Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Seniors: Propaganda Projects

Seniors: Please post the statement that you plan to argue for in your 1984 Propaganda Project. It's first post, first serve; there will be no duplicate statements. Choose something interesting or daring. Post your name, the names of any group members, and your statement in quotes or italics. If your post contains any abbreviations, errors or misspellings it does not count until you correct it. Webspeak is the new Newspeak, and, quite frankly, it scares me.


Anonymous said...

Stephanie Bryant
Brielle Bowman

Propaganda Topic:

"Laziness is a Gift."

Anonymous said...

Rachael Maggiani
Jordan Penney
Katie Idreos

Topic: Exercise is bad for you

Glassman said...

Mike Glassman
Adam Hart

Topic: 90% of what you learn in school is useless.

Heather McPherson said...

Heather Mcpherson
Propaganda Topic:

"Everyone should own zoo animals because zoo animals emit alpha radiation that will create an orb which will protect us from armageddon."

Goodman said...

Ryan Goodman
David Cooksey
Josh S.

Topic: The Soviet Union has reformed and is begining to attack remote parts of America.

Anonymous said...

Joe Mitchell
Keith Kelleher
John Cummings
John Cunniff

"Inevitable War Between the U.S. and Canada"

Class D

Anonymous said...

Alicia Scanlan
Lauren Southworth
and possibly Lindsay Tilden

D Block

You can really dig a hole to China!

Anonymous said...

Alyssa Ruta
Josh Kirkpatrick
Period D

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Anonymous said...

John Ricca
Period E

Propaganda Topic:

T.V. is brainwashing America.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Kok Brian Bettencourt and John Todd

Propaganda Topic:

We never landed on the Moon.

Diddle Diddle Diddle said...

Justin Bliss
Ben Hastings
Zack Schleicher

topic: tobacco does not cause cancer.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Nartowicz

"Nonconformity is conformity."

Anonymous said...

Kellie Hansen
Jen O'Brien
Ashley LaRochelle

Propaganda Topic

"College is a terrible Idea"

Anonymous said...


Bill Clinton is not married. Hillary is an actual puppet.

Anonymous said...

James Kellogg
Period E

Propaganda Topic:

"We are all going to die in 2012"