Tuesday, December 2, 2008

POS: Student Lesson

In "The Poetry of Song", we have listened to and analyzed poetic devices in about 30 songs, created theme-genre blogs, and explored music-based topics. As term 2 enters its second half, this is an opportunity for you to propose a meaningful assignment for this course. Are there any avenues or ideas that you feel we should explore this semester? Offer a proposal for an assignment here.


Doug said...

I like your idea of picking a song and then writing a short story.

I also would love to do a song/lyric writing assignment, although most people have minimal musical knowlege. I think writing a poem/lyrics could def. work.
When done writing it, don't put the names on it and pass them out to random people in the class and have that person analyze what they think the person ment. Then we are able to ask questions to the author, which is different from listening to songs and lyrics of famous people.

Hm, and I would like to do a project on unknown songs, kinda like with what my theme genres about, only almost even more obscure.

Doug said...

Jason Mraz has some really good lyric stuff too...
his old stuff and his new stuff

-Dynamo of Volition

Anonymous said...

Student assignment

Listen to old rap songs and obtain the style of their songs. Then identify poetic devices in songs. After listening to the artist and absorbing the information write your own rap with examples of poetic devices and a rhyme scheme similar to the ones you heard.

• N.W.A
• Wu- tang clan
• Public Enemy
• Snoop dog
• Dr. Dre
• Biggie smalls
• Easy E
• Ice cube
• Mobb deep
• Mc Ren
• Naughty by nature
• 2pac

-Patrick Traverse