Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seniors: Student Choice Short Essay


Anonymous said...

For adulthood and the world beyond school, school has taught me a lot. My past 12 years of school has been full of math, reading, history, English, and science, waking up at 7am every weekday to catch the bus to school. Having teachers that sucked or were horrible, but overall I did learn a lot.
Math, reading, history, English, and science have been the biggest subjects of my life for the last 12 years. I’ve learned all about multiplication, the revolutionary war, commas, and all about chemicals and biological things since I could remember. Having to get up at 7 in the morning to make the bus to be bossed around for 6 and half hours was horrible. Throughout the 12 years I did learn a decent amount. I learned a lot about math, history, and English.
School has been bad for the past 12 years; some parts were good and fun. Though the bad times made me dread going to school, it was worth it. I got a decent education and had a little bit of fun along the way and made a decent amount of friends.
-Jay K.

Anonymous said...

As a senior handing in my final research paper with spring beginning here at my last year at Norton High School. When I took the time to reflect back on the last 12 years of my education, I think that it was good and I had fun, though I also think that I could have made some better choices throughout my 12 years of education in Norton. I also think I could have tried and pushed my self a little harder to get better grades and what not. I do believe that the last 12 years of education has prepared me for adulthood and the world beyond. An I think that the skills and things that I have learned over the last 12 years of my education will help me with mostly any career or direction I decide to go in and pursue.

-Nick S.

Brianna C said...

Being able to clone another animal or human being goes against what makes us who we are. Having the ability to recreate something with the same genetics takes away from the way life leads us. There was a reason every person was made and is their unique self. If one was to die tomorrow, there is a reason why they were supposed to die. Cloning that same exact person that died would kill the meaning of life. Humans and animals are only supposed to live once.
Cloning human’s takes away many job opportunities for us natural humans. To say there is an extremely good basketball player; if he was to be cloned there would be no point in trying to defend them when they’re equally as good. He was put on a team because of the skills he achieved. Making a clone of this player, would hurt the dreams of the younger star athletes who are trying to pursue their career in pro basketball because, they have a clone of a top athlete already. There would not really be a point in en ding someone’s life because one can just be cloned. It’s great to have the science that has been developed over the years. But to clone a human being over again just does not make life the way it was supposed to work out.
Having the ability to clone animals is not that serious as cloning humans. If someone’s dog died and they wanted the same dog over again, cloning is the way to go. Animals don’t mean as much to us as another human being does. Animals do not have that great impact on society. They really are not hurting anything if they were to be cloned.
Overall cloning is not that horrible of a situation. In reality, humans should not be cloned because there would be a lot of issues. There could be jobs taken away from other candidates. As well as top sports for athletes. Although cloning animals has a different outlook. Many people would want to have the same dog they’ve had for years if it recently died. If cloning things were to take place in the US, people would have to realize what the causes and effects might occur.

Jessica Schneider said...

- Jessica Schneider

“Beloved Pets Everlasting,” an article from the New York Times, by Eric Konigsberg, discusses the topic of cloned animals. Since the dawn of time man has taken technology further and further, human kind is now able to clone living things. Cloning simply goes against the natural way of life, and does not seem to be something that is necessary. The topic of cloning seems to be an arguable one; opinions seem to go both ways.
As harsh as it sounds, all living things are meant to die, so when something is cloned it goes against that natural way of living. No one wants to see someone or something they love go; it is just supposed to happen. We as humans are not supposed to be able to control life and death, we do not and should not be able to carry that ability. On our planet we are already overcrowding, imagine how much less room we would have if those that died were cloned. Cloning changes the natural way of living and dying, it just is not right.
Not only does cloning go against ways of living but also does seems to be necessary. What really is the point of cloning? Clearly the point is to bring back something that has past, but it just is not necessary. Yes, animals are the main topic of the article but if that becomes common cloning will be taken to the next step with humans. If the decision was up to me I would not allow cloning to be done. The only things that should be cloned are resources, and extinct animals. Cloning is not something necessary among the problems in the world today.
Cloning is a very controversial topic, some are for it and other are against it. If cloning is looked at as bringing something you love back, how do you know it will return the same? Cloning goes against the natural way of life and death and simply does not seem to be necessary. Everything needs to be looked at from both sides, what are the benefits going to be and what will the consequences be. Cloning is a very controversial topic.

Anonymous said...

