Sunday, December 9, 2007

Writing and Visual Imagination: Narratives

Haleakala Crater, Maui

Most of the stories we read, particularly the good ones, convey some type of essential idea, philosophy, system of belief, exemplum, moral lesson or theme. Writing and Visual Imagination students: for your next narrative piece, I would like you to inject an underlying idea that you feel strongly about. If this poses a challenge for you, which it should, consider doing some research on different ideas which have worked their way into literature: existentialism, transcendentalism, phenomenology, etc. Feel free to post comments, ideas and questions here.


Kayla said...

Does this have to be a philosophy or would Judaism do?

Anonymous said...

My personal belief on life is that if you do bad things, then somehow they will come back and get you later on. I'm not just talking about swearing or staying up past your bedtime, I mean like stealing or cheating. It could not affect you right away, but I feel it eventually will.

Chris Jordan
A block Vis Imag

Mr. Kefor said...

Absolutely. Religions qualify as systems of belief, so go for it.

Anonymous said...

8 Literary Terms:

1) Setting- on a farm in wheat feilds in Nebraska- Emily M.
2) Conflict- Between wife and husband he is away in the army, batteling the fact between life and death. (Andrea G.)
3) Flashback- thinking about what the children's life used to be like. (Lauren S.)
4) Imagery- the girl's bedroom description. (Kim)
5) Theme- story based around the childrens' life their needs and hopes what is best for them. (Lauren S.)
6) Setting- in a mountainous beautiful, quiet setting with gorgeous views. ( Two worlds, One Faith)
7) Theme- Love, romance, family. A classic love, family adventure. (John and Camryn)
8) Language- ex. Sauntering down the lane. (Time Smoking a Picture) (Lauren S.)

-Lindsay B.