Sunday, March 9, 2008

So, "What" do you think?

Interdisciplinary freshmen: having finished What is the What, what are your overall feelings and conclusions regarding the book? Should it remain a part of our curriculum? Why or why not? Please be thoughtful and specific; your feedback is valuable in determining the future of this text at NHS.

Teachers, parents, students and visitors: our interdisciplinary students have created their own websites to supplement their study of the novel. These blogs will be assessed and utilized by future NHS students. Mr. Daniel Niedringhaus, an NHS graduate, will ask his Coloradan high schoolers (who are studying Sudan) to help assess the content, aesthetic appeal and user friendliness of these student blogs. Check back to this post to read their feedback.

B Block's Student Blog

F Block's Student Blog


Sara. said...

What is the What is a great book, filled with raw details and strong imagery and also advanced dictation. It should stay within the schools curriculum because it is also a modern book that I personally enjoyed and will probably read again on my own time. It is a book that can be enjoyed by teenagers everywhere, and even if the student doesn't like to read, this book captures your mind and urges you to read its pages.

Anonymous said...

I think that What is the What was an alright book, it was not my favorite. I mean it all depends on what you like. It was filled with lots of imagery for the reader to get into and makes the reader not want to put down the book, "what happens next?" I think that the book should stay within the school curriculum because it is more modern and many more students will be more interested in reading the novel. I must say many of the upcoming students will enjoy the book.
- Suzanne K

Anonymous said...

What is the What was a pretty good book. I enjoyed reading it, however it was very long and time consuming. It was a tough book to read along with our one book one school book. However it is much better than other books we have read prior. I think it should stay on the freshman curriculum, however I think they should read it later on in the year. The upcoming freshman will enjoy it

~Brian Gannon

Anonymous said...

I actually liked What is the What, it was a pretty good book. It was really long though. I think that the book should stay in the curriculum for freshman. But I think that What is the What should be the only book they are required to read at that time because it is so time consuming.

~Jill W