Sunday, March 17, 2013

English I: F Monday's RV

Assessing your customized note-forms is complicated; but, for today, I'd like you to post some essential content from your note form that verifies your reading. You may decide what, how much, etc., but be sure to make it count.

When you are finished, consider amending your note form if necessary.

You may use the remainder of time to work on the "To Kill a Mockingbird: Building Background" scavenger hunt.


Gwen Saccocia said...

Gwen Saccocia
March 18, 2013
Period F

-guielessness (pg 106)free from guile sincere; honest; straightforawrd (adj)
-romped (pg 115) to play or frolic in a lively or boisterous manner (v)

-Tom Robinson: Negro Atticus is defending, knows Calpurnia from church
-Cousin Ike Finch: confederate vetran, "inordinately vain"
-Rose Aylmer: Uncle Jack's cat
-Uncle Jack: doesn't want Scout to swear, needs to learn more about kids

literary devices:
-smilie (pg 84) '"That tree's as healthy as you are Jem-"'
-personification (pg 99) "My father looked at me mildly, amusmant in his eyes."

essential excerpts:
-'"This time we aren't fighting the Yankees, we're fighting our friends. But remember this, no matter how bitter things get, they're still out friends and this is still our home."' (pg 102)
-'" What bothers me is that she and Jem will have to absorb some ugly things pretty soon. I'm not worried about Jem keeping his head, but Scout'd just as soon jump on someone as look at him her pride's at stake." (pg 116)

interdisciplinary connections:
-Francis=Draco Malfoy
-Scout=Harry Potter {in the invisibility cloak spying on people}

DF questions:
1) Do you think Atticus favors Scout over Jem?
2) Do you think Boo Radley feels left out of the town's togetherness and wants to become apart of it or stand back and secretly help?

Brad Driscoll said...
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Matt Morel said...

In chapter 8, Miss Maudie's house burns down causing others to catch on fire. Seeing the townfolk to work together characterizes the town. Her house burning down shows that the town is a group effort and relies on its neighbors for assistance. "Come down form there, Dick! The stairs are going! Get outta there, Mr.Avery!" Mr. Avery was up on the second floor of her house getting furniture out. The people depend on each other and car for one another. The town of Maycomb symbolizes a house, the way it depends on its people, because a house divided cannot stand.

Brad Driscoll said...

1.)"miss maudie's house, moving down the street toward us. they were no longer carrying furniture. the fire was well into the secone floor and had eaten its way to the roof:". miss maude was such a nice women to scout and jem and i think that this will change her mood and effect her relationship with jem and scout.also miss maudie originally want to burn her house down but she didint because she knew she would get into trouble. knowing that she could of burnt the house down to get more room.
2.)Boo Radley- we the reader finds out that he is really not a mean guy, he is nice. when miss maudie's house is burning down Boo gives her a blanket to warm her up.

Jared Terwilliger said...

Ch 8-9
Key Events:
First snow in Maycomb County since 1885(pg 86-87)

Fire at Miss Maudie's(pg92)

Picking up Uncle Jack(pg 103)

Accosted: approached and demanded a conversation
Perplexity: the state of being confused
Inordinately: going beyond whay is considered reasonable

Hannah Nordstrom said...


Bade:to command; order; direct (verb)

Hookah:a tobacco pipe of Near Eastern origin with a long, flexible tube by which the smoke is drawn through a jar of water and thus cooled. (noun)

Literary Devices:

"the town fire siren wailed up the scale to a treble pitch and remained there, screaming." personification - pg.69 scout


Eula May- called off school, Maycomb's leading telephone operator, issues public announcements.

Cecil Jacobs- told the school yard that Atticus defends niggers,teases scout.

Tom Robinson- Negro Atticus is defending.

France- grandson of Aunt Alexandra, a year older than Scout,calls atticus a "nigger lover", punched by scout.

Uncle Jimmy: Aunt Alexandra's husband.

Essential excerpts:

"Boo Radley. You were so busy looking at the fire you didn't know it when he the blanket around you" pg.72 Atticus.