Movies and the American Cinema, have become a predominate source of entertainment. Our “block buster” movies had to have been written on paper at one point or another. Majority of the script writers derive there storylines from based on popular books and novels. But how did the idea of novels and stories come to be? Books were created of the original idea of play writes. Play writes date back to the early 1600’s. One well-known modern English play writer was none other the William Shakespeare. Although having a slightly different style of writing, “William Shakespeare is regarded as not only the greatest writer in our language, but as the greatest writer in any language.” Such an incredible writer has been taught in our school systems for decades. As a founder of our English language Shakespeare should continue to be incorporated into our English classes.
Our English language, as we speak it today, is modern English. Contrary to popular belief, all of Shakespeare’s plays are also considered to be modern English. People commonly mistake his writing for old English, which is incorrect. Shakespeare changes the course of our language in writing and performing. The ways his plays were written and performed gave insight the story. This connection led to the current novels and books. All of this history of our own language is important and should be respected. All senses of English should be explored at some point in our lives, and school is the best place to start.


Anonymous said...

Matt R

In my 12 years at Norton Public Schools, I have learned so much about life beyond school. It has taught me the basics to make it through life. When school is over my education will only have begun.
School has taught me the basics of life. In elementary school I learned the basics of mathematics, my enemy at school. Adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, I have done it all and without these I wouldn’t be able to do any kind of math that I use in everyday life. My job requires that I know math in order to keep all the machinery going at the right pace.
In Middle School, I wish I knew what I know now. When I was going through middle school, I started to think about what to do with my life and what I needed to know in order to get to that goal. In 7th grade I got my first job. I started to learn how to balance life and school and work.
High School taught me that life is here and there is nothing you or me can do about it. I learned a lot while in high school about a variety of subjects from history to sciences. As the years grew shorter, balance becomes key. I experienced much in my life here at Norton High. When the time comes to head out into the world then Ill be ready.

Anonymous said...

cloning is the duplification of living organisms. it was developed for the betterment of man, but can it be its downfall. cloning lifeforms can solve food crisises around the world, it can put an end to malnurished children and adults around the world. it can also damage the earth, toxins from these organisms can severly damage ecosystems.
the cloning of dogs is a procedure, an expensive one, that wont always copy the dog exactly, in other words it can lead to unwanted characteristics. it will be same breed of dog but not the exact factors that defined your original dog, such as looks and attitude. if on as the means and wishes to do so, then one should.
the cloning of humans has a negative effect on both society and the envoirnment. cloning humans can over populate the earth, which can lead to problems in the atmosphere and in can unecessarily use up resources.
it can also have a negative effect on people's emotions, it may not for some. if the deceased is cloned, some friends and even family may not approve, some may. it can be seen as dismantling the memory of their loved one or being reunited with them.

Nigel Willims. E block

Anonymous said...

In 1984 George Orwell’s vision of the society was a dystopian one. It’s interesting he wrote his novel about a dystopian society instead of a utopian society. In many peoples minds a utopian novel would probably be easier to write about and follow along with; but then again, many others can relate to a dystopia society over a utopian one.
A utopian society would look like the most peaceful place to be. There would be no conflict between race, sex or religion. All children would have the same education and none of it would be based on an all white school or an all black school. All of them would be treated equally and get along. This goes for the adults too, not just children. Everyone around the world would be able to marry anyone they want; they wouldn’t have to worry about race or religion. This definitely would apply to adults for jobs; they wouldn’t have to worry about anything besides striving to achieve getting the job they want. This would be one major step in making a utopian society.
If people who are wealthier did not look down on others sometimes who do not have the same lifestyle or income as they do this could help create a utopian society also. A utopian society should have every human making the same amount of money so there would be no financial issues between people and even their marriages. A society with no finical issues would be extremely hard to find but everything worth having is a struggle.
Making a utopian society would take a lot of effort and time from everyone around the world. But that’s what this world needs is a new start for many, and give every person the same rights and income total from their jobs. Creating this type of perfect society would take the efforts of everyone to want this amazing ability to start over and have the same equal rights, but many would probably fear of starting fresh and making a change.

-Cory W

Anonymous said...

