Thursday, March 26, 2015

English IV: Thursday, 3-26

Hi, class. My son is sick today, so I'll be home with him. I have decided to set aside your work time for today for the exclusive purpose of completing and refining your The Kite Runner analyses. Make a good decision: use this generous allotment of time to complete and refine your thinking and writing, which is due tomorrow via

Be sure that you have access to our class submission page on

I will be available at 11:30 for live emailing- email me at if you have any questions regarding the essay, and I will respond almost immediately.

Remember: there is always something "else" you can do to improve your essay. Are your quotes fluidly integrated? Do you have smooth transitions at the beginning and end of each supportive paragraph? Have you used the best diction, vocabulary, and syntax possible? Have you removed all unnecessary summary? Have you employed a vast array of sentence types from the Wizardry form? Have you asked a peer, or Mrs. Ardagna, to read your work aloud to you? Have you effectively infused the distillation technique into your writing?

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