants. Even though some of his actions may not be just, he gets the solution he wants every time. The government is also a strong base, that expects to get what they want and like control. When V said that “the government should be afraid of their people”, he wants the government to acknowledge the people. At any point, the citizens could revolt against any rules, just like V did. There is no reason to follow the rules of a society if they are coming from a government who are corrupt. I agree with V on this statement. There are more people who could go against the government then those in the government. The government has to make the people happy in order to stay in control because if one person disagrees, more could join.

Anonymous said...

1. When “V” says the people should not be afraid of the government but the government should be afraid of the people my reaction was clear. I felt that this was actually true and fit into the end of the movie well when the supporters over took the capital to watch the destruction of parliament. This made me think about society today and how different it is from this movie, I hope nothing like this ever happens to mankind, if it did I probably would not survive.

2. The Guy Fawkes mask definitely has a historical origin, it was created when a man tried to blow up British parliament and that’s what he looked like. To this day it has gained much popularity and is seen as a sign of rebellion across the world since the film V for Vendetta told its true story and background. That is how the mask has gained so much media and popularity based on its origin and symbolism.

3. If I had to pick a more plausible dystopia it would defiantly be Children of Men for several reasons. First off it was much more realistic, it was also a much more horrific usage of the dystopia topic. Just the scenery scared me. I also felt that is was much more disturbing because of the fact that mankind could no longer reproduce and world chaos had struck. This is why I feel that Children of men is a more plausible dystopia.

4. Both films have their own unique visual style. In Children of Men they use a type of gloomy environment to create the horror of this dystopia overtake, it defiantly created the feeling that the world has be destroyed beyond imagine. On the other hand V for Vendetta uses a similar technique except for the fact that it has a slightly less gloomy atmosphere but other than that the two films are pretty similar. If I were to choose a film with better aesthetics for the topic it would probably be Children of Men just because of the way I felt while watching, it made me feel like this world had no hope and I was scared that someday this may come upon the real world. In conclusion I fell Children of Men had a better use of aesthetics for the dystopia theme.

5. I would have to say these writers and film makers are probably seriously messed up to have written such creepy content. They defiantly don’t have a good outlook on society and its current state, in some way they may have been correct but it is still creepy that people like you and I could have thought up such a horrific situation like these films.

-Connor Binegar

Anonymous said...

1. I feel like this statement could be true. I feel like this because people have strength in numbers and if you get enough people to believe in a cause then you will be able to start something new. As we’ve seen throughout history people can start revolutions and tear down governments and create new ones.
2. The mask reflects its historic origins by being a mask of civil disobedience and disgust towards a group or even our government. This is its origins, and it is used in protests because Guy Fawkes used it to protest, sort of protest, the British government by blowing up the parliament building. The only way it has taken on new meanings because it is there as a disguise for people who aren’t brave enough for people to see their identities.
3. The dystopia I find more plausible is the dystopia in V for Vendetta. It is more plausible because it is easier for a radical dictatorship to take over after a disease outbreak than for all women off the world to become infertile and not be able to have children. Although it is unlikely that either would happen the one in V for Vendetta is more common than in Children of Men.
4. In V for Vendetta its aesthetics are more violent than in Children of Men which has some violent parts but also shows different kinds of nature and landscapes. V for Vendetta shows a lot of things based on fear and is very gruesome and blunt with how it shows what is going on. I feel like Children of Men is more successful because it isn’t just violence but it shows the beauty of birth, and what a new born child can do to a world torn apart by not having a baby in years. When one is born it has the power to stop people from fighting a war and pause in amazement to cherish the first baby born in years.
5. The writers of each of the films show their doubts and their problems with society and how we may act in the future if this were to happen. The fears are that there will be a disease that will kill thousands of people or will prevent woman from having children and reproducing. They also fear how people will react and many see them as reacting violently towards each other and tearing countries apart and creating civil wars in countries.
-Camden Cleathero

Charles Fitzgerald said...