Beloved Pets Everlasting by, Calif Fairfax, talks about how you can now clone your pets and have the same pet for the rest of your life. Though the cloning of animals and people alike are both wrong and can lead to serious problems. Reasons why cloning can be considered a bad thing are; religious groups will be angered, coning the wrong people, and cloning someone for the wrong reason.
One reason why cloning is a bad thing and can lead to serious problems is that fact that religious groups will be angered. Religions such as Catholic believe that god created the world and everyone on, and that everyone is born for a reason and has a predestined history. So, a clone of someone will completely throw of the track of the predestination. So, since the possibility of the track being thrown off, religious groups will protest and do everything in their power to prevent someone from being cloned.
Another reason why cloning is a bad thing and can lead to serious problems is if someone cloned the wrong person. Someone with the technology may use it to clone someone such as a serial killer. So, if the clone has the same mentality as the original person they may to grow up to be a serial killer as well. Also, someone may clone a highly skilled thief, or bank robber. With this one persons DNA they can make multiple clones of the same bank robber and assemble a team that will be able to rob even the most secure banks.
Another reason why cloning is a bad thing and can lead to serious problems is cloning someone for the wrong reasons. Say if two countries where in the middle of a long war they would both be able to clone hundreds of elite soldiers bringing upon an endless war, or hundreds more deaths. Someone may clone someone for the own financial gain, by cloning someone such as a bank robber.
In conclusions Fairfax story Beloved Pets Everlasting talks about how you can now clone animals. But the cloning of animals and people alike is stillk wrong and can lead to serious problems.

Sean H

C. Anderson said...

Short essay

As technology progresses science fiction quickly becomes reality. One scientific concept portrayed as fictitious but is really possible is cloning. Modern science not only makes cloning possible but almost practical. Pets and other animals have already been successfully cloned. If animals can be cloned on demand, humans could be around the corner. Cloning pets and humans is definitely a bad idea.
Cloning pets might seem like a great idea but if one gives it thought it is disturbing. If you have a dog, the greatest dog ever, and it dies can it really be replaced? Creating an exact genetic replica can be good but keep in mind that technically it is not the same dog. A memorable animal cannot be replaced by its genetic match. What really gives value to a pet is that at one point it was alive. Virtually resurrecting a pet is morally wrong as it defies nature’s intentions. There are cases where cloning is a good idea, perhaps even lucrative. If you sell dogs or cats you could clone the most popular genetic phenotype, you could get more money. This idea would have to be restricted to the future when cloning might be a lot cheaper. Now cloning would require huge loans for anyone who is not at least a millionaire. The fact that a pet can be restored over and over devalues it.
Cloning humans is wrong on a multitude of levels. Most people actually are disgusted by the thought of cloned beef, never mind a person they know. As a human we live and die, leaving a mark on the world and on others in our individual way. Keep in mind that cloning does not make two things twins, it is an exact genetic copy. Everyone is valuable in the idea that everyone is different. One could say that two people are really similar, in reality the only way to do that is to have two people with matching genomes. No two people on earth have the same genetic code. Replicating someone is a deed that corrupts nature. Jackie Robinson for example was the first African American baseball player in the MLB. He was the most elite athlete of the time. He set the record for the furthest home run, not beat today, 513 feet. If he was cloned then he is no longer what he was because he exists in the flesh. Legends are only legends because they were incredible, and then died and will never return.
Science is responsible for many great things. New cures are being discovered for diseases once lethal. Travel will be more efficient and quicker than ever. We are figuring out countless concepts for our benefit. Cloning would be a huge mistake!

Anonymous said...

Grover W

Throughout the 12 years I’ve been in school I’ve had many different experiences, many good and some bad. School has helped with things like maturing, friends, and job responsibility. It has been a long 12 years but with many great things to remember.
First, there were things like my freshmen math, geometry, and sophomore English that changed my high school years. These classes I would basically go to have fun like stand up comedy instead of education. These classes also hurt my football career. I failed off for two years. Before this happened I had the most potential of anyone on our team. I regret most of those two years because if I stayed eligible I could’ve been a 3 year starter and be on my way to a division 2 school. I had other things but those were the most significant years of school.
In conclusion, I have done things I regret but I wouldn’t take them back. Even though I’m going to a community college, failed classes, and only played 2 years of football I still believe everything happens for a reason. These things all happened to make me a better person.

Anonymous said...

