Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creative Writing: Thursday, 3-26

Good morning, class. My son is sick today, so I'll be at home taking care of him. Please follow the directions below for today's lesson.

FIRST: Visit Edline to take the Jigsaw Assessment. You may use your notes and an online dictionary for this- you may not use the texts themselves.

1. Click here to read a fascinating and well-written article from Atlantic magazine. The beautiful sentence presented there is 198 words long. Wouldn't it be cool if a sentence was 200 words long? Yes, dear pupil, it would. Compose a 200 word sentence on a topic of your choice. In order to earn credit for this, be sure that the grammar of your sentence demands that it must be a single sentence, and not a clump of smaller sentences or run-on. In other words, craft your sentence in such a way that it contains only one true subject and one true predicate. Below, you'll find a post wherein my AP students took a shot at this. Some of them succeeded, so you're welcome to read these for guidance and inspiration. Have fun with this. Good luck.

2. Visit Teen Ink, an online publisher of teenage writing. After you create an account, select one of your creative writing pieces from our course thus far to submit for publishing.

3. Please edit, proofread, and post your tone letter by the end of the period.

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