I feel that V's because the people have the power over the government because if everyone revolts at ounce the government can't do anything. It reflects its past as a use of protesting against tyranny but its now taken the meaning in my perspective alongside the meaning protest that it also means to revolt not just protest. I find the V For Vendetta more plausible than The Children of Men because I feel that a dystopia of a government that is full of tyranny is more probable than a world where no one can have children and keep the population in check due to the fact that a government of tyranny has happened in history and still happens today whereas the idea of not being able to have children is possible but highly improbable. I think the aesthetics in Children of Men is more successful than that of V For Vendetta because it shows a lot more of the poverty in the country and it shows a lot more pain and suffering in its society as whole compared to V For Vendetta. I think that the filmmakers of V For Vendetta think that the citizens of our society would let our government abuse its powers sort of like the policy of appeasement where you give someone what they want in order to satisfy them enough to stop but it never does and people would let it happen without care. And I think the filmmakers went in the direction of the idea that society would just fall and crumble after a major negative change and wouldn't recover unless there was a miracle.

Arianna Heath said...

1.)I feel that this is a very true statement because for the most part people are aware of who is in office and authority figures but the government doesn't have a clear image on there people as a whole. They don't know what could set the people off and what they are capable. So i agree the government should be very afraid of there people not the other way around.
2.)The mask reflects the historical aspect by how the mask is modeled after the actual man who attempted to blow up the building in england. It has become a mask of power and has been used by protesters to hide behind so that is is anonymous protest.

3.) I feel the dystopia in V for vendetta is more plausible. There is more likely a chance of people taking fighting the government and there being terrorist brought about after the government becomes as corrupt as it is. The likelihood of people becoming infertile is a bit far fetched and how chaotic the world becomes is out there as well.

4.) V for vendetta is very graphic and has a more polished aesthetic to it where children of men has a very gritty and rough aesthetic. I personally feel that V for vendetta is more pleasing to look at in comparison to children of men. I don't really like the rough film style it had, I really like the crispness of V for vendetta.
5.)The films show that the filmmakers believe that our society is headed into a dark place with destruction and havoc. The fear of an unstable government who gets to big for its bridges and makes the society unstable and unsafe to live in freely and actually feel safe.

Gianna Larson said...

1. I believe that governments should be afraid of their people. There are way more people than there are in the government. The people can overrule the government if they all come together, the people hold the power to do what they think is best for them. The government should fear the power of the people. People should not be afraid of their governments because they ultimately have control over their own rules and situations.
2. The mask reflects its historical origins by being a symbol of resistance. The mask represents rebels, and their actions of resistance. The mask has taken on new meanings of a disguise of identity. The mask is worn for the anonymity of the people, the choice of choosing not to reveal yourself. The mask has now evolved into a global symbol of dissent, and organized protest and crime. The masks are causing tyranny all around the world.
3. I think that “V for Vendetta” is more plausible. “V for Vendetta” is more plausible because the plot of the movie seems more believable than “Children of Men.” “V for Vendetta” makes the story interesting, and it actually incorporates leaders who want to destroy the one thing that is trying to make the world a better place. “V’s” character is trying to point out flaws in the government, and make the world realize that what they are doing is wrong. “V” makes the world look imperfect, and his actions bring out the reason why they are imperfect. This movie best represents the idea of a true dystopia.
4. The two films are different in their aesthetics’. “V for Vendetta” takes a violent view on dystopias while “Children for Men” incorporates both violent and beautiful sides to dystopias. “Children of Men” is more successful aesthetically. Towards the end, the war zone orders a cease fire so they all can admire the beautiful baby. The world stopped at that moment, at the middle of a war to view something that has caused an imperfect world for years. This film reveals the beauty that can still be found in a dystopian society.
5. In “V for Vendetta” the filmmaker’s attitude towards the direction of the society is prominent. It displays the view that the government is behind the entire problem. This efficiently shows that the filmmakers see our society to fear our government, when really the people have the most power. We people fear what our government can do to us while we really have more control over what we want. The filmmakers of “Children of Men” have attitudes that our government controls all of our actions. It has the attitude that we have no control over what happens even if it gets totally out of control.

Anonymous said...

