Saturday, December 29, 2007

Interdisciplinary Freshmen

Freshmen: you need to obtain a copy of David Eggers' What is the What. It is available in paperback. The Old Town Hall Bookstore in Norton has graciously agreed to offer the book to us at a 30% discount. It is available now (1-3). Wheaton students are enjoying their long vacation, so please call for store hours. 

You can read some of the reviews here:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kefor,
I like this book alot. It's very interesting to learn about this person and what he did to survive. I also think it was horrible for him to have to watch little children get killed by lions and beat each other up until the point of death. The humorous part is that he is like a newborn child, the way he just doesn what everyone tells him. He also just takes everything in.
-Sydney Colbert

Anonymous said...

this book is good.I like to learn about stuff that I never knew about and if its a true story because none of its false facts. A sad thing I read in the story is when the lady told the boys to come over here "IM your mother" and then she shot "The lost boys" was a horrible thing to read. I hope the rest of the book is good. Can't wait to read it !!!!!!

Steve tessier Period B

Anonymous said...

I actually like this book a lot because it's really interesting. I also like it because it a true story, but it’s not boring. My mom’s friends were a host family for two of the lost boys from Africa. I met them a couple of times and it was so amazing. Like Valentino, they had seen so much, but were still really positive about everything. I can’t imagine what it was like to go through that.

~Jill Wry~