Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

English E-H: Monday's Class Work

1. If you were present for the Kumashiro assessment, you may view your grades on Edline.

2. Click here to view a short interview with Alice Walker. Quote at least 3 salient points from her interview to verify your comprehension.

3. Visit FreeRice.com and earn 1000 or more grains of rice via English vocabulary and/or grammar. Capture and print your page. Put your name on it and submit it to the substitute for collection.

English I: F Monday's RV

Assessing your customized note-forms is complicated; but, for today, I'd like you to post some essential content from your note form that verifies your reading. You may decide what, how much, etc., but be sure to make it count.

When you are finished, consider amending your note form if necessary.

You may use the remainder of time to work on the "To Kill a Mockingbird: Building Background" scavenger hunt.

To Kill a Mockingbird: Building Background

Complete the following tasks/answer the following questions. Use your critical thinking skills to determine the best routes and resources.The traditional forms of web perusal may not work here.

1. Truman Capote said "Everything she wrote about it is absolutely true". What is the "it"?

2. What does Lee think of the film adaptation of Mockingbird? Use a quote in your answer.

3. Finish Lee's statement: "Now, 75 years later in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods and minds like empty rooms, I still..."

4. Identify Lee's 3 favorite authors and name a title from each.

5. Lee is a recluse but for several years she has quietly attended the awards ceremony for a particular contest. Describe this contest.

6. How are the Scottsboro Trials relevant to the novel?

7. Though Lee always declines interviews, she does write each refusal individually. When asked why she did not simply send out a stock response to the media's pleas, she responded that such a letter would simply say...

8. Click here. Listen to the audio. Who was the statewide essay winner? Who potrayed Scout in a school play and developed a repoire with Lee?

9. List and quote 5 parallels between Harper Lee's real life and her novel.

10. Lee's character Dill is based upon Truman Capote. Capote returned the favor by basing what character (from what story) on Lee?

11. Click here and explore the page. a) What were the results of the "doll tests" and what do they tell us about race in the mid 20th century? b) Using your knowledge of history, discuss why Truman's Executive Order is egregiously late in the context of America's history.

12. Click here and enter the image gallery. Choose 2 images and discuss their subject matter and context. Do not copy and paste.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Interdisciplinary Arts

1. Compose a paragraph that encapsulates your immediate metacognitive thinking regarding the paper bag drawing. Save your writing for your second metacognitive reflection (due date upcoming).

2. Review the MLA handout attached to Edline.

3. Review your options for master copies. Complete at least 2 compositional sketches in your sketchbook before the end of the period (these should contribute to your third set of study pages). It is wise to create a folder that includes a collection of high-pixel images for easy retrieval.

AP Class-work 3-15

1. I want to be sure that you are aware of the online resources available to you from the College Board. If you should need or want supplemental resources, this is one of several sites to visit. Today, begin with the "Multiple Choice Section Scoring Guide"- be sure that you are familar with the formula for this section's scoring. Then, open the 1999 released exam and complete the first 2 sections of Multiple Choice (submit here as a comment to this post). If you should finish early, review the multiple choice breakdown tables and the Q3 materials.

2. Work on your Olde School Vocabulary homework.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

F Block: Thursday

Hi class. Please complete the following tasks by the end of today's lab session. I have left instructions for you to attend third lunch today to avoid the disruption of lab time.

1. Create a Voicethread account. Use a password you will remember.

2. If you don't have a Google account, create one. Use a password you will remember. Create a Google presentation and share it (allow editing in sharing menu) with your partner. Sometimes, this application requires Firefox for shared editing privileges.

3. Title and save your presentation. You may begin building slides an/or collecting images.

4. Earn 1000 grains of rice on FreeRice.com. Print a shot of your final screen as evidence. Give the printout to our substitute teacher.

E Block Juniors: Kumashiro's Lens

Respond to the prompt in a well-developed essay (27-point test). You may use your notes, annotations, and reading materials. You may not borrow anyone else’s work after beginning the essay. Post the essay as a comment to this post. It is wise to type and save in Word as a precautionary measure. I have posted a Kumashiro copy on Edline that you may use for extracting quotes (a time-saver).

Remember- this is a high-level reading and writing task. It will require some deep thinking and precise writing on your part, but you can do it. Be confident and draw connections and meaning from the works. Show me that you can synthesize sophisticated works under pressure.

Be sure to use MLA for citations, quotes, and works cited.

Apply the principles posited by Kumashiro to Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. How does his unique lens alter the effects of the novel and its place in the American literature canon?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Congratulations to Jack Ledbetter (G block English I) for his published article in the Sun Chronicle. Click here to check it out.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interdisciplinary Arts: Friday 3-8

1. For review, view Anthony Ryder's block-in demonstration slides. 

2. Click here and view Scott Waddell's "the Conceptual Edge" video. Discuss what you find meaningful in the tutorial, and how the tutorial's content may apply to your paper bag drawing.

3. Identify the 2 master copies Mr. Kefor has completed. Find the original images on the web. As evidence, describe the similarities or distinctions in media and color. Take some time to peruse the web for potential master copy images. You may wish to create a folder in which to store them. Post a list of at least 5 potential candidates here (artist and title). Remember- the images should allow you to display a level of visual sophistication appropriate for this course. If you don't know where to start, consider the following artists: Carravagio, Michelangelo, Velasquez.

Friday, March 1, 2013

G Block: Class Work 3-1-13

Welcome to March. Please read the following directions carefully and complete the necessary work by the end of the block. It is always wise to save your work as a Word file prior to posting in case you encounter any technical glitches.

1. Revisit the tone lesson from earlier this week. Compose a comparative thesis statement that acknowledges the similarities and differences between "Rock & Roll Band" and "Have a Cigar." Use the following structure: Though both A and B "contain" __________________________________, A uses ___________ and ___________ to ______________________________ while B uses ___________ and ___________  to ______________________________.

2. Display your understanding of semicolons by composing a sentence for each semicolon type. Use a vocabulary word (from any lesson) in each sentence. (between independent clauses; before a conjunctive adverb; to separate a list).

3. Click here to visit FreeRice.com. Play. Help save hungry children.