1. The statement that V made about how people should not be afraid of their government, but that governments should be afraid of its people is very insightful. People have always been taught to respectfully fear their government, but the government is nothing without the people it runs. If nobody in the society obeys the government, they are nothing because no one will listen and they cannot control anybody, so the government should fear for this rather than the people being scared of them.
2. The Guy Fawkes mask reflects its historical origins by being a symbol of resistance. Guy Fawkes had tried to blow up the parliament and in the movie, V wore the mask and blew up parliament just as Guy Fawkes had tried to do. Now in modern times, the mask is used in many anonymous government protests. It is used for people who want to protest but are afraid of losing their jobs.
3. The dystopia that I find more plausible is V for Vendetta. The idea in Children of Men of losing the ability to have children just seems impossible. While the idea that V is a superhuman mutant is not plausible, the idea of an overprotective government is. With all the technology nowadays, it is getting easier and easier for the government to be monitoring you.
4. The aesthetics differ between the two movies. The world of V for Vendetta is much more kept. The color in the environment is much more appealing to look at than the dystopian world in Children of Men. The colors in that movie are much more brown and darker. There is less brightness but it gave a better feeling of the end of the world. The dirty, griminess of the environment is bland which is why I feel as though V for Vendetta was more aesthetically successful than Children of Men.
5. The story lines tell a lot about the writers and filmmakers’ attitudes toward the government and the direction the feel the world is going. In both films all other countries fell apart other than Britain, whose reasoning was they had a strong government. They feel as if the demise of society will be government based. The fear of over protection from governments is a common idea displayed in the movie. In both movies the government was very controlling by ether hunting down terrorists, or controlling who enters and exits the country.
Ryan Wheeler

Eric Sanford said...

Eric Sanford
1. I feel that this statement is a very good representation of what V stands for and believes in in the film. The idea that the people should be able to change the government to reflect the wishes of the majority rather than those of the corrupted officials in charge is the basis of the revolution that V wishes to begin to usurp the current dictatorship.
2. The mask reflects its historical origins in that it has become a symbol for rebellion against tyranny, which was the original goal of Guy Fawkes when he attempted to blow up the Parliament building in 1605. However, it has lost touch with this specific incident in history, and now is more representative of general rebellion, used by groups such as Anonymous to symbolize dissent.
3. I find the V for Vendetta to be more plausible, as dictatorial governments are historically well known, and therefore able to happen again, and the methods of terror that the government uses to stay in power are realistic. However, despite this, Children of Men also depicted a very realistic portrayal of life in a dystopia, even if that dystopia seems to be less likely to occur.
4. The films differ in that V for Vendetta is more artistically created as opposed to the gritty realism of Children of Men. Both films are very successful aesthetically, but I would argue that V for Vendetta gained a higher level of success due to its popularity, with the Guy Fawkes mask becoming a symbol of rebellion around the world.
5. Both films show that the creators have a cynical view of society, believing that a dystopian society is very possible, and that there is only hope found in those few who rebel against the government, which is feared to become too powerful and controlling, beginning to utilize fear and violence to maintain power.

Emma Sudduth said...

*I did not view all of Children of Men*
1. I believe that there should be an equal fear and respect between a government and its people. People should fear their government because the government has the power in the nation, but the government should fear its people because the people outnumber the government. The people must have some fear of the government or the government could not force the people to obey the laws approved by the people. The government has to fear the power of the people in order to make laws that can contain society and keep tensions down between the masses.
2. The mask reflects its historical origins because it is still used to warn and protest against any tyranny like how the original Guy Fawkes tried to stop tyranny in Parliament. Guy Fawkes was radical in his views on how to end his injustice, and these masks lately are appearing in very radical and dangerous places around the world. One way in which the mask has taken a new meaning is through activists of Anonymous which are now focusing on the wrongs in a religion. The mask is now used to hide the people who are protesting rather than be a signal of injustice. The mask shields rebels’ identities, so they can protest without the fear of losing everything they have.
3. I believe that V for Vendetta had a more plausible dystopia because governments have always succumbed to dictatorships and I don’t believe all the governments in the world would let fertility and children grow so scarce. When governments become afraid of their people they try to reign them by taking away their rights and eliminating those who would stand out. If little children were being born each year and it started to become a global issue, I don’t think the world would stand by and let that happen. The medical knowledge that we have today would have to give a cure for fertility even if it took years to come up with the solution. Population size is already being closely monitored now for being dangerously high, so I think a dramatic shift would cause enough panic to find a cure fast.
4. The film’s aesthetics differ because V for Vendetta was more polished and clean, while Children of Men seemed more natural and unkempt. In V for Vendetta the film seemed very sharp and almost unrealistic in the highly edited film quality. In Children of Men the camera angles seem to be as if you are looking through someone’s eyes or perspective where the world shifts and turns and is sometimes unable to be deciphered. I believe Children of Men was more successful aesthetically because it made the main character’s life seem more realistic. The film was shaky at times because that’s what life is like which improved its overall quality.

Jillian Blye said...