"autumn turned to winter that year, we had two weeks of the coldest weather since 1885" pg.63 scout

"it was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said." pg. 89 Scout

Lucas Lavallee said...

ONe of my notes was the fight between Francis and Scout. THe fight was a result of Atticus defending an african-american in court which reflects the racist views of the people in the family and the community.
Another note i had was on the theme of Social Class. Scout is regarded as lower than the rest of the family as her aunt makes her sit at a small table away from everyone else even tough Jem and Francis have been able to sit there.
One of my last nates was the exerpt that both characterizes Scout's aunt and Shows the theme of gender role. Scout's aunt is characterized during the scene where scout is scolded for wearing pants instead of a dress. THis shows she is old fashioned and stern and also reflects that she follows the southern theme of gender roles. Woman were not expected to wear pants and wear dresses and also had to play their own role in the family as a house manager.

Katie Forrest said...

-morphodite, noun: shortened version of hermaphrodite
-arberration: A deviation from the proper or expected course

-Eula May, cancelled school (leading telephone operator)
-Tom Robinson: A negro that Atticus is defending in court
-Cecil Jacobs: A boy from school
-Uncle Jack Finch: Scout's uncle
-Aunt Alexandria: Scout's mean uncle
-Francis: Scout's mean cousin
-Uncle Jimmy: Aunt Alexandria's husband (quiet)

Literary devices:
-Dialect (Southern accents)

Text to text connections:
-Drunk adults (The Glass Castle)
-"Off-hands" parenting (The Glass Castle)
-Calpurnia (The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet)

Text to self connections:
-When adults don't listen to both sides of the story (Uncle Jack Finch and Scout)

Tristan Hynes said...


They picked up their uncle jack at the train station, with him he had two packages with which would soon be their christmas presants which are two airsoft rifles. Scuots aunty alaxandra said Scout was dirty and childish and unlady like which I find rather funny because in a way she herself was being rather childish. Also scout decked francis in the shnozz.

Katie Forrest said...

Interdisciplinary connections:
-Atticus = Dumbledore (wise)
-Scout = Katniss Everdeen (tom boy)

Anya DiLorenzo said...

Anya DiLorenzo
March 18, 2013
Class F

-morphodite(n./pg.68)"a person or thing in which two oppisite qualities are combined"
-guilelessness(n./pg.80)"the act of being sincere and honest;straightforward

-Eula May(pg.64)"leading telephone operator"/issues public announcements/cancelled school due to snow (hadn't snowed since 1885)
-Francis Hancock(pg.81)Scout and Jem's cousin/"Talking to Francis gave me the sensation of settling slowly to the bottomof the ocean.He was the most boring child I ever met."/one year older than Scout (Francis-8 years at the time)
-Tom Robinson(pg.75)Atticus is defending him as a lawyer(disgrace to town of Maycomb)/"member of Calpurnia's church"/"clean-living folks"/Atticus must defend him in order to continue to raise his kids properly

Literary Devices:
-personification(pg.69)"With a puch, Atticus started us toward the Radley front gate. We stood watching the street fill with men and cars while fire silently devoured Miss.Maudie's house."

Essential Excerpts:
-(pg.67)"Using bits of wood for eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons, Jem succeeded in making Mr.Avery look cross."/snowman
-(pg.89)"It was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said."/Scout talking about Atticus/eavesdroppign

Interdisciplinary Connections:
-Radley Place="The Sandlot"
-Jean Loise Finch=Matilda/Roald Dahl

Through the use of specific diction, varying perspectives, and insightful characters in "To Kill a Mockingbird", Harper Lee shows that those who have little to no existance gain an exceeding amount of recognition.

Anonymous said...

- lucas took all og the themes we have talked about so far but i can easily tell you the female aspecs of the story are huge the gender roles play in as jem and dill play with each other but not with scout. This is because jem says scout your turning into a girl even more day by day. This clearly shows how her being a girl mkes her not fit as their friend but jems sister and dills aquantence Christopher Casello