Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writing and Visual Imagination: Community Interaction

Please post your proposals here.


Kady F. said...

For the Community Service aspect of the concept portfolio I have narrowed my ideas down to a single creative option. I have decided to create a small children's book that contains the Seven Deadly Sins in a friendly manner to teach children what is bad and offer the Seven Heavenly Virtues as an alternative. I plan to read the children's book to a class at the LGN or JCS to relay the message. This activity will be interactive with the younger community to help build strong positive values and persuade them from the Seven Deadly Sins.

-Kady F.
Visual A

marier said...

My concept is one of the more difficult concepts to relate to an activity with which I would interact with my community. My goal is to show how students' education regarding famous Native American figures is inadequate. I wish to use a worksheet, one that would require my peers to recognize and match several famous figures in American history, as well as famous Native American figures, to their corresponding names. I hope to use this research to prove that students know little of Native American figures and may recognize the names of these figures but do not fully understand or realize their importance in American history as well as they may know of figures in United States' history.