2. The mask was created because a man who wanted to blow up the British Parliament looked similar to it. The mask represents a sense of resistance against a group of people. It is a way to hide the faces of those people in order for them to get the job done. Most wear them to protest and not get affected in the long run because their identity is kept a secret.
3.I would have to choose Children of Men for the more plausible dystopia. Everything about the movie had an affect on me. The thought that mankind could no longer reproduce and that it was slowly dying out, was terrifying. The woman did everything she could to protect her child because it was from then on the youngest person alive.

Rachel Brunault said...

So far...
I do not believe in V’s quote about the government, yet nor do I believe the reverse. I believe that a society based on fear is not the proper way to have it work. I think that rather than a system based on fear, a government and its people should share a mutual respect rather than a fear. Fear can never be mutual because it is too powerful, the scale tipped one way may take a century to fix and never in a peaceful. Respect however is more balanceable, it requires no aggressiveness to be restored when broken and is very easily rebalanced anyway. Good behavior of the people would then force the government to treat them well in return to keep the even distribution of respect, which is more effective than fear which feeds off negatives toward the other side.

The Guy Fawkes masks is a symbol of resistance dating back to the historically marked events of 1608 when a man named Guy Fawkes attempted the destruction of British Parliament with a barrel of gunpowder. The mask itself was made famous in modern times through the graphic novel V for Vendetta …..

John Cormier said...

1. I believe that governments should be afraid of their people, as the people should have the ultimate authority over the government.
2. Its current use by anti-governmental protesters reflects how in V it was used by a rebel leader and how in history it was used by an anti-government terrorist. However nowadays it is also used as way to protect the protesters identity while in V and in history it was the man’s identity.
3. I find the situation that created the dystopia in V to be the most plausible as the chancellor’s rise to power is similar to that of Adolf Hitler’s only replace the virus release with the treaty of Versailles and the story is basically the same.
4. Though they both depict dystopian England V takes a more artistic approach while Children of Men focuses on a more real world approach. Take for example V’s slow motion knife throws versus the long drawn out urban combat scenes in Children of Men.

Jacob Blend said...

Jacob Blend

1. I like and agree with Vs statement on how the government should be afraid of the people. I like this statement because if the government is bad or corrupted, the people should have the right to fight back against it.

2. The mask of guy Fawkes reflects its historical origin by having it a symbol of protest. The original guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament in 1605 to show resistance and protesting something he didn’t like. Now in our recent past, people have been wearing a mask of him to show they will not stand for something, like he did.

3. I find V for Vendetta more plausible for a dystopia than children of men. I believe this because in the movie there our people fighting back against the governments control. This is more believable to me because people already do already kind of fight back against the government sometimes.

4. V for Vendetta is about overpowering government control while children of men is about living in a world where women can’t get pregnant. I like V for Vendetta better than Children of men but overall I still think children of men is more successful because it makes a better story.

5. The films show filmmakers ways on how they feel about our society by having the movies show bad and terrible things that could happen.

Amanda Towne said...

In the movie V for Vendetta, V states, “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” I feel like this is a true statement. Governments should be thinking about keeping the townspeople happy and satisfied, not make them fear. The most important thing is to keep the people from rioting and starting uprisings. If the townspeople fear the government and fail to trust them, riots and strikes are bound to happen. If the government fears their people, they will be less likely walk over and forced to do things no one approves of.
One of the best-selling masks Time Warner has produced, the Guy Fawkes mask, has become more and more common after V for Vendetta became a popular film and novel. The masks were used for rioting, anti-establishment demonstrations, or protesting. It could be used to disguise the common man. The use of the masks reflects its historical origin in V for Vendetta by protesting government rules. V used the mask to disguise his face and tried to stop the government from overruling. The purpose of people wearing these masks has the same concept. Most people nowadays use the mask to hide their identity so they don’t get in trouble while protesting. The concept has mainly stayed the same but also differs.
I find V for Vendetta more plausible as a dystopia because it is more likely for political change than scientific change. In my personal view, I see the government overruling and more people try to riot rather than fertility problems being faced. There are many new treatments that have cured a spread of diseases or other. Machines and treatments have solved a variety of problems in the scientific world. The world is more likely to have a change in political problems because the diversity in people’s opinions.

Kaleala KF said...

1. I don’t know how to feel about this statement because I don’t really understand it. I feel that people should not feel scared of their government because people will want to change it and that may or may not cause physical harm to others. Government should not be to not scary where people don’t take it seriously.