Katie Kolodziejczyk

Humans have been authentically valued since mother earth ever existed. Mankind has demonstrated repeatedly its power to do miraculous things. For example; making new medicines to cure diseases that save lives, or from the simple inventions we se in everyday life. But who knew that one day man would come up with the concept to be able to control a real life organism and multiply it to make an identical bi-partner. Beloved Pets Everlasting written by Eric Konigsberg focuses on a conflict between new sciences that could potentially change the world, verse the unnatural right of passage of life and death. Although it seems substantial and extremely convincing to multiply real life creatures, the fact of the matter is, it is not right to mess around with Mother Nature. Over population of any type of organism can lead to many uncertain occurrences.
Everyone one day will die. Humans and all living organisms will die because it is the natural right of passage. When something is born it has a time span on how long it will live for, (depending on the organism). In our century, the average span of a healthy person to live today is around 80 years old. There is a reason for that and it is called “The Kingdom”. Each specie rely on the other to keep the cycle of life going on when it passes, there will be generations more to come. There is a difference between the natural reproducing cycles of any organism verse multiplying species using modern day technology.
Another reason scientific multiplying might affect our world negatively, is over population of any specie. Having an over populated specie in our world can lead to various problems and conflicts. For example, the specie would take up a lot of land and a lot more food that the other specie has to share together. If one species multiplies dramatically, and it shares the same food as another organism all the food will be eaten up and become very scarce. Also, the water supple will come fiercer for all organisms living in the same area as well.
Last but not least, in the future of our technology that keeps becoming more and more efficient and usual, it should not be performed on humans what-so-ever. It can complicate the human society and over populate the world and food supplies as mentioned. If a human is multiplied it is not a 100% guarantee that he or she will come out like the original. Depending on the original person, if he or she has mental problems or becomes a murderer one will only hope that those traits will not be multiplied in the chromosomes. But no one will know until the multiple grows older.
All in all, it is not beneficial not to clone any organisms because it is not natural nor is it safe. It could ruin the natural well being of humans and other living organisms in general. Life and death are natural ways of life and should stay natural for centuries to come.

Anonymous said...

In 1995 housekeeping monthly published an article, The Good Wife's guide. Since it's publication date, this article has become contraversial, due to the change in modern ethics. 50 years ago mens' superiority was clear in the workplace and encouraged at home. So, women beleived this more easily.
This peice qualifies as propoganda because it's purpose is to sway the female's opinion into beleiving that they are inferior to men. This propoganda may have been effective because women had less rights than they do right now, and there was alot of discrimination towards them. "Let him talk first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours." This excerpt from the guide would anger the majority of America today. but back in 1995 near everyone would take in the whole guide without questioning anything. This type of propoganda would be called a "bandwagon" because everyone else behaves this way, so the readers of this article should too.

A. Rockwell

Anonymous said...

Since the beginning of time it has been said that highschool get's you ready college or adulthood. Many people could say college leads you to a better life. But I believe school in general is not for everyone its for those who choose that path of life.
High School honestly has just kept kids like me out of trouble and off the streets. Sometimes I sit in class and feel that I sit there all day and walk out the door at 2:03 not learning one thing. School prepares those who later on in life want to become a teacher or a lab rat (scientist), I believe that school hasn’t prepared me for what I want to do in my life. I believe that there should be more than just a vocational school and private or public schools to choose from, and college should only be there for those who need the additional schooling for there career.

I am not a book smart kid I have never been one, ever since I entered the middle school I was in title one class fighting every single day just to try and get average grades. That’s why I have never believed that school was for me. When I saw and met people who have dropped out or never went to college and become extremely successful it gives me such great feeling and makes me think that school is very over rated and you don’t need it to succeed in this world today.

Anonymous said...

Education, while some of the time I find it tedious and frustrating, there are some aspects in which I appreciate and use to my own benefit. I learned how to read and write which in my opinion is the most important. Being able to read and write will help me with my future goals as an artist and musician. Reading, which I haven’t really appreciated until recently, is a good way to expand your mind. Writing and expanding vocabulary will help me express myself more poetically and give me an edge on lyric writing.
Another thing I’ve found important in my time in school is how to expand my artistic abilities. Since I entered my first classroom I’ve drawn every free second I was given, sometimes during the work I should’ve been doing. Of course art class taught me a lot but I exercised most of what I’ve learned in class and have become a much better artist because of that.
Like I said before, reading is something I’m just beginning to enjoy, there are many works that have influenced me and many things that I am still seeking to indulge. It took me many years of forcing myself to read lousy books before I began to appreciate it. Once I finally put myself in the right state of mind and found a book that I could actually enjoy I realized how much reading can expand my knowledge and how much I can benefit from learning the things that interest me.
Another thing I’ve learned in my years is who not to trust and how much trust you should give people. I’ve been in many lousy situations that were trust related, and though I am a calm and laid back person, there are some people that have simply crossed the line. There have been students and teachers that simply are worth nothing to me. One person in specific whom I will not name tried to have my sister taken from my house and accused my mom of things which I obviously do not appreciate at all. I do not listen to anything this man has to say and I think he is worthless.
In shorter terms I value the benefits that education has given me, there have been moments when the education world becomes unbearable and there are definitely people who make me want to slam my head on a desk, I’ve learned to make education more comfortable for me. And nobody not even I will get in the way of my goals.