2. The mask in modern day is a symbol for a revolution or a push to have something changed for the better. It used to signify a guy blowing up a parliament building. The mask can hide people’s identities so no one really knows who is doing the protesting unless the mask is removed. That feeling of safeness is what gives them power to protest.

3-5 I cannot answer because I missed the movie when taking MCAS.

Emma Sudduth said...

*I did not view all of Children of Men
5. In V for Vendetta the filmmakers are trying to convey the fact that the media and the government are coming closer together to corrupt society. The filmmakers believe that what we see on the news may not even be real and that the government is so in love with power that it will do anything even harm its people, to gain more of that power. They fear that soon the world will become tyrannical because there is so much panic on wars, diseases, and variations in society. In Children of Men the filmmakers describe a world where fertility is almost nonexistent and with children peace and a civilized society left the world as well. The filmmakers believe society may have a devastating shift because no children will be born and immigrants will flood any civilized society causing chaos to spread across the globe. The filmmakers’ fear that if children are not born to create a little mischief and trouble in people’s daily lives, that adults will forsake society to make much worse trouble for everyone else. The reason why the issue is fertility in this society may be due to the fear that right now around the world the issue is of overpopulation and that that will lead to a disaster in our near future.

Jackie Cotter said...

1. I agree with that statement. In terms of numbers, no matter where you go, the government is much smaller than their people. If the people aren’t happy or they rebel, then the government isn’t doing their job right, and they risk losing their power and getting taken over. I feel this way because the Revolutionary War, along with many others, prove that if people truly believe in a cause, and the government is in the wrong, the people will overcome.
Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the British Parliament in 1605, and V successfully blew up the Parliament. 2. Guy Fawkes Day is November 5, which is the planned day of the start of the revolution in the film. The mask is a symbol for protest against tyranny. Protestors of a church came out of anonymity wearing masks, and V wore the mask when he set off bombs at the Old Bailey Church.
3. I find the V for Vendetta dystopia more plausible. People seem like they have rights, but they’re afraid of their governments, just like Children of Men, but children simply stopping being born seems almost impossible to me.
4. V for Vendetta’s aesthetics seem possible. The government’s values are corrupt and controlling, but not to the extent of where the citizens cannot have children. Children of Men’s aesthetics are less likely: they have similar dictatorial styles, but women having children doesn’t exist anymore.
5.The writers for V for Vendetta think that their society is going to become a dictatorship, and any sign of rebellion will be shut down before it can even start. For Children of Men, the writers believe that they will have a similar dictatorship that will lead to women not having children that will lead to the end of humanity.

Rachel Brunault said...

I do not believe in V’s quote about the government, yet nor do I believe the reverse. I believe that a society based on fear is not the proper way to have it work. I think that rather than a system based on fear, a government and its people should share a mutual respect rather than a fear. Fear can never be mutual because it is too powerful, the scale tipped one way may take a century to fix and never in a peaceful. Respect however is more balanceable, it requires no aggressiveness to be restored when broken and is very easily rebalanced anyway. Good behavior of the people would then force the government to treat them well in return to keep the even distribution of respect, which is more effective than fear which feeds off negatives toward the other side.

The Guy Fawkes masks is a symbol of resistance dating back to the historically marked events of 1608 when a man named Guy Fawkes attempted the destruction of British Parliament with a barrel of gunpowder. The mask itself was made famous in modern times through the graphic novel V for Vendetta, along with its screen adaptation as well. Today, the Guy Fawkes mask has developed into much more than it was in the graphic novels. There, it had been a symbol of uprising towards an oppressive society through outward statement of presence. Now a days, however, it has become more a symbol of overall rebellion of a corruption/injustice in an anonymous way.

The dystopia I find more plausible vary depending on where this dystopia would be taking place (unless they would if real both take place in England as they did in their stories, in which case would lead me to chose V for Vendetta soully). In a first world country, I could see V for Vendetta being the more plausible option; this is due to the overall aesthetic and technology of this society. The overall sense of better wealth in throughout the society and the corruption of the government and the media is better paired with a more advanced lifestyle. In a third world country, I could better see a movie like Children of Men the more realistic one. I think this looking simply at the aesthetic of this film as well and the different aspects of that society. Everything about it shouted an unreliable government and civil war and high leveled violence uncovered. This to me is more remnant of third world countries facing crisis today such as in Africa and the Middle East.

V for Vendetta has a cleaner, sleeker aesthetic applied to it. The streets are clean, the citizens are clean, the higher ranks of political professionals live in the utmost luxury, even the darker scenes were still shot in more attractive settings overall. Even V after spending a good number of years being treated like a lab rat he is still a witty and charismatic figure dressed with the perfect mix of mystery and intimidation into it. Children of Men was a far grittier aesthetic featuring war torn streets and completely leveled cities like London was at the center of a World War III. I believe that Children of Men had the most successful aesthetic because it was so realistic and dirty and gritty and frightening that you could tell instantly this was a dystopian society.

The writers and filmmakers of V for Vendetta may view the direction of our society to remain more economically and visually yet become very sickly corrupt and prejudice to minority. This represents the fear of what comes with too much government control over its people. The writers and filmmakers of Children of Men, however, they view our direction to bring us spiraling down into the descent of anarchy and chaos in our society. This represents the fear of other world factor causing society to bring an end upon itself in fear.

Colleen Murphy said...

I feel that this statement is very strong. It shows how the people should be involved in the government. The people should have a say in what happens in their country or nation. If the people do not have a say in their government, the government should then be afraid. Citizens are capable of revolting if their country is not running the way it should, or if they are being cheated of their rights. There are more citizens than people running the government, which makes a revolution against the government reachable to most people.
The mask lives up to its historic origins through revolutions against the government. Every time the mask was used in the movie and in real world situations, people were standing up for themselves against the government. They were standing for a change. That is what the mask resembles, it resembles a change for the good. A new meaning it has taken on is violence. Most times the mask was used, violence was involved. These uprisings are not peaceful, they do not use civil disobedience. Although the mask still represents the stand for change in one’s government, it now stands for violence for a change. The guy fawkes mask stands for a rebellion, and it will forever live up to that representation.
I find V for Vendetta is more realistic. I find an uprising against the government more realistic than infertility because it has happened before, and if the people feel strongly enough, it could happen again. The slow overtake of a government by a secretly tyrannical leader may seem like the best situation at one point, but later, they take full control and no one can stop them. The back story of the chancellor taking over in a time of need and despair seems realistic because the people need hope and he gives it to them. They slowly take away your rights and kill anyone who stands in their way. Children of Men does not seem plausible because with all the scientific technology we have today, I would like to hope we could come up with a cure for the problem.
The two film’s aesthetics differ greatly. V for Vendetta is more magical. V is very sly and is able to act ninja like to kill many people. Since his identity is left a mystery, it also leaves a mysterious aspect of the film because you are left wondering who he was and why he was willing to risk so much. This dystopia is clean, but controlled. In Children of Men, it is much more violent. There are constant fights and chases happening, it makes the film seem fast and rebellious. They show you a refugee camp that is gory and not safe. The world seems so dirty and violet that you hope it is not our future.
The filmmakers of V for Vendetta, based on the film, must think that the world is going to end in chaos and be controlled by a tyrannical leader. They fear another world war which leads to the takeover by a controlling leader. They fear that our privacy will be taken away by our government and we will no longer have a say in what happens. The filmmakers of Children Of Men fear infertility. Infertility which will cause the world to panic causing revolutions and confinement of individual countries. The filmmakers believe we take things for granted and think the world is going to end in disaster.

Amanda Towne said...

4.) Between V for Vendetta and Children of Men, their aesthetics create a different effect. In Children of Men, the atmosphere of the movie was dark and eery. The setting of the movie and how the dark skies constructed a dark sense that the world was falling apart. In V for Vendetta,the
atmosphere of the movie was similar, but not as deep as Children of Men. In parts of the movie, you get a warmer feeling when V was falling in love with the girl he met. In my opinion, the aesthetics of Children of Men was more successful because the dark and creepy effect it had created a mysterious sense.

5.) The theme of each film tells the audience that the filmmakers’ and writers’ attitude towards the direction of our society isn’t positive. Each film leads to a future that is unchangeable and destructive. In V for Vendetta, the problem with society is our government. The filmmakers fear the government will take control of their people. This caused an outburst and uprising causing the government to lose control. In Children of Men, filmmakers’ and writers’ fear there will be something wrong scientifically. People are no longer to fertilize which means they haven’t been able to have children for over eighteen years. Both filmmakers fear the world will turn out to be dangerous and destruction will occur.